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Home Owner wanting sitter in Adelaide, South Australia
Hello dear house-sitters! Our home in Strathalbyn is between Adelaide (South Australia) and Goolwa - approx 50 kms from the city. We are close to Langhorne Creek Wine District, Adelaide Hills and Southern Beaches. Strathalbyn is a charming little town - but not much night life! Our 2 very old...
Starts: 17 April 2015  Ends: 8 May 2015  Days: 21 days
ID: 10477
Home Owner wanting sitter in Sydney, New South Wales
Located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney
Starts: 18 October 2015  Ends: 11 November 2015  Days: 24 days
ID: 10476
Home Owner wanting sitter in Launceston, Tasmania
House over looking Georges Bay in beautiful St Helens. 2 elderly dogs to care for
Starts: 31 March 2015  Ends: 12 May 2015  Days: 42 days
ID: 10475
Home Owner wanting sitter in Caboolture, Queensland
We have a 3yo lowset home on 1/4 acre and are very houseproud. We have a 2yo demanding and precocious speyed Jack Russell girl and a 14month neutered Burmese x Burmilla boy cat. Our babies are great mates,but very spoiled and love to wrestle and fight. We are only 5 kms to supermarkets, pubs,...
Starts: 18 December 2014  Ends: 6 January 2015  Days: 19 days
ID: 10474
Home Owner wanting sitter in Townsville, Queensland
Large, very comfortable 3 bedroom villa style home on acreage in the foothills of Mount Elliot 19 Km south of Townsville. Fully air-conditioned. Solar electricity. A car is available is absolutely necessary. Outdoor entertaining area with wood fired pizza oven, large decks, high speed wifi,...
Starts: 5 December 2014  Ends: 19 January 2015  Days: 45 days
ID: 10473
Home Owner wanting sitter in Darwin, Northern Territory
Large 3 bedroom house with large garden and spa. We have 3 cats and a chocolate labrador. The garden is maintained by a gardening service and we have a weekly cleaning lady. Care of pets and security of the house are the priorities
Starts: 8 November 2014  Ends: 22 November 2014  Days: 14 days
ID: 10472
Home Owner wanting sitter in Rockhampton, Queensland
We are a busy working couple and are looking for a mature aged couple , fit and healthy who have their OWN CARAVAN , MOTOR HOME OR BUS , that would be prepared to look after our 2/half acre well maintained property which is situated 20klm South West of Rockhampton . It is a very quiet...
Starts: 1 November 2014  Ends: 30 November 2015  Days: 394 days
ID: 10471
Home Owner wanting sitter in Ipswich, Queensland
We are a retired couple who love to travel. Our home is a well established four bedroom, low set house on small acreage. Plenty parking, 2 spots under cover. 2 dogs, 1 large and clumsy (Mastif X, 2.5yrs) the other is 6yr old Jack Russell (the Boss). Banjo requires regular exercise, preferably...
Starts: 11 June 2015  Ends: 20 July 2015  Days: 39 days
ID: 10470
Home Owner wanting sitter in mermaid waters, Queensland
Hi. My husband and I are looking for a couple to look after our two dogs and house while we go away.  We have two lab x staffys sisters, they are about 5 years old and medium to large size-but they are big sooks. We don't want them walked, just fed, kept company and the ball thrown for...
Starts: 18 December 2014  Ends: 9 January 2015  Days: 22 days
ID: 10469
Home Owner wanting sitter in Melbourne, Victoria
Hi, We are a young couple with one 3.5 year old female German Shepherd and a 6 months old kitten. We have business overseas and require to travel overseas frequently. We have recently opened an office overseas and will have to stay there for few months. We are desperately looking for someone...
Starts: 30 November 2014  Ends: 31 March 2015  Days: 121 days
ID: 10468
Home Owner wanting sitter in Melbourne 50 ks south of the City via Citylink/Peninsula link, Victoria
House sitter (non smoker) to mind & feed three beagles in a modern home with all luxury mod cons . One male dog 10 years old and two female dogs nearly 5 years old. Experienced single female with references & police check only. Must be a dog lover with a sense of humour. Car needed. Public...
Starts: 23 January 2015  Ends: 25 January 2015  Days: 2 days
ID: 10467
Home Owner wanting sitter in Beenleigh, Queensland
Hello Jill, firstly, please don't be put off when you see the suburb Eagleby! We have lived here for over 23 years and have a lovely fully renovated home. Between now and mid January we have a wedding to attend in Sydney, a weekend away for our 22nd wedding anniversary and of course Christmas....
Starts: 30 October 2014  Ends: 3 November 2014  Days: 4 days
ID: 10466
Home Owner wanting sitter in Newcastle, New South Wales
we require a house sitter from 20 May 15 to 20 June 15 - we have a 2 story house with pool - would like mail to be collected, gardens watered and 1 german shepherd and 1 cat to be looked after - dog requires a daily walk of 20 mins minimum -prefer someone who has been a dog/cat owner that has...
Starts: 20 May 2015  Ends: 20 June 2015  Days: 31 days
ID: 10465
Home Owner wanting sitter in Canberra, New South Wales
Hi I live in a three bd house on my own but wth my pets.I am looking to go on a holiday to reunite wth my father after many yrs in Perth.I am looking to go there for the last two wks of Nov.I need someone to stay in my house and pet sit for the pets.I have twin engl.staffyx s/albinos,a boy n a...
Starts: 19 November 2014  Ends: 3 December 2014  Days: 14 days
ID: 10464
Home Owner wanting sitter in Perth, Western Australia
Hi dog loving person Going away for7 nights. need a kind person to stay with Charlie. Have a lovely home, close to everything, 4kl from city. Have a friendly dog, Charlie who loves a lot of affection. Must love dogs and not mind him sleeping on bed with you.
Starts: 25 December 2014  Ends: 30 December 2014  Days: 5 days
ID: 10463
Home Owner wanting sitter in Melbourne, Victoria
3 bedroom house close to rail station. Chores incllude watering plants twice or three times a week (depending on weather conditions) and looking after two spoilt felines requiring lots of TLC.
Starts: 21 November 2014  Ends: 7 January 2015  Days: 47 days
ID: 10462
Home Owner wanting sitter in Bunbury, Western Australia
Looking for an honest, quiet and reliable house sitter to mind two small female indoor dogs. One is an 11 yr old Westie and the other a 5 yr old playful chihuahuaX. They will love someone who likes to potter around the garden and take them for a walk in the paddocks everyday, or take them for a...
Starts: 11 January 2015  Ends: 31 January 2015  Days: 20 days
ID: 10461
Home Owner wanting sitter in PALMYRA, Western Australia
Gorgeous 1940s wooden cottage with sandstone landscaped gardens and pond and fountain (designed to be very low maintenance). We are in a quiet and friendly neighbourhood surrounded by parkland and 5 minutes away from the centre of Fremantle by car. Marlow Cottage is airconditioned and has a...
Starts: 9 January 2015  Ends: 16 January 2015  Days: 7 days
ID: 10460
Home Owner wanting sitter in Perth, Western Australia
1905 weatherboard home, very near shops, university, bus stop. Comes with 5 chooks and a large garden, visiting kookaburras included. Whole house is available while I'm on holidays in Melbourne. Garden has a reticulation system but pot plants and a few other areas will need watering. Use of car...
Starts: 8 November 2014  Ends: 25 November 2014  Days: 17 days
ID: 10458
Home Owner wanting sitter in Victor Harbour, South Australia
House sitter required from 12th March 2015 (early) to 17th March 2015 (late) for our very large and hairy Bernese Mountain Dog Ben. Ben is adorable but can be a bit bossy. He needs lots of fresh clean water, lots of cuddles and you need to talk to him a lot. He is our baby and so requires the...
Starts: 12 March 2015  Ends: 17 March 2015  Days: 5 days
ID: 10457
Home Owner wanting sitter in brisbane, Queensland
We are looking for someone to live in our house and look after our beautiful 9 year old boxer Rocky whilst were away over christmas ... we have not left him alone for this long before so we are looking for someone who will happily spend some time with him he doesn't need walking he enjoys being...
Starts: 22 December 2014  Ends: 3 January 2015  Days: 12 days
ID: 10456
Home Owner wanting sitter in Melbourne, Victoria
3 bedroom townhouse with a small garden in Bentleigh East available from 20/01/2015 until 27/01/2015. We are looking for a mature-minded, non-smoking person or couple to look after our pets including: 2 small dogs (Jack Russell cross mini fox terrier), a small conure parrot, a guinea pig and...
Starts: 20 January 2015  Ends: 27 January 2015  Days: 7 days
ID: 10455
Home Owner wanting sitter in Perth, Western Australia
Larger than life home looking for Larger than life people to enjoy! looking for a couple who would love to enjoy our home for 3 weeks in January we have 3 dogs & 1 cat.. who all have characters you wouldnt believe! some garden work may need to be done, watering the pot plants etc. we live on...
Starts: 9 January 2015  Ends: 30 January 2015  Days: 21 days
ID: 10454
Home Owner wanting sitter in maryborough, Queensland
Hi all, we are looking for a house sitter with their own caravan /motor-home to look after our grass and water our gardens. We have 1.5 acres with a ride-on, no pets to care for. You will have access to a shower and toilet. We hope to be gone from early Jan. to approx the second week in June
Starts: 2 January 2015  Ends: 10 June 2015  Days: 159 days
ID: 10453
Home Owner wanting sitter in Bunbury, Western Australia
Older style cottage - 1 bedroom and 1 b/r set up as meditation/ therapy room. Large living area, formal dining, tile fire, woodfloors, high ceilings, verandahs West and North side, outside laundry on 15 acres opposite estuary. Very nice landlord lives next door. One 14old cat to take care of,...
Starts: 29 November 2014  Ends: 28 December 2014  Days: 29 days
ID: 10452
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