Money Saving Hack #54 – Meal Planning

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Planning for your meals while on house and pet sits will help you save money. Sounds simple, right? While most of us can appreciate that meal planning is a great way to ensure we don’t waste the food we buy, few of us go that extra step to physically writing down our meal plans – and stick to them!

Meal planning is particularly useful when you have back to back house and pet sits. It will help you manage the fresh food you need for a particular period and, as time goes by, you will get better at estimating how much you will need for any meal for any period.

Fresh fruit such as bananas, can ripen very quickly, so only buy enough to last you for your house and pet sit period. Continue reading “Money Saving Hack #54 – Meal Planning”

Enjoy Your Independence as a House and Pet Sitter

Housing affordability in Australia continues to be a hot topic, especially for young Aussies looking to live independently of family.

Moving out of home is a rite of passage for every young person. There comes a time when you want to make your own choices, live life the way you want and, most importantly, have your own space.

But what if you wanted to live in or close to the bustling, cosmopolitan centres of one of Australia’s metropolitan cites? What if the savings you built up from part-time work doesn’t quite set you up to dive into the world of home ownership? What if you don’t want to settle down in a place until you’re sure that it’s right for you? Continue reading “Enjoy Your Independence as a House and Pet Sitter”

Wintering in warmer locations

Mindahome house sitters David and Glenys of Albury have been members since early 2013. They explain how they escape the winter months.

Our names are Glenys and David. We reside in Albury NSW. For the last five years since our retirement we have been house sitting in Queensland to get away from our cold Southern winter in June, July and August. We have made many life long friends along with their pets and also gained some excellent references.

This year our house sitting commenced in May at Nindeeree on the Sunshine Coast between Yandina and Eumundi. This was a lovely home in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. The home was on two acres and had three lovely Border Collies we looked after for seven weeks. We also had our daily chores of looking after the house, garden and pool.

Continue reading “Wintering in warmer locations”

Five reasons why house and pet sitting is a great option for international travellers

travelling house sittersAround 2.64 million international visitors holiday in Australia* according to Tourism Australia’s most recent International Visitor’s Survey and they spend around $1,200* per person on food, drink and accommodation when they holiday in the country.

For international visitors on a budget, house and pet sitting is the ideal way to see the great sights of our beautiful country, without paying a cent for accommodation.

House and pet sitting allows travellers to choose a property to care for in the destination of their choice. Whether it is in the city, the suburbs or the country, there are so many positions listed nationally that international travellers need only decide where to travel first!

House and pet sitting opportunities are rent free – no accommodation costs or utilities to pay. Travellers care for the property and any pets while the owners are away and the rest of the time is free to explore the region.

Here are Mindahome’s top 5 reasons why house and pet sitting is perfect for international travellers: Continue reading “Five reasons why house and pet sitting is a great option for international travellers”

House and pet sitting for families – a great way to trial pet ownership and experience new places

Jai Dyson collects eggs from the chooks while his family house-sits a hobby farm near PerthIf you’re lucky enough to own your own pet, then you can appreciate the companionship that a family pet can provide, especially for children.

A report from the Australian Companion Animal Council revealed that more than being a simple playmate and confidante, pets may also aid childhood development.

Studies have shown that children who have grown up with a dog and other pets have a stronger immune system and young children, aged five to six in a family who own a dog, are 50% less likely to be overweight or obese compared with those who do not own a dog. Even the incidental play that children undertake with their dog in the backyard or house contributes to increased levels of physical activity. Continue reading “House and pet sitting for families – a great way to trial pet ownership and experience new places”

Exploring Australia as a house and pet sitter

house sitters exploring AustraliaWhether you’re an Aussie traveller or an international backpacker travelling to Australia for the first time, there is more to see in Australia than just those listed in a tourist guide.

As a house and pet sitter you’re guaranteed unique places, new people and different animals and experiences.

As most house and pet sitters will tell you, the benefit of the lifestyle is that holiday accommodation is rent free. You can stay in is as many or as few places as you like at no cost other than the initial registration fee to join and list your details.

Rent free accommodation means you have more money to spend on sight-seeing and local attractions. Continue reading “Exploring Australia as a house and pet sitter”

The cost benefits of choosing a house and pet sitter

Save money mortgage pet sittingKnowing the options available to you for pet care and minding is the key to saving money.

Whether you have to travel unexpectedly or if you choose to holiday without your pet, engaging a house and pet sitter while you’re away presents a whole host of benefits for, not only your pet, but your wallet.

According to the Australian Companion Animal Council, Australians spend more than $374 million on boarding and minding for their dogs and around $98 million for their cats each year.

With the average minimum cost for boarding kennels being around $30 per pet, per night and this cost increasing to $80 or more for luxury standard, the bills quickly start to stack up.

For young families, who typically have more than one pet, pet care costs can accumulate to around $100 a day. Continue reading “The cost benefits of choosing a house and pet sitter”

Darwin Festival – Showcase of the Northern Territory

Darwin Festival Children Perched atop the northern rim of the country, closer to Singapore than it is to Canberra, Darwin has grown from an outpost into one of Australia’s most modern cities with a cultural diversity unseen in any other part of the country. Named after the Charles Darwin who had previously sailed with the HMS Beagle, the city was destroyed by Japanese air raids in WW II and Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Because of both occasions, Darwin has been rebuilt twice, each time making it more and more modern. It has a dry season with blue skies and soft breezes, and a wet season with cyclones, heavy rains and spectacular lightning displays.

Every year, to celebrate its phoenix-like rise from the ashes, the city stages the Darwin Festival, an exciting event that showcases its multicultural population, distinct weather, picturesque outdoors and vibrant arts.

18 Days of Fun

Darwin Festival lasts for 18 days and nights featuring concerts, theatre and dance music, comedy shows and cabaret, exhibitions of film and visual arts as well as workshops all staged by local and touring groups. Scheduled for August 8 – 25, 2013 the event is the first Australian festival to make use of audience impact methodology to help develop productions that engage the audience and deliver deeper experiences. Darwin residents often travel at this time of the year too, making the need for a house carer or pet sitter an attractive and viable option for people looking to immerse themselves into the culture of the Northern Territory. Continue reading “Darwin Festival – Showcase of the Northern Territory”

It’s as ‘Good as Gold’ being a house sitter on the Gold Coast!

House Sitter Gold CoastWhether you are holidaying or home sitting on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, you are sure to find a whole range of things to do, see and have fun. The Gold Coast is a place with a heart of gold, full of lively, vibrant people and all the amenities close at hand.  Only 94 kilometres south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast has a reputation as a top class tourist destination, fantastic surfing and impeccable views and beaches.

With a humid subtropical climate the Gold Coast is a great place to visit at any time of the year. You will find the city welcoming and full of friendly people. Surfing and water are very much a part of life here, with many properties having access to the canals and coastline that is so popular. The Gold Coast has a fantastic 57 kilometres of beaches and a very impressive surf lifesaving service that is one the best in Australia. The Queensland Shark Control Program is in place to help keep beach users and surfers safe by netting sharks that venture into the waters off the major beaches. Continue reading “It’s as ‘Good as Gold’ being a house sitter on the Gold Coast!”

Travelling on a budget

Ok, we agree that house sitting and house swapping is one way to dramatically reduce the cost of the accommodation part of your vacation but what about that other big expense, the cost of getting to your destination? Stanley Emerson has these tips to save on the cost of air fares.

The Cheaper Way To Get Away by Stanley Emerson
All people need a break, to reconnect with the spouse, to reward the kids, to recharge the soul. But planning a vacation getaway can quickly turn into a stressful project when the subject of expenses comes up. Airfare alone can kill the fantasy. And when people already factor in accommodations, food, and shopping, any budget-conscious mother would just give up and stay home.

Thankfully, there are now more options for quick and fun vacations without having the costly air fares.

Cheap Airfare

So, how does low-cost or cheap air fare work exactly? Simple: Budget air travel gets you to your destination in the shortest time and at the cheapest possible price. Continue reading “Travelling on a budget”