House and pet sitting in prime holiday destinations

A1Many Aussies are realising just how cost effective it is to travel as a house and pet sitter, as many recent articles have mentioned.

Rent free holiday accommodation during peak season is unique to a house and pet sitting holiday and it means more cash in your pocket to have more fun on your holiday.

For David and Glenys, staying on the Sunshine Coast instead of experiencing a cold winter back home, was the ideal way to spend their holiday. Mooloolaba was another of their favourite house and pet sitting holiday destinations where they spent many days swimming in the surf and enjoying the shops and restaurants. Continue reading “House and pet sitting in prime holiday destinations”

It’s as ‘Good as Gold’ being a house sitter on the Gold Coast!

House Sitter Gold CoastWhether you are holidaying or home sitting on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, you are sure to find a whole range of things to do, see and have fun. The Gold Coast is a place with a heart of gold, full of lively, vibrant people and all the amenities close at hand.  Only 94 kilometres south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast has a reputation as a top class tourist destination, fantastic surfing and impeccable views and beaches.

With a humid subtropical climate the Gold Coast is a great place to visit at any time of the year. You will find the city welcoming and full of friendly people. Surfing and water are very much a part of life here, with many properties having access to the canals and coastline that is so popular. The Gold Coast has a fantastic 57 kilometres of beaches and a very impressive surf lifesaving service that is one the best in Australia. The Queensland Shark Control Program is in place to help keep beach users and surfers safe by netting sharks that venture into the waters off the major beaches. Continue reading “It’s as ‘Good as Gold’ being a house sitter on the Gold Coast!”