4 Tips to Guarantee A House and Pet Sitting Call Back

Many of the home owners that we speak with comment about how impressed they are with the house and pet sitters who come to stay in their homes. The personalised care for their pets, the upkeep of their homes and the little touches they find when they return, all leave lasting memories of the house and pet sitter and are the difference between a one-time sit and the start of a long-term friendship.

Here are some of the ways that house and pet sitters are making their mark to secure call backs and word-of-mouth referrals. Continue reading “4 Tips to Guarantee A House and Pet Sitting Call Back”

WELCOME TO PARADISE! Five fabulous Things to do in the NSW Northern Rivers

lighthouse-2Attention all nature lovers, art aficionados, market browsers, and good food fanatics … the beautiful NSW Northern Rivers region is calling!

Spanning the towns and villages from Grafton through to the Queensland border,  the region is bursting with treasures known to most that can only be discovered by a living like a local in the region.

Take advantage of Mindahome house sitting opportunities and head for the Northern Rivers to enjoy stunning national parks, magnificent beaches that stretch from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay, the world’s oldest subtropical rainforests, and mountains birthed by long extinct volcanoes. Continue reading “WELCOME TO PARADISE! Five fabulous Things to do in the NSW Northern Rivers”

House Sitting: Top Tips on picking the service that’s right for you

optionsYou’ve decided to try your hand at house and pet sitting?

Great idea! It’s a fantastic way to visit new locations while saving lots of money on one of the biggest travel expenses of all: accommodation.

No doubt you’ve already searched the web to find house and pet sitting services that can put you into contact with home and pet owners looking for sitters right across Australia.

But if you’ve done your homework, you may also have noticed that terms and conditions vary quite considerably from service to service. Continue reading “House Sitting: Top Tips on picking the service that’s right for you”

Loving and Leaving: The Pet Sitter’s Guide to a Healthy Goodbye

man-and-dog2The results are in – Australia is one of the most prolific pet-owning nations in the world! Almost two thirds of Australian homes include at least one pet, and our furry, feathered or finned friends offer their owners an amazing array of psychological and physiological benefits.

Of course, along with the bonuses of pet ownership comes a significant level of responsibility. Among other considerations, pets should enjoy a safe, loving environment, a good diet, and be given regular health checks.

They should also be suitably cared for when their owners are away on holiday. While a reputable kennel or cattery can provide a solution, many owners dislike the idea of consigning their pets to an alien environment in which they may experience a considerable degree of insecurity and anxiety. Continue reading “Loving and Leaving: The Pet Sitter’s Guide to a Healthy Goodbye”

Do you pass the pet test?

Just like us, every pet and animal is unique. 99% of Mindahome house and pet sits involve the care of an animal, so a love and fondness for all types of pets will be an advantage for any position you choose to take.

Many of our house and pet sitters have owned and grown up with pets, so pet sitting allows them to reconnect with the animals they love.

But considering the personality of each pet, understanding their needs and approaching them thoughtfully may help you connect more easily for a stress free pet sit.

Research has found that around 30% of dog lovers hug their pets more than their human family members. Continue reading “Do you pass the pet test?”

What motivates a house sitter?

When you think of a ‘typical’ house sitter, you don’t instantly have a picture in your mind of a person of a particular age, occupation or background, but rather consider their motivations.

We know that many house and pet sitters are self motivated, educated, go-getter people with friendly and nurturing dispositions and everyone has different reasons for choosing house and pet sitting as a long or short term lifestyle. Continue reading “What motivates a house sitter?”

5 reasons house and pet sitters win positions

Many of our house and pet sitting members comment that they often get called back for return sits. They’ve developed a rapport and even a friendship with the home owners that they sit for, that they get booked out months and even years in advance.

Being successful at house and pet sitting does take organisation and a professional approach, but it is some of the personal touches that that make can you a stand out house sitter. Continue reading “5 reasons house and pet sitters win positions”

The experiential benefits of house sitting in rural and regional Australia

A sittersRunning a farm or rural property isn’t for the faint hearted. Around 50% Australian farmers are self employed owner managers and are likely to work more than 49 hours a week managing the demands of a rural property, which leaves little opportunity to take time off for a holiday.

But home owners in regional Australia are increasingly turning to house and pet sitters to look after their properties while they take some well earned time away.

With experience and practical know-how, house sitters like Satya and Ishtar, can offer rural home owners peace of mind when they choose to travel. Continue reading “The experiential benefits of house sitting in rural and regional Australia”

House and Pet Sitting: A Simple Definition

Knowing what house and pet sitting involves is the key to being successful at it.

As a general definition, house and pet sitting is…

…caring for the home, property and pets or animals of others in a respectful manner that is considerate of the values and lifestyle of the owner, while benefiting from free accommodation and flexible living arrangements.

To be a house and pet sitter, you have to have a love of animals. Pet owners entrust their treasured pets to you while they are away and expect that you will give them one-on-one attention and care, especially if they require medication or special treatment. Continue reading “House and Pet Sitting: A Simple Definition”