Pets Encourage Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits The winter blues are sure to have hit many of us. You may feel more sluggish, a bit lethargic and less motivated.

If you’re keen to get back into an exercise routine, getting that extra push you need to get started may just be disguised as a bundle of fur. That’s right, your fur-friend could be your key to becoming more motivated to get back into healthy habits.

Owning a pet or pet sitting can offer so many health benefits. Animals are known to be great stress relievers, proven to reduce blood pressure and make us more socially resilient. Continue reading “Pets Encourage Healthy Habits”

A Home Owners 4-Step Guide to House Sitting

Australians are known for their relaxed and what-you-see-is-what-you-get characteristics, so house and pet sitting across the nation has proven to be a very rewarding and financially beneficial arrangement for many Aussie pet owners, as well as house sitters.

Trust plays an important role in any house and pet sitting agreement and ensuring that both the home and pet owner and the house sitter understand the other party’s expectations, is the key to a fuss-free and enjoyable sit. Continue reading “A Home Owners 4-Step Guide to House Sitting”

7 tips for keeping your dog cool this summer

wildlife-photography-1551693_1920Summer has hit Australia! So if you’re considering a trip to the beach with your furry friend or a dip in the pool this summer, then check out this post from our friend and PAW by Blackmores ambassador, Dr Katrina Warren, about what to watch out for when keeping your canine companion cool this summer.

Summer is all about swimming. But is it okay to let your dog swim in your pool, and the ocean? And how do you take care of his/her coat and ears if your pooch is a regular dipper?

Taking a dip with your pooch can be oodles of fun, and under the right conditions, it’s quite safe to swim with your dog in a pool or in the ocean. But there a few things you need to consider before you set off for the water with your furry friend: Continue reading “7 tips for keeping your dog cool this summer”

5 things to do before the pet sitter arrives

dog-on-sofa2Preparing to leave our pet in the care of a sitter requires some careful planning and consideration for every eventuality.

Thanks to our friends at Petplan, this post covers some of the things you need to think about before you leave to make sure you, your pet and the pet sitter can rest easy.

You’re going on holiday, and as much as you might like to pack Fido into your luggage and take him with you, it’s simply not an option. So you’ve arranged for a pet sitter to come over to your home and make sure your furry friend is well taken care of and hopefully he won’t even notice you’re gone. To make sure everything goes off without a hitch and that the pet sitter is in the best position to look after your pet, here are five essentials to keep in mind before they arrive. Continue reading “5 things to do before the pet sitter arrives”

5 surprising facts about pet sitting

dog-2Pet sitting is about a bond with the pet that you care for and understanding their needs, routines and moods. So here are some facts that you may not have known about pet sitting that will highlight the important role pet sitters play in caring for treasured pets.

1. 84% of Mindahome house and pet sitters say that caring for and meeting different types of animals is a benefit of house and pet sitting

2. A survey of Mindahome pet sitters revealed that 94% admit to talking with the pets they care for, 65% watch TV with the pets and 25% sleep with the pets they care for. Continue reading “5 surprising facts about pet sitting”

Springtime care for your pet

Spring has definitely arrived! The weather is warming up, the flowers are starting to burst and spring cleaning is becoming a priority for many households around this time of year.

But when doing your odd jobs around the house such as maintaining your garden and cleaning the windows, take some time to consider your pet’s inquisitive nature and how to keep them away from harm. Continue reading “Springtime care for your pet”

10 Steps to finding the Perfect Pet Sitter

Image_6Finding the right pet sitter for your furry, scaly or feathery friend will ensure that your pet is comfortable and stress-free while you’re away.

Here are some steps to follow to guide you to finding their right pet sitter for your pet.

1. Give yourself time: Post your position well in advance of the sit period, if possible, to give you time to gather applications and review their experience and references

2. Be specific: Be specific about your pet sitting requirements to make sure you attract the right sitter. Mention routines and medication requirements, if relevant, to let the sitter know what to expect

3. Do your research: Many house and pet sitters come with testimonials, police checks and references. Take some time to contact references and read through testimonials to give you an idea of what to expect from your pet sitter Continue reading “10 Steps to finding the Perfect Pet Sitter”

Our animal companions

Ad2We all know that Australia is a nation of pet lovers with more than 60% of Australian households owning at least one pet. Australia also has one of the highest levels of pet ownership per capita in the world!

Our four legged, furry, fluffy, feathery and reptilian pets are companions that share just as much love as human members of the family in most cases. And it has been proven that above companionship, pets also provide psychological and physiological benefits to owners.

The roles animals play in our lives changes as we progress through different life stages but at each time our pets play an important role in comforting us, helping us to combat challenges we face in our lives or just be there as the ever stoic friend. Continue reading “Our animal companions”

Home security during a house and pet sit

22bMany home insurance companies prefer that you have a house and pet sitter in your home while you’re away because it makes the house look ‘lived in’.

With many house and pet sitters providing police checks and testimonials from previous positions, you have the peace of mind that they will be trustworthy, but there may be a few added checks you may want to do prior to leaving:

  1. Inform your insurance company of the period you will be away and mention that you will have a house and pet sitter staying in your home
  2. Advise neighbours that you will be on holidays and perhaps even introduce them to the house sitter so they recognise the face staying at your house
  3. Generally, the cost of utilities and internet, etc are covered by the home owner, however on some occasions home owners negotiate a bond with house and pet sitters, that is returned at the completion of the sit Continue reading “Home security during a house and pet sit”

House and pet sitting to save

blog2With most Australians bracing for tax increases, tightening of the household budget is sure to follow. So for those of you who don’t want to give up your little luxuries, it could be time to revisit, or start, house and pet sitting to save up.

There are some significant financial benefits to being a house and pet sitter which can save you money in travel, rent and pet care.

  • Travel: You can save on accommodation costs by looking for house and pet sitting positions in or close to your holiday destination. You can stay rent free in an established home which you can use as a base to explore the rest of the region. Staying in a ‘home’ rather than a hotel room means that you also have the convenience of a kitchen where you can comfortably make meals rather than spending money and time eating out. Continue reading “House and pet sitting to save”