The House Sitter’s Guide to South Australia

adelaide_australiaHouse and pet sitting gives you the unparalleled opportunity to indulge the gypsy in your soul as you travel Australia with no accommodation budget required.

But with so much to see and do across this wonderful continent, it can be a little tricky deciding exactly where you’re going to head off to next. So here’s a clue: if you haven’t yet added South Australia to your ‘must visit’ list, you most definitely should.

Home to the red dunes of the Simpson Desert, the magnificent 100km-long Bunda Cliffs, and the wild expanses of the Nullarbor Plain, South Australia also boasts the rich and diverse culture of Adelaide (the internationally renowned City of Churches), the Fleurieu Peninsula’s glorious beaches, and the fabulous wine and produce of the Barossa Valley. Continue reading “The House Sitter’s Guide to South Australia”

Where to go to escape the cold

dog-879962_1920We’re so lucky in Australia to have, what I consider, quite mild winter weather in comparison to other parts of the world.

There’s no shortage of wonderful winter fun to be had, but for those of us who don’t like the temperature dipping too far below 20 oC, there are some marvellous ways to avoid the winter chill. You just have to know where to go.

Head North

Queensland and the Northern Territory are ideal for winter getaways. Temperatures in Queensland rarely drop below 20oC degrees and low rainfall during this time means you have more opportunity to get out and about. The ‘Dry Season’ in the Northern Territory, which spans from May to October, usually has warm, dry sunny days and cool nights, with temperatures typically ranging from 21 oC to 32 oC, and the humidity levels are much lower at around 60–65%. Continue reading “Where to go to escape the cold”

See Sydney for free

Post 2.1 imageVisiting Sydney doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. There are loads of free or budget conscious events available for young and old and for the entire family.

For a no cost scenic exploration on Sydney – get your feet moving and walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge or visit the steps of the Sydney Opera House. The Royal Botanic Gardens are not far from here where you can admire 30 hectares of tropical plants, green lawns and ponds and simply relax while you overlook the harbour.

There are wonderful weekend markets around the city which feature entertainment, fresh produce and interesting arts, fashion and souvenirs. Continue reading “See Sydney for free”

5 reasons house and pet sitters win positions

Many of our house and pet sitting members comment that they often get called back for return sits. They’ve developed a rapport and even a friendship with the home owners that they sit for, that they get booked out months and even years in advance.

Being successful at house and pet sitting does take organisation and a professional approach, but it is some of the personal touches that that make can you a stand out house sitter. Continue reading “5 reasons house and pet sitters win positions”

House and pet sitting in prime holiday destinations

A1Many Aussies are realising just how cost effective it is to travel as a house and pet sitter, as many recent articles have mentioned.

Rent free holiday accommodation during peak season is unique to a house and pet sitting holiday and it means more cash in your pocket to have more fun on your holiday.

For David and Glenys, staying on the Sunshine Coast instead of experiencing a cold winter back home, was the ideal way to spend their holiday. Mooloolaba was another of their favourite house and pet sitting holiday destinations where they spent many days swimming in the surf and enjoying the shops and restaurants. Continue reading “House and pet sitting in prime holiday destinations”

Beat the Winter Blues

hot_chocolate2If you don’t want to spend your whole winter curled up in your doona, hot chocolate in hand and watching endless re-runs on the TV, then set yourself a goal to experience something new or to get out of your comfort zone this winter.

A great way to immerse yourself in a community is to visit a place as a house sitter and live like a local for a short while.

You can even wander around towns that you’ve already visited to see how mother nature transforms the surrounding environment. With fewer crowds and some time to explore, you’re sure to uncover a few hidden secrets that you overlooked in the height of peak season.

Or you may just want a change of scenery while you’re still working nine to five. Then find a house and pet sitting position close by. You may see your town or city in a different way from a nearby suburb. Continue reading “Beat the Winter Blues”

House and pet sitting to save

blog2With most Australians bracing for tax increases, tightening of the household budget is sure to follow. So for those of you who don’t want to give up your little luxuries, it could be time to revisit, or start, house and pet sitting to save up.

There are some significant financial benefits to being a house and pet sitter which can save you money in travel, rent and pet care.

  • Travel: You can save on accommodation costs by looking for house and pet sitting positions in or close to your holiday destination. You can stay rent free in an established home which you can use as a base to explore the rest of the region. Staying in a ‘home’ rather than a hotel room means that you also have the convenience of a kitchen where you can comfortably make meals rather than spending money and time eating out. Continue reading “House and pet sitting to save”

Engaging a house and pet sitter – what you need to know

writing a great home owner adEngaging a house and pet sitter to care for your property and pets when you have to travel can be cost effective and convenient.

When engaging a house and pet sitter, there are a few things you may like to consider:

  • Listing your position: Registering your position on is free, but some positions will attract more enquiries based on the information provided. You may like to include information such as availability of public transport close by and proximity to shopping centres or major towns. You may also like to include information about your home such as backyard size, outdoor areas, a swimming pool, spa or air conditioning. If you require for your pet to be cared for while you are away, be sure to mention any specific requirements, such as administering regular medication, and also mention if there is any garden maintenance. Continue reading “Engaging a house and pet sitter – what you need to know”