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A Conscious Composer

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55 plus


Music and Film Producer

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ACT NSW QLD VIC (full regions list)

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I'm a 56yo Composer, Truth Seeker and Light Worker. I am a spiritually aligned and open hearted member of the human race and I energetically connect to the power of nature and Mother Gaia every day. My background was a star maker for 35 years in the international music industry where I managed many successful artists and grounded a deeper understanding of people and their Ego driven behavior in the 3D. After surviving a debilitating illness in my lower bowel I came to see that my closer connection to the divine needed work and so I humbly turned my energy to higher frequency healing work in the modality of music. I connected with many indigenous tribes and was invited to participate in water purifying ceremony's with crystalline energy vibration. The second thing next to music that I love is my connection to the animal world and specifically cats and dogs. I discovered my spirit animal a few years back and set intention with it's power during every new moon and full moon intention setting and invocation.

This would be the main reason why in my twilight years I chose to begin a new chapter in long term house sitting and weekend stays. The more time I spend with the animal community the more grounded I feel to nature and my original blue print. For me it's all about the call of the wild and the rebirth one undergoes to consciously expand in any given environment each new day.

I would like to clarify that this is not a profession for me but a great way to maintain my alignment to my mission in this given lifetime. I intend from September 2020 to tour extensively across India, Sth America, Europe and Scandinavia with my Spiritual group the 7th Sense. I have attached in my media files a PDF of what that entails so anyone interested can check it out if it resonates with their journey. So to have a permanent residence at this time when I have been called to bring the higher healing vibration of music in 432Hz to the world really makes no sense to me, and I will be packing up what I need to travel and tour to continue the mission.

So a country or rural property home stay would suit me best as it will be the perfect environment to practice and get up to speed with what I need to prepare for each tour. You can't do that when living in a built up area around other people...it's not polite and it's not really appropriate is it?

In addition to a comfortable place to lay my head at night and eat as much organic and wild food as possible I require a solid wifi internet connection as I continue to compose and produce music for my film and TV clients around the world. In fact I recently confirmed that I will be joining David Lynch's production team to help score the new series soundtrack for Twin Peaks 4.

As an older soul on our beloved planet the time has passed and the need to gratify my ego by being party orientated no longer holds interest to me so I'm a good solid and reliable bet when it comes to respecting the privacy and the property of the people I am looking to work with.

I have many websites including my record labels and my weekly Spiritual Podcast which includes many testimonials for good character references but I simply urge anyone interested to just Google my name, Michael A Puskas.

I think that about covers this detailed introduction to this joyous and creative soul and please feel free to drop me a line if you would like any further information or ask me something specific to your needs.

Many blessings and much love

PS: I couldn't feature in the profile box the You Tube video I wanted to share so the two links are below.

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