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CATS R US. Fluent in All Cat, Basic Woof

ID: h6



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Age group:

55 plus


Ex-University lecturer and former high school teacher.

Years active:

7 years

Preferred locations:

ACT NSW TAS VIC (full regions list)

Current bookings:

24 Nov 30 Nov 19 Dec 25 Dec 20 Dec '20 31 Dec '20

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5 stars

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Last update November 13:
Hello. Thankyou for considering me, I sit cats, especially oriental cats. I speak Oriental Cat - all dialects.
All origins, shapes, sizes. From white and blue to jet black.
Also Calico etc. Even sweet raggies! But I'm good on local lingo too. Versatility!
Can do the unusual things too (eg fish and silkworms). Cats are my thing but really NICE dogs (labs, whippets, etc) can apply for special full guest membership arrangements.
Guinea pigs, budgies and bunnies are fine (I was once a kid too!).
Thank you.

Recently Blackheath, West Ryde and Avoca Beach (re-sit), Batemans Bay, Cronulla, Mosman, and South Coast. Melbourne in July. Hornsby in a fortnight.
Two chooks and an elderly very established cat at Batemans. Eli was gorgeous. His resident slave recently informed me that he has now moved to his next of nine lives but he had a great run. Cronulla with two beautiful ladies, one Birman and the other a Ragdoll.
Three very independent types at Newtown and very recently a witches’ trio in Hornsby. Several times Tassie which I adore. Tassie lover!!!
I get around, so if the opportunity arises I throw in my hat... shorter terms probably best.
Sydney is very easy for me as I'm only at beautiful Lake Macquarie. Been at ACT more than once. Also Port Macquarie. Most ancestral roots in Victoria. If all that suits, go for it!
Was in Melbourne with Percy the cat for much of July. 2020 being set up now. Love Victoria as all my roots are there.

Dog owners with really nice canines? Yes with a maybe. I speak basic Woof. Guest membership issued to reputable K9's. Have owned Labs, Kelpies, Foxies and Scots Collies. Also good with whippets and shelties so there's an open-minded flexibility here. Dogs and I get on. From littluns to Labs.
If you need what I can offer please contact me.
I answer ALL messages very swiftly.

Born in Australia
Lived in several countries (as opposed to "visited there"). Been in many other countries, travelled widely; love movies and music (although I believe that much good music probably stopped around 1985); avid reader and theatre-goer; have five awesome grandchildren (but of course they live with their parents!); clean and healthy. I care about property and I'm careful with ours and other people's.

I know a fuchsia from a gardenia/ magnolia... and I can tell a hawk from a handsaw.
All cats are fine. I speak and understand Cat. They often have quite important philosophical things to say. Had lots of them, met plenty during our Mindahome time, and love them. From Siamese (had several of our own), Burmese, Birmans, Blues, Maines, to ordinary old Gingers (I love their voices... so small and squeaky... see "A Street Cat Named Bob" and "Kedi"). Tabbies, and Witches' Cats (the black ones with green eyes - great cats those, usually very independent). Flat ears and points. I never met a cat that could resist the old charm for long... and I know all their tricks when it comes to pills and needles... even aware of "phhhttt" (sideways audible ejection of offending pill) when associated with medications.
I also have a sound WOOF vocabulary. Grew up with woofers.
Have to admit I rather like chooks too...there's something about a chook, chooking its way through the garden. I do have quite a lot of contact with birds in general - Love all birds except Indian mynas.

nb. As a former teacher/uni lecturer visiting many schools, I had police checks more than once. Non-smoker, gave up alcohol as a concession to my health.
Please note also that I'll spend EVERY NIGHT and often all or much of the day at YOUR place. A commitment well ahead is not a problem (quite the reverse)... any O/S offers SERIOUSLY considered! Would come to the UK like a shot. Was in West Country all September.
As Carole King says... You just call out my name... 🐈🐈🐈
(fyi my wife developed the horrid Alzheimer's nine years ago; we used to do sits together, so some owners might remember Lyn and Don).

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