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Edith and Gordon - mature aged

ID: g6j



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Age group:

55 plus


self employed

Years active:

3 years

Preferred locations:

All Australia (full regions list)

Current bookings:

4 Sep 12 Sep 14 Sep 28 Sep 25 Sep 12 Oct 11 Jan '21 26 Jan '21 27 Jan '21 3 Feb '21 11 Feb '21 11 Mar '21

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5 out of 5

More information about this house sitter

My partner in crime in housepet sitting (Gordon Petersen) and I, Edith van Dommelen, are self employed , home based, our businesses being online business so as long as we have access to internet we can manage and run our businesses.

Having sold our property and before making any decisions on what we shall do going forward thought that house sitting would be a good option for a while, lifestyle change as we love animals.

If pet sitting is involved, we've both always been good with animals/pets everything from fish, birds, cats and dogs , chickens, ducks, and any other pets from our own personal experience of having pets.

Over the years we are well experienced in looking after pets of our own , taking them to the vets etc or even as we do from time to time have a mobile vet come to the house.

We are mobile , have our own cars, non smokers and in good health and looking forward to doing house sitting as part of a new chapter in our lives .

We have been house/pet sitting since Nov 2016 but in Perth and its surrounds but as you can see we have had a lot of experience and many written and verbal references for you to follow up and which speak for themselves. Since March 2019, we have also been housepet sitting interstate and overseas.

We are Perth based (our home is in Jindalee) and work for ourselves in home based/internet businesses and thus, always around to give your pets the attention and time like we always did with ours. Edith's nickname is 'The Dog Whisperer" ....probably added to by Edith's popular doggy carrot and peanut butter muffin treats she bakes.

We commenced house and pet sitting as a change in lifestyle and since 29/11/2016 have been booked back to back and have forward bookings to 26/4/2020, with gaps in between so have availability for house/pet sits like yours. If any house/pet sits slightly overlap, being a couple one finishes one and the other starts the next one. Any housesits only we do not have to be there all the time so can do a housepet sit for our regular clients if they need us for a few days.

Also one of our businesses is short term furnished accommodation so well experienced in the maintenance of properties both inside and outside which includes the maintenance of pools and sometimes large acreages/grounds/gardens and lawns. Our other business is online DIY Kids Tennis Programs (for the 3-6 year old age groups).

I've attached updated photo ID re our drivers licences and photos and our previous sits' written references and / or contact details for you to contact, which are summarised below: Note: contact tel nos can be provided when requested.

1. 29/11 to 31/12/2017 , Englinton, 2 dogs, A St Bernard , Pepper and a Newfoundlander, Oscar, a cat, Tigr, a rabbit, a galah , George and a fish.

2. 31/12/2016 to 27/1/2017, Bassendean, 5 chickens and a pond of fish, happy to give a verbal reference.

3. 26/1 to 19/2/2017, Karrinyup, 2 dogs, Pomeranian , Jack and Border Collie, Rufus

4. 17/1 to 8/3/2017, Banksia Grove, an older 14yr dog, St Bernards x, Sy. needing daily tablets medication

5. 8/3 to 21/3/2017, Carlisle, 3yr old energetic black Labrador, Max

6. 21/3 to 1/9/2017, The Vines. no pets 2acres of property to maintain, large house and pool, again this year 6/5 to 8/9/2018 and again over the Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 period (17/12/18 to 10/1/2019)

7. 2/9 to 20/10/10/2017 , Caversham, 2 older dogs, Ella and Ben, Contact Terry McColl . Both dogs needed daily medication with Ella having dementia.

8. 27/10 to 10/11/2017, Wanneroo, 2 x 3year old dogs, Duke and Sheera, contact : Rachalle

9. 10/11 to 4/12/2017, Ellenbrook, 1year old dog Richie, contact Sarah

10. 9/12 to 19/12/2017, Sth Yunderup, small dog, Jazz, contact Marie and Ray

11. 8/1 to 22/1/2018, Madelay,black labrador, Leeroy, contact Natasha and Gordon

12. 23/1 to 22/2/2019 and 20/3 to 23/3/2018, 20-28/10/2018 and 3/11/2018, Port Kennedy, house and pool maintenance, 2 small dogs Tia and Ted, contact Debbie . Again 15/4 to 16/5/2019.

13. a 3month housesit only, with gardens and pool maintenance, in Dawesville (contact Heather and Bob Guthrie)

14. Ellenbrook, house and pet sit of a Staffie , Lily, and cat, Bentley, 8/12/18 to 8/1/2019 s contact Lisa: (written reference also attached)

15. Mahogney Creek, 5acres , large house with pool, 1 dogs Mallee , 2 cats Puds and Millie, 4 ducks , 7 chickens, large outdoor fish pond and large indoor aquarium. 8/1-16/1/2019 contact Silvana . (back there again 4/2 to 26/2/2019)

16. Dawesville, 2 cats Hamish and Max, 2 chickens and an indoor marine aquarium 16/1 - 25/1/2019 contact Julie Reading

17. 25/1-2/2/2019 - Munster - 2 large dogs, Max and Taz (needng medication)., contact : Kirsten:

18. 4/2-26/2/2019 as above in (15). Mahogney Creek.

Following two Canberra housepet sits to which was to surprise Edith's mother for her 90th birthday.

19) 7/3 - 11/3/2019 , Red Hill ACT, a sausage dog, Kaiser and cat, Mandrake, contact Colin and Anna Seanager

20) 10/3 - 14/3/2019 Dunlop ACT , 2 small dogs, Jazz and Toby. Note: one started the second ACT housepet sit re the overlap. Contact Rachael:

21) Gerolup, 22/3 to 30/3/2019 (near Bunbury) Nicky and Craig , 2 dogs, Labrador Milo and Labradoodle Coco and 1 cat Ozzie, 5acres and house and pool to maintain

22) 10/4 to 24/4/2019 - Trish Keevers Two Rocks - 2 medium sized dogs, Snoop and Moon, house with pool and small garden to maintain and pot plants to water

23) 15/4 -16/5/2019 – Debbie White, contact : (, Port Kennedy, 2 spoodles , Ted and Tia, (one of our regulars see 12. above.) Edith will commenced this one whilst Gordon completed the Two Rocks stay and joined Edith at Port Kennedy.

24) commencing 8/5/2019 The Vines one of our regulars, housesit only, 2 acres , large house and pool to maintain but Gordon will commence this one and Edith will finish the Port Kennedy one. Note: The Vines is a housesit only hence we can help out with our regulars and also being two of us. NOTE: this was the last time after 3 years for this housesit as the owners are no longer requiring housesitters for this time of year.

25) 28/5-14/6/2019 Edith only, going over for her Dad’s 90th birthday , housepet sit in Weston Creek , ACT, 2 elderly dogs, Bear (13yrs) and Lucy (19yrs) , both dogs requiring medication and other medical care needs , contact Salli:

26) 20/7-28/7/2019, Dawesville, large dog, Marley, 7 chickens and outdoor fish pond. Contqct Juliet.

27) 9/9 to 23/9/2019 , Paula and Karel, Dudley Park, looking after house on the canals and 6yr old labrador dog, Lewis.

28) Dawesville, 21/9-2/10/2019, dog , Zsa Zsa, pool maintenance, Di and John to contact.

28) Red Hill ACT: 2/10-20/10/2019, Red Hill Act, 2 sausage dogs, Kaiser and Brutus and Cat, Mandrake as per (19) above

29) Iluka, contact Jan, Millie , golden retriever and maintenance of yards and pool and house.

30) Baldivis, 5/11-16/11/19 contact Donna , housesit only

c) Lowden, WA. 10-27/11/2019, 137 acres plus 1 median sized dog, Koda, cat Oakley, guinea pigs Pumpkin, Bubbles and Pig, 8 chickens and fish pond.

d) Port Kennedy, 3/12/19-10/1/2020, same as 23) above.

e) Mahogney Creek WA, 8-24/1/2020, same as 15) and 18) above.

f) Fraser, ACT, 16/2-28/2/2020, Liz and Henry, Huwie, dog, cat and chickens.

g) Kambah, ACT: staffie and cat, 26/2-8/3/2020

h) Seven Hills, Sydney, 13/3-22/3/2020, Yvette and Grant Tosio, 15mth Staffie, Kaia and 3 cats, pool and house/garden maintenance

i) 23/3-1/4/2020,Weston Creek, ACT, same as 25 above but with additional dog, Dolly.

j) Kambah, ACT, 1 / 4 - 21/4/2020, Betty and David Edwards, Contact:, 2 x golden retrievers, Bonnie and Clyde, pool maintenance and gardens maintenance

k) Berry NSW, 22/4-21/5/2020, 4 toy poodles, Mischief, Isla, Attila and Rockfeller, 50 hectacres of grounds and gardens and house maintenance. Contact Ros and Robin.

l) 24/5-7/6/2020, Somerville, Victoria, contact Denise, 2 dogs.

m) 19/6-21/7/2020, Port Kennedy, 2 x spoodles, regulars, Tia and Ted, contact Debbie.

n) Tentative housepet sits, Panama Aug to Sept 2020.

o) 16/12/2020 - 8/1 2021 Yichang, China, looking after a dog.

p) Kambah ACT, same as (j) above 1 / 4 – 26/4/2021.

NOTE: Edith also has her TAFE Certificate in Pet Grooming.

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