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Age group:

55 plus


Semi retired / casual remote work

Years active:

5 years

Preferred locations:

NSW All regions except Far West QLD Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Gold Coast TAS WA Kimberley, Wheatbelt (full regions list)

Current bookings:

20 Dec 27 Dec 28 Dec 17 Jan '24 18 Jan '24 22 Jan '24 23 Jan '24 28 Jan '24

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1.5 out of 5

More information about this house sitter

I was first asked to house and pet sit a border collie for a cousin and absolutely loved the experience.

I then joined Mindahome and had many wonderful house and pet sit experiences some of which came as referrals after a sit. I have only had a couple of experiences that I will never return to - one owner permitted a relative to use her key to get into the home each day without my knowledge when I was not there - but they were the owners not the wonderful pets. I have learnt a lot.

. Pitt Town - one older dog and 22 chickens - 20 days - collected 12-15 eggs per day - amazing I felt like pied piper - some of the eggs were pale blue and pale green

. Mittagong - one tomcat - 10 days
independent but cuddled up to me on lounge - jumped into my car as I was about to leave. Sat again for 5 days - another lovely sit.

. Bowral - Fairy Meadow cattle property - one cat and 20 cows - 3 weeks. Wonderful experiences. Cows are amazing and pretty smart as a herd.
. Bowral - new house - same cat - 6 weeks - female cat - attitude at first - but adorable and then ate everything I gave her and came when called.
. Bowral - same cat - another new house. Wonderful experiences with the cat, she has won my heart and made me laugh every day. Still eats everything I give her and has me trained to lean down and give a belly rub when I am close by...lol
. Bowral - same cat - I have been trained very well and thoroughly enjoy my regular sits for the past six years.
. Tuggerawong- one border collie and bird - 3 weeks - amazingly intelligent older dog - would just come over and sit near me and loved a leisurely walk and a bit of a run - would just turn and walk back to me when the grandkids gave him multiple excited instructions - now sadly passed on.
. Bowen Mountain - six days - one gorgeous gentle dog and one galah - dog would sit close and roll over to be patted or gently nudge me if she wanted more pats - gently took treats - happy dog, wonderful experience. Dog sadly passed on.
. again - seven days - new Staffie/Doberman rescue - quite anxious at first then once he got to know me he was delightful and very friendly. Had to watch my fingers on the cage with the Galah who would bob up and down with me when I was near.

. Near Maitland - 2.5 weeks and 3 weeks - two extremely aggressive and untrained blue cattle rescue dogs who I was instructed to let inside for a couple of hours per evening plus seven chooks (2-4 eggs per day) - I did my best but these were loud, extremely high maintenance and way too dangerous and they were untrainable which forced me to decline the next sit.
. Singleton - two Yorkshire terriers - friendly, gorgeous and an absolute delight to walk - walked with two leads and they pranced along in unison...lol
. Charlestown - seven days - border collie. Owners complained he was not a very friendly dog to children but I was delighted with this very warm and friendly dog who sat against my legs as I watched TV and put his paw up on my knee as I played games at the table and sat gently with my two grandchildren at our first meeting
. property near Orange - 10 days - older Schnauzer and young Kelpie - gorgeous well behaved dogs who kept me entertained - an absolute delight to walk as they bounded off to do their own thing and as soon as I stopped they would turn around to check on me - lovely grounds and countryside - relaxed at night with Netflix and schnauzer.

Family - Staffi - wonderful older dog who loves a walk and is so gentle with kids. Sadly now passed on.

On most sits there has been a considerable amount of watering which I find relaxing.

Fish - I really just fed them and watched them and shooed the big birds away

One bird - fed and cleaned cage and enjoyed being whistled at – a lovely boost to the ego!

Guinea fowls - 15 - collected 4 to 7 eggs per day - they were like little alarms and only skwarked when it was time to be let out of their pen and again when it was time to go back in

Horse in paddock next door - this wonderful creature galloped over to me as I was walking the dog up the lane on my first day and stuck his head over the fence near me and I patted him for a long time. It was amazing.

He then did this three days in a row.

Then the horse trailer came and he was gone the next day. This wonderful memory springs to mind frequently.

When I visit mum I sometimes walk a friend's little terrier cross - her owner taught her to smile “beautifully” and she frequently jumps up and flashes it - am uploading photo - she really is the most adorable dog.

Mudgee - 3 gorgeous small dogs - Daschund plus two Tenterfield Terriers, they waited for me to have dinner then lay the big blanket over the chair and my lap then immediately jumped up on my lap to watch TV at night - so loving and I enjoyed every minute. Sitting on my lap was theirs (and mine) favourite thing - together!!

North Richmond NSW - Poodle and Cavalier. I trained them to sit for meals and treats and not to jump on me. They learned so quickly and were such a delight to be around and I thoroughly enjoyed walking them.

Bathurst - one lovely dog and one cat - the cat is the boss and was standoffish at first. I loved this sit and walked the dog (staffie/red cattle dog cross) twice per day. I then trained the cat to sit in the crook of my arm every evening with the dog on the other side of me for patting.

I live in a unit and do not have any pets at this time but thoroughly enjoy caring for your precious pets when sitting. It is so very therapeutic.

I am a happy person who is calm, clean, honest, active and a non smoker. I am also responsible, caring and respectful and always request specific, detailed, typed instructions from each owner because every sit and every pet is different. I sometimes take my Mum or a friend on a sit and we enjoy playing cards and board games with the animals at our feet. I would consider it a privilege to look after your home and pets and I also enjoy a few relaxing hours in the evening watching some Netflix or catchup TV on streaming media if available.

I have my own Transport.

I have loved my sits and each has been a new and wonderful experience and I look forward to sitting for you.

Thank you for considering me


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