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ID: zyo



Age group:

36 to 45


Entrepreneur Holistic Pet Nutritionist Intuitive

Years active:

4 years

Preferred locations:

NSW Sydney North

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5 out of 5

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☑️Abundant L ❤️VE & HEALTHY Raw + Cooked Meals 🐱🐈🦜🐠

☑️**CURRENT NATIONAL POLICE REF CHECK** **Trusted 10 Years House Pet Sitter and Australian Citizen**.

☑️ **CERTIFIED HOLISTIC PET NUTRITIONIST Anim Nutr & VETERINARY SCIENCE VETSci AA,VetNurs & ANIMAL INTUITIVE HEALER** **RAW NATURAL FEEDING some cooked meats & Conversion ONLY** Servicing **Long & Short term**. For peace of mind I work online from home. I'm naturally patient, loving, empathic with an intuitive deep connection and understanding of animals assuring their safe and happy. Your beloved pets routines and needs are kept inclusive with playtime, pet-chats, brushing, sparkling litter cleanliness, gentle massage and spa-like pampering .

☑️*Minimum $300 DONATION Gifted UPON DAY OF HOME OWNER/S DEPARTURE for Professional Services Assignment of Home Owners Pets ("NOT including in same assignment of other peoples pets") is Appreciated* as this service is donation based (and not including any food, treats, assessors, medical vet expenses etc. for pets these are at owners expense.)
☑️*ANY MEDICAL / Health Condition and Treatments Must be Disclosed Prior to Meeting*

My House Pet Sit Assignment listings are Sydney's prestige North Shore and Northern Beaches including Australia's Northern Territory where entrusted in me and comprise of working professionals for highly known well respected professions: The Aviation Industry, Engineering, The Entertainment Industry, Medical, University of Music, Banking Finance & Global Media Enterprises.

I employ a strict smoke, alcohol, Airbnb, party FREE Policy guaranteed utilizing an Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient disposition, maintain a clean & tidy responsible outlook and respectful of others properties. Your beloved pets will receive utmost loving kindness and attentive affection, making sure routine is followed in addition to plant watering within restrictions, bins emptied, mail bundle collection and regular communication updates for extra reassurance providing high quality care, security and reassurance.

☑️***My House Pet Sit Offers***

CERTIFIED VETERINARY CARE & HOLISTIC RAW PET NUTRITIONIST 20+ years experience worked vet hospitals, NPWS Lane Cove Wildlife Services Rescue & Rehabilitation, and Taronga Zoo (marine mammals/petting zoo/marsupials), Glenfield Veterinary Research Station (Vet Nurse,, Animal Stock Attendant and Zoo Keeper),and petsonal domestic and wildlife rescues and rehabilitation of injured, abandoned and lost animals; alongside of feeding a biological species appropriate RAW food diet.

"INITIAL GREETING VIA FACE-TIME*. easy just press video icon next to dial pad when calling. Text prior to arrange date and time for our call.
****After our initial "Face-Time" meeting, then we meet up for home pet/s sit assignment. References including an 'Agreement for Service Validation' is provided 'only' upon agreed assignment****

☑️** P E T S A F E T Y **
Please Read Respectively:
I Do NOT and Will NOT Compromise On Pet Food Safety (not even a little) this includes Aquatic Pets too I am Passionate about Protecting Pets and their families rightful entitlement to feed pets SAFE TRUE FOODS. If it's unfit for human consumption equally is unfit for our beloved pets to eat! The loss of pets and illness both acute and chronic from eating commercial processed pet feeds is a common occurrence; 'Feed'' is termed in the AAFCO book (you have to purchase to read the truth) is NOT food! Commercial Farmed including Aquatic animals are also fed 'feed' These are by-product waste GARBAGE the materials unfit for human consumption the same feed in which cattle and fish farms are force fed; whereas, 'food' is classified what humans eat and is safety regulated / inspected - unlike the commercial processed pet feed industry who tailor labelling to lure unsuspecting pet owners as they know wouldn't buy it if it was labelled 'feed' hoodwinking psychologically using the word 'food' and pretty pictures of REAL MEATS, FISH, VEG and FRUITS manipulating the buyers emotions. Also did you know these ingredients are nothing like'' the pictures depict? How could they be when they come from UNFIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION sources including dead, diseased, injured slaughter animals, roadkill etc. It's NOT food! Pet Food Labels are allowed by law to "FOOL YOU" so anything GOES on labelling. LOOK deeply into what you THINK your buying because it is a big fat LIE. Eg Why do they sometimes add YUCCA EXTRACT to cat and dog food when in fact it is actually TOXIC to pets...they add it to mask poop from smelling. Want to know why your kitty has UTI's issues? It's the CPPF kitties urine is too alkaline and being fed carbohydrates is NOT bioavailable for cats to metabolize and assimilate. This is just one TINY reason why you see I refuse to pour this muck into their bowls and stomachs I ethically refuse it! I know you LOVE your pets but don't be fooled into thinking you can't feed them as they are biologically designed to - it's CHEAPER and easier than you think.

**V I P **
This Means I Do NOT feed Pets Commercial Processed Pet Feeds DRY, TIN or SATCHETS; and "RAW PET-MEATS" typically HAZARDOUS kangaroo meat TYPICALLY contains high levels of preservative soaked "SULPHITES" eg SULPHUR DIOXIDE which destroys essential Vitamin B1 Thiamine (naturally occurring in meats), results in neurological brain damage and damage of 'other high energy organs' making raw pet meats a "serious risk "even with" added synthetic Vitamin B1 Thiamine" counteracting full holistic integral functionality of pets bodily organs and safety. Synthetic B1 Thiamine is made from: unethical palm oil deforestation of tiger and orangutan habitats, coal, tar, ammonia, acetone and hydrochloric acid high carcinogen cancer causing compound agents these are NOT bio-available sources for our pets. Contrary to popular belief roo meat is NOT a safe good choice apart from elevated bacterium's, parasites and sulphites is far too lean too little fats creates serious balance of critical nutrients required for general and optimal immunity, performance and longevity. TIP too much protein is a second source energy for cancer - especially non-biological species specific protein, and unfit for human consumption protein.


Commercial processed pet feeds DRY, TIN, SACHET & RAW PET-MEATS are typically STAMPED UNFIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

SAFEST HOLISTIC MEATS for our beloved Pets CATS & DOGS are "Human-Grade Meats" fit for human consumption. **All human-grade meats are SAFETY HEALTH INSPECTED" come from REGULATED SOUCES pure and safe quality unlike all commercial processed pet foods including raw pet meats (predominantly pork, Roo and cereals either mixed together or individual soaked in carcinogen SULPHITES and live with parasites, cysts and bacterium's.

There are ZERO LAWS concerning manufactured pet food in Australia. NO pet foods are health batch safety checked and inspected for our pets safety. *UNREGULATED*

I WELCOME PET OWNERS who feed their pets air-dried artisan dried-meat biscuit/kibble SUBSTITUTE varieties: ZIWIPEAK (NOT tins contains high starch/sugar chickpeas cause IBS irritable bowel syndrome) and similar brands that 'simulate' a biological species appropriate diet eg Organic Paws, Leading RAW, Big Dog Pet Foods, Original Blend, K9 Rawsome, Lyka (cooked) and Human-Grade Raw meats and some cooked meats eg chicken. (NO Kangaroo meats!)

For pets extra safety and protection I ethically decline house pet sit offers fed only' addictive and hazardous dry biscuits, sachet, tin and commercial raw pet foods (containing sulphites including Kangaroo meats) regardless of brand. **However,** I offer, if the pet parent wishes to, include alongside a processed diet a healthy safe biological species appropriate human-grade raw food diet - and some cooked meats!

☑️**A Q U A T I C P E T S A F E T Y ** Please Read Carefully. I do NOT compromise on Aquatic Pet Food & Housing Materials Safety. This means I ethically decline assignments where aquatic pets are housed in plastic bowls/tanks, plastic ornament housing & lack of oxygen filters-although some species of fishes 'can' survive, however, do NOT 'thrive' without oxygen filters. Pertaining to biological physiology gills breathe innately oxygen necessitating oxygen filters allowing physiological, psychological and emotional optimal health and well-being supported by environment richness.

*Please Note I do NOT feed live prey to fishes except nematodes (bloodworms, mealworms etc.), also shrimp & Insects (beetles, crickets etc.) MUST be frozen or dried. TANKS MUST have fresh aquatic PLANTS and NATURAL STIMULUS formations of ROCK, WOOD, SHELL etc. HOUSING; instead of hazardous, by-product waste materials containing petroleum-based carcinogen plastics and paints which INFLICT intestinal distress and other related diseases.

☑️STRICT Policy Smoke / Alcohol / Party /Airbnb FREE

☑️Trusted Security & Care for Home & Pets

☑️ Stress FREE Happy Pets Holiday at home

☑️ Daily Telecommunication Updates: videos, pictures, emails texts, phone calls and video calls.

☑️Routines kept for Home & Pets

☑️**Birthday and Festive Pampering Gifts & Dinners**

With a whisker kiss and sniff-snuff of approval read further my TESTIMONIALS. Paws-applause for my REFERENCES & my smoke/ alcohol/ party/ Airbnb FREE promise policy, providing you with reassurance & peace of mind. I offer High Integrity Quality Care & Security for Your Home & Beloved Pets!

☑️"TESTIMONIALS" References:-

We were fortunate to engage Eve as a dog/house sitter for 10 days in August 2022 to look after our Moodle Ollie who is 18 years old. Ollie has a number of conditions including kidney disease, hair loss, hearing loss, and partial eye sight. Eve was so caring and responsive to Ollie’s needs giving him so much TLC as well as recommending dietary changes which has given him a much improved quality of life. Ollie’s care included giving him medication twice a day, walking as well as brushing his remaining hair, massaging his arthritic joints and cooking him fresh food each day. Eve also cared for our home leaving it clean and tidy with Ollie’s food re-stocked in the freezer for our return. We were reassured of Ollie’s happiness by Eve who provided us with regular daily updates including photos and videos.
Elaine & Len Lindell Narrabeen

Eve provided a pet and house sitting service and her professionalism was exemplary as she looked after our pets and home extremely well, with as much love and care as if they were her own. Eve has a veterinary nursing background and is very knowledgeable and accomplished animal nutritionist. This helped us greatly by highlighting the most appropriate to feed our pets for their best well being. Our pets really adored her. Eve has a wonderful warm personality with a good sense of humour and is dependable and trustworthy. Eve looked after our hone beautifully and it was a pleasure to come home. We highly recommend Eve and would not hesitate to have her house sit and look after our pets in the future.
Lisa and Johan - Seaforth (repeated sits)

Eve came to house sit for us at Christmas this year. We have a Golden Retriever and a Burmese cat. Eve came with such enthusiasm and instant love for our pets which made us feel completely at ease whilst we were away. Eve has such a passion and love for animals and incredible knowledge of the best nutrition for them both. Eve fed them a complete diet of NON pet food which included raw meats, vegetables, fruit, sheep and goats yogurt which they absolutely loved. Eve sent us messages with updates and photos/videos daily sometimes twice a day. We also came back to a completely clean house (cleaner than we left it). Eve was extremely generous of her time. My pets will miss her. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others. I only hope Eve is available next time we go away.
Fiona & Colin - Vaucluse (repeat sits)

Eve has been a wonderful cat sitter to our cats Tilly and Willa when we went for leave for 3 weeks over the Christmas period. Eve has a very patient and caring personality and our cats warmed to her immediately. Eve spent a lot of time with Tilly and Willa playing, brushing, talking.and sent us regular updates and photos. Both cats were very comfortable with and around Eve and had the best holiday! Eve succeeded in changing the cats' diets from primarily dried food and canned food to fresh meats, fish and fruits (and supplements). Eve is very knowledgeable when it comes to pets nutritional needs and it was great to have her input in what is best for our cats. Tilly and Willa looked well and healthy when we returned and Willa had even lost some excess 'barrel-belly' weight caused by previous diet. Eve also looked after our house and garden while we were away. We found her to be respectful, reliable and clean. I would not hesitate to engage Eve for another cat sitting stint, neither would Tilly or Willa, and I can only recommend her highly"
Nina - Parap Darwin

Our family was travelling to the USA for just over 7 weeks and we have an old cat that required care. We considered boarding her, but didn't really want to do it for such a long time. We had never used a house sitter before so we were hesitant at first. Then we met Eve and all our concerns were gone. We could see instantly how passionate she was about animals and we knew that our cat Cleo would be in the best hands possible and happy to stay at home. When we arrived back, everything was perfect! Cleo was happy and healthy after a new food regime that Eve had put her on. The house was in immaculate condition and cleaner than we had left it. All the sheets had been freshly washed and there was food in the fridge for our arrival home; but the most important thing was how well Cleo was cared for and she really had been very well looked after. With her new diet, I think she is much happier and content. Eve was always in contact with us while we were away, sending photos and updates every few days. I would not hesitate to recommend Eve to anyone as a house sitter. She is honest, reliable, caring and extremely generous with her time and knowledge".
Gabrielle - Palm Beach

"Eve looked after our house and cat Milo for the last 2 weeks. We returned from our holiday to find a very content cat, well looked after garden and immaculate house. Eve did above and beyond cat minding duties spending many hours cleaning communal areas of the house. The house has never looked so good. She adjusted Milo's diet and gave us some helpful recommendations for the future. He is much calmer now that his diet has been adjusted. I would highly recommend Eve for any house minding pet sitting position. She has a very caring, generous, honest and thoughtful approach and our cat and house have greatly benefited from her stay".
Caroline - North Curl Curl

"Eve has just recently house sat and looked after my dog Vinnie for two periods; the first for five days the second for three days. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Vinnie had just had an operation on his paw and I was extremely anxious about leaving him. I couldn't have asked for a better carer for him or my house. Eve nursed him with love and care, adopting her own homeopathic remedies to help his paw heal. She even helped improve his diet which I have tried to keep to! It is clear she dotes on animals and Vinnie dotes on her. As a bonus I returned to a cleaner house than what I'd left on both occasions. I intend on travelling to Europe later this year and hope to have Eve look after my house and Vinnie again".
Anita - Crows Nest

"Eve looked after my Cavalier Honey for 2 weeks over xmas while I was away including daily walks to her park; and even cooked my dog a special xmas lunch! She is kind, friendly, enthusiastic and very clean and tidy. Eve is caring and respectful and has kept the house in immaculate condition during her time here. I consider her to be a trustworthy, responsible, honest and reliable person. I would be more than happy to ask her to look after my dog in the future while I'm away".
Renee - Crows Nest

"Eve looked after our Spoodle Millie for the Christmas to New Year period December 2012. I found Eve to be very welcoming of Millie and soon had her cuddled and patted and at ease. Eve provided regular updates on Millie with emailed photos and videos with details about their day and how she enjoyed her beautiful home cooked food, even a special Christmas lunch. Eve's knowledge of dogs is extensive and she provided us with useful information about supplements which now have Millie bouncing around like a puppy again. Her concern and love of animals is genuine and her approach to Millie's well-being was delightful and professional. She clipped Millie for us (with our permission) as the weather had turned hot and with the patience of a saint has produced a lovely clip and a much cooler dog. I have no hesitation in recommending Eve and will definitely contact her first for any further dog sitting we need".
Karen - Hunters Hill

"The preparation for house sitting was done in a professional and friendly manner. When we returned we found a beautiful (unbelievably clean) home, joy-filled plants and cats in an excellent condition. Our unwell cat (which was booked in for surgery upon our return) was nursed by Eve who knew exactly what to do to keep the cat comfortable, calm and without stress. We learnt a lot from her. We are now planning additional, longer trips because of the level of comfort and trust we feel with her and her outstanding service".
Emery & Costanza - Bellevue Hill

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her as trustworthy, responsible and very capable house sitter. Our apartment was spotless upon our arrival in fact probably cleaner than when we left it. There was no damage or breakages while we were away. Eve's passion for providing animals with kindness and care is very apparent. She is knowledgeable and confident handler of pets. She managed successfully removing and administrative care to one cat which picked up a Tick and managed a cat with a very fickle appetite. In the interest of both parties she organised a contract plus took photos upon arrival at the property to capture a record of the state of each room right at the start of the house sit. Overall given our positive experience we would be happy to have Eve back in future to house sit".
Maree - Cremorne Point

"We got Eddie and Daisy from the Blacktown pound, therefore, we really didn't want to put them into kennels as we thought it might distress them. I was extremely worried about both my partner and I leaving them for five days and how they might react. When I first met Eve I liked her straight away because she had a bubbly happy demeanour and got right down to Eddies and Daisy's level to greet them. Eve listened to my concerns and was willing to work with me to ensure both Eddie's and Daisy's needs were met. In the weeks that she house sat If found her to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. She kept me up-to-date with regular text messages about what the dogs had eaten and the walks they had been on as well as taking lots of photos and videos. Our dogs looked extremely healthy and comfortable with Eve when we got home. Eddie, Daisy, Brendan and I would highly recommend her as a Home and Pet Sitter".
Michelle & Brenden - Glebe

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