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36 to 45


Perth located house-sitter

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2 years

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All Australia (full regions list)

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5 out of 5

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Look no further, you've found your sitter! Click on my profile to read and find out why...

Available from 13/01, and currently located in Perth. (willing to travel rurally, and even interstate when transfer costs are provided ).

Wow, there is a lot of house-sitters out there to choose from isn’t there? How do you even start to make the right decision of who do go for!? For a lot of people a profile picture tells a 1000 words, which is why I have up myself with my belated boy of 16yrs, plus a whole pile of other pics of the little ones I’ve been lucky enough to get to know over just this last year alone. I hope from them you can see just how much I love doing what I do, and how much the pets I have cared for have enjoyed their “fake mum” as well!

Despite my cheesy opening line, I’m not going to try to give you the hard sell of why I am the best house-sitter for you, or why you should choose me over the others. The well-being of your pets and home is the most important thing to me, and I’m sure you’re capable of knowing what’s best for your needs when you see it. What I’d like to do instead is give you some insight into what makes a good choice in a house-sitter and to help you find perfect sitter for your needs (which hopefully is me). It is a little bit of a read, but worth it for those who want a little more than just a photo and a paragraph from the person they may entrust their property and loved ones with!

So first up is this the basics, availability...
Isn’t it great to message a tonne of sitters, for no answers or to find out that they’re booked anyway? As you can see, at the top of my profile I update my availability as soon as I have a booking, so therefore if you wish to message me for dates, there’s a good chance I can help you! If you do message me, I endeavour to return contact within 24-48 hours as I understand how important arranging a sitter can be in relation to travel plans and your peace of mind. I try to leave at least 24hrs in-between sits where possible, which helps if you have a delayed arrival home, and allows me to arrive earlier to sits that need a little extra familiarisation to re-assure pets/owners. In return, I ask for a day or so flexibility in start/end date for those who have a spare room, to make sure I can do the same for the house-sit after yours. Please be aware I don’t book too far in advance to avoid complications of gaps in my sit calendar.

Next, how experienced am I?
I've been house-sitting full-time for over 2yrs now, and if you don't mind me saying, am great at what I do! I have handled a variety of pets/ animals (and am adept at learning new skills for the ones I am not). So far on the list is dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, horses, sheep, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea pigs and humans! (AirBnb's). I'm accustomed to regular walks, feeding routines, administering medicines (even to the problem kids), and keeping animals loved up and played with. If your little one is used to being on the couch, in the bed...their house, their rules. If you prefer a stricter environment of no couch, no inside etc, your house, your rules. Just let me how you want things done and I will follow it to the last dot point. Not only that, but I understand that house-sitting isn't just about the pets and animals, but that your plants may just need as much love as them too! Phone calls, mail collecting/forwarding, bins in/out, access for trade-maintenance…these things are just a part of the service. Experience has taught me all the right questions to ask, to ensure your home is as clean/running just the same as if you were there.

Why am I a house-sitter?
I too have lived through many years of all the difficulties of holidays/work trips/emergencies with a pet and help I had from others staying at my house over the years was invaluable. When my boy of 16yrs departed, I wasn’t ready to start again just yet. I thought why waste all that love….so now I do for others what has been done for me full-time! I absolutely love the house-sitting lifestyle, all the wonderful animals (and owners) I get to meet and aspire to continue doing this in Australia and overseas for many years to come.

A little insight into who I am…
Don’t be fooled by my photos, I’m mature (just turned 39), quiet, house-proud, non-smoking, responsible and trustworthy are good words to describe me. I meditate for entertainment, socialise with books/docos/animals and occasionally will do acoustic vocal performances for your pets (if they request it hehe). I come from a business/finance background so am very fastidious with a keen eye for details, excellent organisational skills, Australian (for your peace of mind) and an ex- volunteer in a Vet clinic. I also have a bubbly personality that I’ve been told puts people at ease and known by most people as a natural born animal-whisperer. Chances are, your pet is going to love me (…and hopefully you too!)

6 good reasons of why to choose me…
1. Firstly, I’m currently at home most days at present, therefore am available to not just be there over-night, but a lot throughout the day with them as well (which is good for the separation anxious!).
2. I provide forms to cover all information such as your travel plans, pet/ home routines, emergency/vet contacts etc and all the other finer points to ensure my stay with your pets is anxiety and stress free for all. These forms are detailed, required to be filled out to confirm a booking and industry standard for professional house-sitting. However, they are also peace of mind that you have secured a safe and legitimate sitter that is committed the responsibilities of your house-sit, legal evidence that you have a house-sitter in the first place, and protection for you/your sitter in any event. Most of my past clients have been grateful there was someone to bring up all the things they may have over-looked and ensure they are properly covered.
3. When I tell you my forms are detailed, I’m not kidding, I don’t miss a beat! Bin days, watering, mail, house-maintenance, all these things will continue just as if you were here. And did I mention I spent a year working as a commercial cleaner ;-)
4. I can provide references from past clients and a national police clearance.
5. I’m very enthusiastic about messaging you throughout the sit to send you updates/photos/videos of how your little ones are feeling, eating, sleeping and generally being adorable! I even stay in touch with many past clients, not only for future sits, but now as new friends!
6. I house-sit solo, so what that means for you is less expenses in utilities on longer sits than a house-sitting couple/family, and less risk of breakage/damage from kiddies/pets. I don’t have a caravan nor vehicle (due to storage issues when I sit interstate), so you don’t need to have extra room to accommodate me. Also, being a quiet homebody, you can relax knowing your house sitter isn’t using your house as a venue for lots visitors or large gatherings.

Who will I do a sit for?
I am available to almost any type of pet or property anywhere and love the excitement of discovering where and who I will end up with next! I do last minute sits in the event of cancellations, partial sits can be arranged, and will travel rurally/interstate if transport costs are provided.
Personally, I am very low maintenance. All I need is access to is WIFI facilities, suitable clean accommodation and access to public transport (as I do not currently have a vehicle). Due to this, please understand that since sits offering insured vehicle use are common, they will be given booking priority (I have a full manual license/clean driving record) and it is useful especially should I need to transport your pets somewhere for you. I also do ask for any sit I do, a willingness to provide a house-sitting testimonial and references after the sit.

And…who will I not do a sit for?
Due to my own wellbeing, I cannot house-sit for clients that smoke inside the home, who do not offer a clean/tidy accommodation, are not located in a safe area with easy access to public transport/insured vehicle or sits with any animals that could be potentially aggressive towards myself. Also, please keep in mind that although last minute cancellations may be an inconvenience for you, it can result in house-sitters having no accommodation during your booking period also. So personally, I do ask to be mindful of this when engaging myself to sit.

Ok so…what now?
Quite a read huh! Hehe Makes you wonder how much you don’t know about other profiles on here!
If you are interested in myself and would like to make contact, please do asap as availability can change suddenly and I’d hate for you to miss out A lot of fulltime sitters are listed on multiple forums, so it is important that you include the following points in your initial message as this small amount of detail can be very useful in deciding which sits to follow-up with first for any sitter!
1.Dates of sit (and basic details of your travel plans etc)
2. Street/suburb location (to view transport routes/services etc)
3. Photos of your pets/inside/outside of property (to confirm mutual suitability)
4, A brief description of yourselves, your loved ones and their needs (ie walks/medicine/plants)
5. Confirmation of access to WIFI/transport/vehicle and anything else of interest offered with the sit.

Following this, I do suggest a phone/video call is an excellent way determine if I am the sitter for you. Then I can email out the forms for you to review/fill out in preparation for a meet and greet, where we can check your loves ones like me and go over the paperwork to ensure everything works for both parties. And if that goes well, we may even be able confirm the booking on the day, how easy is that! For rural/interstate sits, paperwork can be done all via email, and a meet and greet a day/two prior to the sit too. Solutions for everyone!

I do hope that read was useful to most, and even for those experienced in getting house-sitters, good insight into what may be some best practices in choosing that special person responsible for your most valued possessions/ loved ones.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries and I hope to be comforting your little ones with fun and love during your absence sometime soon!

Best Wishes and furry kisses,


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