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R & G Retirees Long Term Assignment

ID: yd4



Is / are:


Age group:

55 plus


Ex oil and gas professional and ex school teacher

Years active:

1 year

Preferred locations:

ACT NSW Sydney North, Sydney South, Central Coast, Mid North Coast QLD Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast SA Adelaide North, Adelaide South TAS All regions except Northern Tasmania VIC Melbourne City WA All regions except Kimberley, Pilbara, Wheatbelt (full regions list)

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If you have long term assignment in cities and major towns, please contact us.

My name is Raphael Sia, aged 63, retired. My wife's name is Gladys Chia, aged 61, retired. We have 3 grown-up children, who all studied in Perth and now live and work in Perth and Sydney.

We own and live in a double-storey detached house with living area of 240m2 on a land of 640m2 in Miri, Sarawak (Borneo Island), Malaysia. There are 4 bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom. We keep our home clean, tidy and neat. I wake up early and am happy doing dish washing, laundry, sweeping, vacuum cleaning and mopping floor, windows cleaning, clearing drains, trimming trees, weeding, tilting soil, gardening and watering plants. In our garden, we plant vegetables (water spinach, sweet leaf, potato leaves, spinach, etc), fruits (Mangos, Papayas, Longan, Lime, Moringa, Mulberries, Soursops, Bananas, Pineapples), herbs (mint, sweet wormwood, lemon grass, ginger, turmeric, coriander, aloe vera, curry leaves) and flowers (orchids, jasmine, cup of gold). I also do minor DIY house repairs. I do essential chores and gardening in my home as my exercise. For those who love to drink, their happy hours are in the pubs. For me, my happy hours are doing essential house chores and gardening. My hobbies are photography, gardening, nature walk, music and traveling. I am mostly vegetarian with a little fresh sea fish I buy from the fishermen on the beach nearby.

Gladys does cooking and loves to bake and read. She also does house work.

Safety and security are very important and we are always conscious and lookout for strangers in our neighborhood and make sure doors and windows are secured and locked. Fire precautions are also very important. We have house sit our children’s homes in Perth. We respect your privacy, properties and belongings. We do not waste electricity and water.

We have no problem taking care of pets. Animals and birds are intelligent and have human like behaviors. We enjoy bird watching.

We are healthy and fit. We do not drink alcohol nor smoke nor party. We stay in every night. We are law abiding and have no police or criminal record. We were recently vetted by police.

As we will fly from Malaysia to Australia, we are looking for long term house sitting assignment.

We welcome an interview.

Our pet care experience is as follows:
Dogs: We used to keep a dog when our children were young. Our neighbor, Wilson, has a dachshund named Sausage, which we help to look after sometime. Sausage almost everyday runs outside into the road to explore and play when Wilson drives out and is locked out when his gate closes. It always waits outside our gate for us to come back or for us to see him from our house. Or he makes groaning noise to attract our attention. When we open our gate, he enters and seek shelter until Wilson comes back. Sausage goes exploring around our compound. Sometimes, we walk over to Wilson's house and he follows behind. He will sit outside the gate waiting. We ring their door bell. When their gate opened, Sausage quickly enters to go home. A few times, I heard Sausage showing his anger by barking loudly at Wilson or his children for keeping him waiting outside too long! This dog has character! Sometimes, Sausage makes groaning noise to indicate he wants to go home early. So we go over and try to ring Wilson's door bell to see if he is in. Another sibling dachshund was lost when it went out of the gate about 8 years ago and was never found. So we do not want this remaining dachshund to be lost or stolen and we help Wilson to look after him when he gets out of the gate and let it into our compound so it is safe. My classmate good friend, Victor, currently has a St. Bernard dog, named Bruno, which is hugh and very friendly. Previously he had a fierce Chihuahua and two inquisitive doberman which had since passed away. We were familiar and played with their dogs but didn't take care of them.

Our neighbour's cats used to give birth to kittens in our shed behind our house.

I used to keep gold fish, guppies and Siamese fighting fish.

Used to keep mynah or talking bird when our children were young. We taught him how to talk. He could speak very well and accurately. Most of the time, he would talk out loud in the garden.

I love to photograph birds. We both love bird watching and can spend hours in the park with our cameras watching and photographing birds.

Used to take care of our daughter's 2 rabbits, Mochi and Bambi. Mochi is male, 7 years old. Bambi is female, 3 years old. Mochi is friendly and loves human company. Bambi is shy and reserved. These 2 bunnies are very smart. They follow us around, jump on the sofa to sit with us. Sometimes, Mochi jumps onto my chest when I am sitting on the sofa to watch TV. When we are in the house, we let the bunnies out to run around and play in the house and backyard. They are potty trained from young and are clean. They are so adorable.

I have built a 12-chicken coop but is still unable to find/buy egg-laying chicks to keep for eggs only. Not for chicken meat.

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