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Bicton, Western Australia

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3 Jun 2017 18 Jun 2017

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Hi divine pet sitter/house sitters! I am in the need of a compassionate and authentic animal loving pet sitter that can be totally present and caring with my darling little poochie Milo and my feathery little poppet Ziggy. I'm a deeply spiritual and conscious person and love for my sweetest furry and feathered friends to be in the presence of same open-hearted people. I have a quaint little villa in Bicton just streets from the river, cafes, shops and Fremantle and a gorgeous little poochie and bird that I need caring for while I have work away at several interstate locations.

Meet Milo! He's a wee 8 months old mix breed of staffy cross bull mastiff. He is an absolute sweetheart who LOVES people and is both cautious to begin with yet friendly with other dogs after a good sniff and tell. He's definately not your normal kind of dog; he sniffs flowers, watches butterflies and other insects, sleeps on his back with his feet up, huffs and puffs like an old man when other dogs bark and lives in his own little magic world of wonder. His physical interests are; He loves tug-a-war with his ropes, fetching sticks and balls (and chewing on them), going for adventurous walks (he always likes to find a new stick or a little surprise something to carry in his mouth on his walks, he gets so chuffed at natures gifts!) he also loves poking around in his box of toys and pulling them all out to play with and just hanging out in the company of someone. I find if I go to him and share cuddles and pats with him before he comes to me for them, he doesn't crave for affection and is more chilled out. If he does want something he will come and touch us with his paw to let us know he has something he wants to do.

Mostly he's a busy and active little boy who absolutely needs his morning walk or play at the park otherwise he'll get up to shenanigans during the day to burn off his energy and his play time. When he gets his walks his day is then filled with lulling around chewing and playing with his big box full of toys, sleeping and happy to rest at our feet. He loves company and hasn't had a lot of time on his own. The max we can leave him at home alone is for 3 hours. I've filmed him several times when we have left him home alone and usually at around 1 1/2 hours he will begin getting barky, howly and anxious intermittently and so my usual time frame leaving him alone is around 2 hours ish. As I was a house/ pet sitter myself when he first came into my life, he has always been with either myself or my daughter and other dogs and so the integration into spending time on his own has been a slow and ongoing progress for about 2 months now since I've been in our own home. He's a simple and easy pooch to take care of if he has his walks and or play at the park twice a day, random gifts of affection and his food given at his usual times.

Meet Ziggy! He's a 6 year old Pink and Grey Galah and what a funky character! He has been hand raised from a baby and is a very social little boy. He loves chilling on shoulders or on a perch, hanging out, feathering himself, dancing and eating. He really loves socially eating but as it may take some getting aquainted with Ziggy, he's cool with eating in his own company.

Ziggy really needs someone who has some positive bird experience and is confident around him. Generally when someone gains favour with him, he'll be chatty, smoochy and want endless head scratches. I feel it would be best for the right pet sitter to come and meet and spend a little time with Ziggy beforehand to learn about this little guys behaviours and needs. When in the flow, Ziggy is then really easy to take care of.

For Milo's and Ziggy's pet sitter, I have a bedroom that has a q/s bed, draws and wardrobe. The bathroom is big with a bath. The kitchen is quite modern with dishwasher, great oven and gas stove The villa is a bright and happy smoke free zone with good vibes, it's so easy to maintain and keep clean and the gardens are quite maintenance free.

I look forward to finding the right person to take care of Ziggy, Milo and my home and welcoming them into our hearts.

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