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Maleny, Queensland

ID: 2221
Single-storey house in a country town



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Sitter required for:

22 Mar 2021 5 Apr 202114 days

Pet sitting required:

1 dog, 2 cats

Sitter's pets welcome:

Applications for this listing have closed.
Applications for this listing have closed.

About this house sitting position in Maleny

2 storey brick home with sloped driveway. Stairs down into the yard and sloped ground. Large north facing deck with views. Modern bathroom and guest bedroom. Wood fire fans aircon. Half acre of tropical gardens well cleared around house but we get plenty of snakes so screens must be shut at all times so as not to allow the snakes in and absolutely not let the cats out. We have a mini schanuzer and 2 sphynx cats. If you are not into looking after dogs he can go to a sitter. Must be home a lot as they are used to our company. Day trips here and there are ok the dog can go to the sitter. Look up when you go out on the deck. The pets can go out with you but must be watched and cats not allowed onto railings. Snake catcher number provided for large pythons. Have only called him twice in 5 years but have seen plenty of snakes a lace monitor and huge water dragon ambling by our back door. One cat goes for walks on a harness. He is not allowed to poke his head into bushes tho. This cat is very demanding will probably jump on your back or shoulder and likes lots of attention. The dog can have time outside in fenced yard but must not be left outside if you are going out. If he barks he must be called inside. We encourage no jumping and no barking. He is not allowed on the furniture or beds. The cats can't be stopped except by closed doors unfortunately. We take the dog out at night on the lead for his last toilet break due to night creatures then he sleeps in an enclosed area until he needs his morning bathroom break in the morning. He gets two walks a day one in the morning one out to coffee with us or just a stroll and then goes to the dog park most nights around 4.30 to play with his friends. He also likes to rumble with dogs so watch he is not too rough with little ones or not getting the worst of it with big ones. It is very important that you are willing to watch at dog park not just chat with other owners but being social is also a big part of it . All pets raw fed. I will have meals prepared but the cats can be fussy. One cat is timid but affectionate the other is mischievous and active. Every time you leave the house a cat head count must be done to make sure he does not slip past you. Steep driveway not suitable for caravan but undercover car parking is available. 10 minute walk to village down through a short cut of stairs and quiet streets. Look forward to hearing from potential sitters and seeing references. If this works out may be longer dates in the future.



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