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Melba, Australian Capital Territory

ID: 1yui
Single-storey townhouse in the suburbs



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1 Apr 2021 6 Apr 20215 days

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1 dog

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2.3 out of 5
The owner is not accepting new applications, but hasn’t chosen a sitter yet.

About this house sitting position in Melba

I have a neurotic bulldog who is scared of new things but overly confident with things he knows. He is a homebody and need routine and lots of affection to feel safe and secure. He rules the house - I’m just the peasant that pays for it!
I need someone who genuinely loves dogs and will be home more often than not.

Murphy the bulldog is spoilt and stubborn and needs a firm but very gentle hand. He will follow you from room to room. He needs to be constantly near you or touching you and he has no issue sitting on you, leaning on you or walking over you when you are relaxing on the couch. He farts, he snores, he sulks. He also sleeps on the floor next to you. Do not give in and let him in the bed!! You will end up with a tiny little corner while he snores next to you.

On a serious note - he is a typical bulldog that has breathing issues and displysia. In summer when Canberra is hottest, He'll only get a walk if it's under 27 degrees and I keep it short and make sure I take water with me. He also has a Cadillac bulldog buggy that he actually prefers to walking (of course)and is handy to use when you don't want a trip to the shops to take an hour. I really need someone that will take him out of the house twice a day, but is happy if it's just 20mins of sniffing the driveway or going only 10 metres down the road. It's all about company for Murphy, not steps :)
Murphy isn’t great with other dogs and can be confused by things he hasn’t seen much of, so this means he can be reactive. Because of this I never walk him off the leash, just in case. He is very very strong (31kg), so needs someone that is confident during walks.

The Townhouse is old, and small. It will fit a couple at most, and parties and gatherings are a definite no. However, despite the size and age, it is cosy, inviting, and secure. You have all modcons such as dishwasher, airconditioning, foxtel, Stan, Netflix and internet. There is a decent backyard, and the place is only walking distance to a petrol station and a grocery store. All external areas and some internal areas are 24/7 monitored by alarmed security cameras with real time notifications, so you have peace of mind at all times.

I don't ask for much maintenance of the house as there is little to do, just water the few plants and check the mail. This job is really all about the pet sitting and giving him his continued routine, affection and exercise while I'm away.

I would like to meet whomever is coming to stay before I go, so I can show them the feeding, & exercise routine Murphy (take him in a quick walk together), and the security of the house. I'd also like to confirm insurance and any other issues in person.

You can get a sense of Murphy’s life via his insta handle :(at)bullyformurph


Home has external security cameras


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