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Mindahome is a house sitting and pet sitting service providing an easy, economical way for home owners to find their ideal house sitters on line. For many people, as well as providing security for their property, engaging an in-home pet sitter or dog sitter has become a preferable alternative to dog boarding kennels, not only for the cost savings but also their pets happiness and welfare. Every household is unique with different needs and our website enables the accurate matching of requirements to provide the best outcome for everyone.

With the increased desire for travel and ever increasing cost of accommodation, House Sitting can be a great way to see the country at very little expense. Whether from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin or Hobart, travelling Home Owners can relax in the knowledge their homes, pets and gardens are being taken care of while they are away.

What is House Sitting

We all need to travel sometime. Usually it's to take a long awaited holiday, for many it's for work and for others it might even be a family emergency. When this happens who's going to look after your home and your pet if you have one? You will need to make sure that your house is kept safe, secure and clean, and your pet properly cared for.

Here's where house sitting comes in. It's the ideal solution that in most cases won't cost you a cent and assures you of round-the-clock care for your home and pet. House sitters don't usually charge for looking after your home. In exchange all they want is a decent place to stay without having to spend on hotel accommodation.

A house sitter doesn't just keep your home and contents safe. They take care of other tasks for you while you're away, such as tidying up and keeping the house clean, tending the garden and lawn, receiving and forwarding mail. All this makes the house look occupied and that's why insurance companies favour homes that make use of house sitters because it reduces the risk of burglary and accidents.

Many home owners that need house sitters also own pets which need looking after. Being away from home for a while doesn't mean that your pets have to give up the comforts of home. Taking a pet to a kennel or cattery can cause it to stress and sometimes feel abandoned. With a pet sitter looking after it, the pet is ensured of constant care and attention right in its own familiar surroundings.

House sitters are often homeowners themselves so they know what goes into good, proper home care, and how important it is to have a reliable house sitter. Homeowners and sitters often form a bond leading to repeated house sitting engagements whenever there's a need for one.

Benefits for the Home Owner

Peace of mind while on a trip is the biggest benefit for a homeowner. By engaging the services of a house sitter, a homeowner can attend to his or her business, or enjoy a vacation, without having to worry about the safety of the home or the care of their pet.

House sitting goes beyond simply keeping the home safe and a pet well looked-after. A house sitter takes on various housekeeping responsibilities and assumes your role as a homeowner, pet owner, neighbour and member of the community.

Here are the important reasons for hiring a house sitter whenever you have to be away from home.

  • A house sitter is carefully screened and employed by you in exchange for decent and comfortable lodging. For many house sitters this is a regular job or livelihood, so they're motivated to do the best they can with an eye to future house sitting jobs, for you, or someone you recommend them to. This means you can count on a pool of experienced and reliable house sitters.
  • Your pet stays at home while you're off on a trip. A kennel or cattery can be extremely taxing on a pet's health, whether from exposure to diseases, fights or just sheer loneliness. It can also be quite expensive. With a pet sitter your pet gets 24/7 attention, protection and proper care right at home. This keeps the pet comfortable, relaxed and minimizes the feeling of loneliness caused by your absence.
  • Home insurance premiums are influenced by risk. Engaging the services of a house sitter is often enough guarantee for insurance companies that your house is never left abandoned or exposed to burglars or accidental occurrences of fire, floods and other natural disasters.
  • There are daily or weekly tasks you need to handle as a homeowner: receiving mail and packages, answering phone calls, paying utility bills, mowing the lawn and a few others. A house sitter will see to it that all these are attended to, as you've both agreed upon, while you're away.
  • You can keep in constant touch. With mobile phones and computers you are kept up to date by a house sitter about how things are going with your home and your pet. A house sitter can even send you photos and videos to keep you from getting homesick! Any unexpected questions or situations are easily answered and resolved when you have a house sitter. Think of a house sitter as your PA while you're away.

Benefits for the House Sitter

  • It's a great way to visit new cities or countries without having to pay for hotels or apartments. By house sitting, you can use your travel funds to explore the area, participate in local activities and experience life the way the locals live it.
  • House sitting lets you live for free in decent, comfortable homes in places you've always wanted to visit. No hotel bills, no apartment rentals. By living in a home, your time is your own and the schedule is yours to set. You'll be living like a local and getting involved in what the average tourist rarely gets to see.
  • A house sitter who loves pets can indulge his or her love for animals while away from home by choosing jobs that include pet sitting. This also gives you the added advantage of a broader choice of homes to sit.
  • You can save on food costs while you're house sitting. The normal house sitting job includes free use of the home's kitchen to prepare your own food, when you want it, and the way you want it. You're not dependent on restaurants so you can use your travel budget for other adventures. Besides, it's a great way to learn how to prepare exotic, local cuisine.
  • House sitting is a practical option for those times in your life when you're in transition. While you're looking for a new home or waiting to move to another city, a house sitting job is a good way to find temporary accommodations. It's also a practical way to scout a neighbourhood before you permanently move in.

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