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Mindahome Members' Code of Conduct

When a person joins the Mindahome community, they are required to respect each other’s property, values and ideals. 

Please read and make yourself familiar with this document so that you know what is required to ensure everyone feels comfortable and respected within this community, then confirm acceptance of our Code of Conduct.


  • My advertisement will give a clear, detailed and accurate representation of my home, pets and duties required of the sitter/s.
  • I will respond to all messages in a timely manner.
  • I will leave my home in a clean and comfortable condition for my house sitter/s.
  • I will use the Mindahome website "invite and accept" system to appoint my sitter/s.
  • Before appointing the sitter/s I will explain, discuss, and agree their responsibilities with them including any costs associated with the assignment.
  • Once my chosen sitter/s have accepted the position on the Mindahome website I will inform the unsuccessful applicants and I will not cancel the appointment unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • I will provide written instructions and information to help my sitter/s complete the assignment easily and successfully in accordance with the advice provided in Mindahome's free House Sitting Guide. (Mindahome also recommends you use the sample house sitting agreement provided in the guide). 
  • I will provide all relevant contact details:
    • My own while travelling
    • A local person able to provide advice or help should it be required
    • My vet. I agree to repay any out of pocket vet costs should they be incurred in my absence.
  • I will provide all necessary tools, equipment and consumables required for the upkeep of my home and garden as well as all food for my pets and any pet related products required by them.
  • Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, or I have communicated with the sitter/s and they agree, I and members of my family will not return to the home before the house sit is completed.
  • Unless agreed to, I will ensure no one else will be residing at the home during the term of the sitting position except the appointed sitter/s.

House sitters:

  • My profile will give a truthful, clear, and accurate representation of me, detailing my skills and experience.
  • I will respond to all messages in a timely manner.
  • I will consider and discuss the home owners requirements and instructions with them, including any changes I would like made, before accepting the house sitting position and sign any agreement documents if requested.
  • I will only apply for positions I know I can fulfil and when I accept a sitting position, I will not cancel unless there are exceptional circumstances. 
  • I will use the Mindahome website appointment system to accept sitting positions.
  • If invited to accept a house sitting position I will accept or decline the position within 72 hours of receiving the invitation.
  • Once I accept a sitting position, I will enter the details into my Mindahome bookings calendar.
  • I will follow the homeowners instructions at all times and, if there are any emergencies either with the home or pets, I will inform them as soon as possible.
  • I will ensure every care is taken of the owners pets, belongings and furniture in their home and replace or pay an agreed value of any home owners’ possessions that are inadvertently damaged while in my care. 
  • I will not modify or make changes to any part of the home owner's property and will not move or interfere with any belongings or furniture in the home without the home owner's permission. I will only enter and use the rooms that the owner has designated for my use.
  • I will absolutely not invite anyone else to attend or stay in the home without first getting the express permission of the home owner nor will I bring or allow other pets into the home without the home owners permission.
  • I will not leave a house sitting position before the agreed end date without the home owners approval.
  • Before leaving a sitting position, it is my responsibility to make sure I leave the home as clean, if not cleaner, than I found it. 
  • I understand that the owner may need to return earlier than expected if there are exceptional or unforeseen circumstances.