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How it works

For House Sitters, finding the perfect
house has never been easier.

How it works for House Sitters

$59 for 12 months membership. House sit anywhere in Australia – no boundaries, no limits.

Find a Home to mind Join our House Sitters

  1. Fill and submit the member application form then pay the membership fee
  2. Complete and submit your house sitter profile.
  3. Browse our home owners list and contact any that are offering positions that appeal to you. You may also be contacted by home owners wishing to use your services. There are no limitations as to location or number of positions you can apply for.

We have an automated email notification system for our House Sitters. When a new House Sitting position becomes available in your choice of state/s, you will receive an email notification with a link to the new advertisement, you will never miss out on seeing the latest jobs available!

The Mindahome website is a meeting place for Home Owners who require sitters and House Sitters looking for sitting opportunities. We provide a fully internet based service and all you need to know and how to do it is on this website in the members How-to pages, our comprehensive help-desk/knowledgebase and our blog. Also when you join, you will receive a link to download our free 'Guide to house sitting' eBook in pdf format which explains things in detail and includes a sample 'House sitting agreement'.

The majority of our house sitters do not get paid for house sitting, they house sit in exchange for free accommodation. However, depending on what’s involved and the duties required of the sitter, some home owners will offer a payment – keep in mind that everything is negotiable.

Benefits for House Sitters

  • Enjoy inexpensive travel accommodation

    House sitting is a great way to visit and explore new cities or places in Australia without the cost of hotel or motel accommodation. It's a unique way to travel and live for free in comfortable, spacious homes in places all over Australia you've always wanted to visit.

  • You can live in the community like a local

    By house sitting, you can use the travel funds you save to extend your holiday and to explore the area, participate in local activities and experience life the way the locals live it. By living in a home, your time is your own and the schedule is yours to set. You'll be living like a local and getting involved in what the average tourist rarely gets to experience.

  • An opportunity to indulge your love of pets

    A house sitter who loves pets can indulge their love for animals while away from home by choosing jobs that include pet sitting. This also gives you the added advantage of a broader choice of homes to sit.

  • Save money for just about anything

    House sitters often choose the lifestyle as a smart way to save money. Many do it to save the money they would normally spend on rental accommodation for a deposit on their own home and for others it might be a car or an extended overseas trip. For whatever the reason, house sitting is a great way to have extra cash.

What House Sitters are saying…

testimonial by Neal and Helen

“ Neal and I house sit in the Adelaide area each summer and have house sat/pet minded all over the place - suburbs and rural, had 2 horses, huge variety of dogs all shapes and sizes (all of whom we have fallen in love with), cats, chooks, fish and of course gardens.  At one house sit we had 2 Rottweilers, 1 Rotty/ridgeback cross and 1 staffy in a very small house and they all lived inside.  Another time we looked after 2 glorious dogs, who were both on special diets and meds in the Adelaide Hills.  I had to share the bed for 4 weeks with one of the dogs as that was how he normally slept, so our bed we shared.  He was a gentleman, and had a hilarious habit of falling out of bed when rolling over every now and then (he was a Hungarian Vitzler, with very long legs).  Neal had to sleep on our camp bed. We've had the pleasure of looking after such wonderful animals and lovely families and look forward to doing the same this coming summer.”