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Innovation all around you gives added excitement to house sitting, and that's what you'll find in Hobart. The capital of Tasmania, Hobart is second only to Sydney as Australia's oldest capital. But age doesn't stop Hobart from jumping to the future and it is considered one of the world's innovation influencers in the Innovation Cities Global Index.

But it's history that really gives Hobart its unique flavor.

Salamanca Place
The center of old Hobart Town's trade and commerce, Salamanca Place is a row of four-story sandstone warehouses on Sullivan's Cove. It houses cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. It is also the home of the Salamanca Arts Centre where you find galleries, studios, theaters for the performing arts and a public place with a centerpiece fountain and lawns. Go there on Saturdays for the Salamanca Market with 300 stallholders plying their wares.

Battery Point and Arthur Circus
One of Hobart's most prestigious suburbs, you'll find many historic houses, mansions and classy apartment blocks in Battery Point. Its old pubs, churches and winding streets have been painstakingly preserved to give you a genuine taste of an age that was. Tiny one- and two-room houses like those in Arthur Circle remind you of the sailors, shipwrights, coopers and merchants who once called this place home.

Mt. Wellington
“The Mountain”, as locals call it is the most breathtaking way to view Hobart which is built on Mt. Wellington's foothills. Exploring Mt. Wellington on foot will take you from snow-capped peaks to lush forests. Or, you can bike the 21-kilometer distance from the top through Battery Point and end up at Salamanca Place on the Hobart waterfront.

Tasmania Taste Festival
Every summer, Hobart's Princes Wharf and marina are the site of a week-long festival of eating, drinking and living it up. Over 70 stalls serve Tasmania's local seafood like salmon, oysters, blue fin tuna and giant crabs. There's also cheese from Bruny Island, Bicheno berries, local wine, whiskies and beers. The festival showcases performances by well-known musicians, singers and comedians, along with guitar-playing buskers, street theater and even daredevil aerial stunts.