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How it works

For Home Owners, finding the perfect
house & pet sitter has never been easier.

How it works for Home Owners

Find a House Sitter Join our Home Owners for FREE

  1. Sign up for FREE and complete a short questionnaire to create your home owner ad.
  2. Browse our house sitters list and contact any whose profiles appeals to you and/or wait to be contacted by sitters who are available for your location and dates.
  3. Review your applicants and choose your sitter.

Although you are free to spend time searching through our sitters lists and contacting any that you feel might be suitable, it isn't really necessary because our sitters are notified when you submit your ad. Usually within hours those that are available for your location and dates will be contacting you to see if they may be suitable for the position.

Once you have submitted your ad you will receive an email with initial instructions and, around 24 hours later, a follow up email with house sitting best practice information including a link to download our free "Home Owners guide to House Sitting" in pdf format.

Benefits for Home Owners

  • Access capable, trustworthy house sitters

    House sitters are carefully screened and appointed by you and for many this is a regular activity, so they're motivated to do the best they can with an eye to future house sitting assignments, either for you or someone you recommend them to. This means you can count on a pool of motivated house sitters who are trustworthy and reliable.

  • Your pets stay comfortable in their own home

    Your pets will be happier and much more comfortable in their own home instead of a strange kennel. They can sleep and play in accustomed places with their own toys and familiar sights and smells. House sitters provide companionship and exercise by playing with them and walking them while you are away.

  • You can relax knowing all is well at home

    You have peace of mind and can relax and enjoy your holiday comfortable in the knowledge your pets are being well cared for and have regular close human contact. Your house sitter can water your plants, bring in the mail, keep the garden tidy and give your home a lived in look, providing security for your property and possessions by just being there.

  • You will save on pet boarding costs

    The expense of boarding out your pets when you are away can be prohibitive. With a house sitter your pets stay in the comfort of their own home at no cost to you.

What Home Owners are saying…

testimonial by Claudia & Fred

“ Dear Mel and Sue, I would just like to say thank-you for such a wonderful job you do assisting people like my husband, Fred, and I find brilliant House Minders. We have been fortunate to have a very able couple mind our house for us while we went overseas for six weeks last year - Joy and Dennis. They had the task of not only taking care of our 4 1/2 acre property at Mount Best in South Gippsland ... but also the responsibility of looking after our ten month old Australian Shepard Puppy - very lively and demanding of attention and our three cats. Well the pusses fell in love with them at first sight and were well pampered with lots of cuddles and our dog had the best of times romping round the garden with their gorgeous Labrador, Lulu. We came home to a spotless house and beautifully cared for furries.  And as they're still staying in Foster until the end of May we continue to see them socially. We couldn't recommend them more highly to others in search of a terrific couple for House Minding. Thanks once again.”