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House and Pet Sitting in Australia

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House Sitting in Australia is out of this world

They refer to Australia as the land down under, but for a house sitting position it's more like out of this world. Almost 3 million square miles, Australia is known as either the world's largest island or its smallest continent. With a history that dates back to the first European settlement in the 18th century, Australia offers you a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, from the British and Irish to Scots, Italians, Germans, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Dutch and many more.

Because of its size, Australia boasts of a wide range of landscapes, from tropical rain forests in the northeast, mountain ranges in the southern and eastern areas and an arid desert, known as the Outback, in the center. The country is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the planet's largest coral reef, and the world's largest monolith, Mt. Augustus. Almost 90 per cent of the country's flowering plants, mammals and in-shore fish are unique to Australia, as well as almost 50 per cent of its birds.

Australia is so huge and diverse that there are many ways to see and explore the country as a house sitter.

An Australian Adventure
Australia's vast distances and rugged terrain are made for one's spirit of adventure when house sitting. You can go across northern Australia on the Savannah Way, go from south to north on the Explorer's Highway, or travel the South Australia Loop. You can also explore the Australian Outback with its Aboriginal culture and time-worn scenery where you can ride a camel or join a cattle muster.

Take to the water
Islands, reefs, first-class waves for surfing, rivers, gorges, inlets and backwaters for canoeing and kayaking – you'll find them all in Australia. The country has over 4,000 species of fish and the most diverse sea grass in the world. You can swim with whale sharks, dolphins and sea lions, go snorkeling or scuba dive in underwater caves. You'll find some of the world's longest waves on the Gold Coast and surfing beaches all over Australia.

Live it up
If house sitting in cities are your thing, Melbourne in Australia ranks No. 1 as the world's most livable city, and has done so for seven years in a row since 2011. The country's other major cities Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and even its regional cities offer you culture, entertainment, shopping, sports and recreation not easily found elsewhere in the world.