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testimonial by Jim and Helen

“ We’ve been using Mindahome since 2012. When we go away, we prefer to have someone in our home to feed our cat, water the garden, bring in the mail, and just make the house look lived in. Looking at our history I see that we have found 20 house sitters in just over 5 years. Of course, we like sitters to do repeats, and that sometimes happens, but then people’s circumstances change and we need to find someone else. Using Mindahome is so easy! It takes just a minute or two to create a listing using a tried and true description and just entering new dates. Being close to town we get lots of interest, so we ‘unpublish’ after about 24 hours; sometimes less. Our practice is then to come up with a shortlist and then to interview 3 or 4 applicants. Most the people we see would fit the bill and it’s often tough to choose just 1. We’ve been happy with all our house-sitters; some have gone beyond the call of duty. One, when we texted him from Dubai to say our flight was on time, said he’d have buckwheat pancakes on the stove when we got in. Another one painted our front fence for a very reasonable fee. All have left our home clean and tidy. All have spoilt our cat with more affection than she gets from us. We recommend that people get house sitters when they go away. It works for us.”

testimonial by Trish and Ron

“ Thank you for being part of some delightful holidays away in other people's homes, caring for pets etc. We had some extraordinary experiences. Unfortunately we can't renew our membership, mainly due to age and health issues”

Trish and Ron
testimonial by Kerry D

“ Just back from overseas and house immaculate and cat happy. Can't recommend this service highly enough especially Susan who looked after our little darling so well.”

testimonial by Melanie S

“ I would like to thank Mindahome for helping me find the best house sitters I have ever had. It only took 2 hours to find them after posting the ad, and that was after I had spent weeks trying to organise house sitters with another agency. I had a very relaxing month long holiday knowing that our house, garden and dog were in excellent hands. A fantastic service which I will use again.”

testimonial by Heidi C

“ Dear Team, I wish to thank you for your fantastic and efficient daily efforts to allow we house-sitters to locate kind and generous home-owners. I am having so much fun with the pets that I get to know during my stays, not to mention the home owners who are pleasant and easy to get along with. I just mentioned you in Linked-In, where I have been a member while working fulltime in Sales in Switzerland. I feel so privileged being a member with you. Wishing you a wonderful and successful New Year.”

testimonial by Emily W

“ Just to thank you, once again, for keeping me "in the loop" with your informative newsletter. Very much appreciated, always. Lately, I have not been able to travel much due to poor health. But whenever I get the chance, I always talk about your services to my friends and family. Some cite BnB to me...however, I tell them, based on my past experiences with your house-sitters, that your service has an added advantage in terms of care and professionalism...with little or no dollars involved! More power to Mind-A-Home! ”

testimonial by Jo M

“ I got in contact with Mindahome 2 years ago. It was shortly after my husband past away and a friend gave me the address. I needed a short 5 day break. A lovely lady reacted to my email and we have become great friends. She has been minding my house and cat, Lara, now 3 times and we both are very fond of her. She is welcome any time and I will certainly contact her if I go away again. So thank you, Mindahome, for this lovely service.”

testimonial by Jane B

“ I have only just found your website. Up until now, I have been using two other websites – one is pretty good but not as good as yours, and the other one is unfriendly, clunky and very frustrating. I find your website so much easier to use and the assistance you offer is excellent. You seem to have a very good selection of house sitters subscribed as well.”

testimonial by Lucienne

“ Hello Mindahome, I am presently house sitting in Yungaburra on 6 acres with 5 chooks, and 1 partially blind and deaf Cavoodle, who loves 100% company. The property has a fire place for the cool nights and citrus trees. A fresh pink grapefruit for breakfast and fresh oranges during the day is such a pleasure. Nearby is a delightful walk along the creek where Bell and I have watched platypus play. The air is fresh and sweet with the perfume of mango and macadamia flowers. The mooing cows next door and an array of colourful birds to watch from the verandah make the stay one to remember. The beautiful blue ulysses butterflies are also viewed from the verandah while having my morning coffee, what more could you ask for? Regards Lucienne ”

testimonial by David and Glenys

“ We reside in NSW and for the last five years, since our retirement, we have been house sitting in Queensland to get away from our cold Southern winter in June, July and August. We have made many lifelong friends along with their pets and also gained some excellent references. Some of our most recent house sitting experiences have been at Nindeeree on the Sunshine Coast, a two acre property with a beautiful home and two Border Collies to look after. This was followed by Redcliffe, caring for a delightful Chihuahua who loved us as just much as we loved her! Then on to Coomera with no pets to care for but this is what you would consider a dream house sit. Double story water front home on the Coomera River tending to the garden and watching the boats cruise past. After our winter sits we missed all of our cold southern winter, and have now returned home all refreshed and looking where we may end up next winter! Thank you Mindahome.”

testimonial by Coral and Ivan

“ We have been house sitting for quite a few years now and I want to tell you that it has been a wonderful experience for us. We have met such lovely people and we have been to some wonderful places. We had a year off but having come back in 2017 we are again reminded of just how rewarding it can be - just talking to prospective house sits has been really lovely . I rarely write reviews but I thought this may be a good time to do so. Coral There have been one or two homeowners that we have declined due to unfortunate experiences - but a couple out of the many is not bad going :)”

testimonial by Leanne D

“ I am a 1st time user of a house sitting site and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with experience. I have managed to find 3 different sitters for 3 different dates fairly quickly and painlessly. I thought I would be unsure about strangers in my house and , looking after my dog but, after meeting 2 of the sitters in person and having many calls and emails to the other I, am feeling very comfortable about it. They all seem to be friendly responsible and, genuinely caring people who I have enjoyed meeting. I may even consider becoming a sitter myself , Thank you for providing this service, it is such a great idea.”

testimonial by Warren P

“ We have just returned from a 10 day stay in Bali. During that time we engaged the assistance of Danielle after making contact through Mindahome (1st time experience). We wish to let you know what a fantastic experience this has been for our thoroughbred gelding, Nick; 3 dogs, Buddy, Charlie and Oscar ; 2 Turtles, 5 fish; oh and not to forget the Gander, Cookies. We are very grateful for the attention that Danni gave them and we wouldn't know that she had stayed in our home other than the happy well fed animals when we returned. We can happily recommend Danni as a trustworthy and very capable house sitter. Thanks for providing such a great web service.”

testimonial by Sue

“ Hello Mindahome. We have just had ..and will continue to have ..a wonderful experience with Terry and Julie's property sitting expertise and enthusiasm. It has been and is wonderful as owners of a more remote property, to have people come and care for our animals and property with all the enthusiasm and care that Julie and Terry showed. Thank you to them and thank you to Mindahome for providing the vehicle to bring us together.”

testimonial by Cat W

“ I was hugely fortunate to find a home sitting job offered in exactly the location and on exactly the dates that lined up with my plans for being between permanent houses. I met with Jim and Helen as well as their beloved cat, Pushka, and was confirmed as their choice of house sitter the next day. They were generous in showing me the way the house worked as well as providing me with linen, a guest bedroom, electric blanket and full access to the pantry (which I haven't felt right doing, but is wonderful to know!). They also have a fabulous herb garden, which is highly appealing to a vegetarian parsley lover. Without the ease and accessibility, as well as the huge variety of jobs on offer, through Mindahome, I would have been totally stuck for where to go. Highly recommend this service to all and my experience has been excellent.”

testimonial by Sue and Bill

“ To whom it may concern, I used your service for the first time May/June this year. I wasn`t at all sure what to expect or what to do but managed to bumble through. I was surprised at the response to my ad(had no idea what I was doing) and the sitters that applied. We chose The Sollys (Robbie and Stu) because the moment I spoke to them I knew they would care for our home, and more importantly our two beloved staffies. I was so right!! they did everything and more than they said they would. My husband and I were in China and it was wonderful to see photos of our dogs so happy and healthy and our home well cared for. Our children were coming from Sydney to take over from Robbie and Stu and can you believe the extra mile they went to. They drove our car with the baby seat to the airport to meet our kids and hand over the keys. To anyone wanting a reliable caring sitter/s do not go past the Sollys. Your most valuable things will be loved and treasured just like you would yourself. I will certainly use the Sollys and your service again. Cheers Sue and Bill G”

testimonial by Judi T

“ I would just like to say how effective Mindahome is. I advertised for a house sitter and within four days I had 8 replies and found my sitter. Thank you Mindahome. Happy Healthy House Sitters”

testimonial by Anita

“ Dear Mindahome, Thank you for your wonderful house and pet sitting site. I used this site for the first time last week when I needed to go to Melbourne for a week. I used the services of one of your house sitters Deborah (ID 8BV) and Deb was amazing. I have 3 cats and she cared for them extremely well. Deb answered my ad straight away and happily for me cared for my 3 cats and my home on fairly short notice. My cats and home were well looked after. Deb is a really friendly and responsible person and of course she was very tidy and accommodating. I would not hesitate to recommend Deb to anyone wanting to utilize her services. You can rest easy that your home and pets will be well cared for by Deb and I would not hesitate to use Deb again if she is available. Thanks again Mindahome-what a great site. I have recommended it to 3 people already! Kind regards Anita”

testimonial by Katie O

“ Yes we stumbled across a wonderful sitter’s position in Nana Glen just outside Coffs Harbour. As it turned out they had 2 horses for us to sit as well. As we had both had a lot of experience with horses over the years we were only too pleased to accept the job. The General and Ballerina were exceptional horses and had personalities all of their own. Whilst The General liked to pretend he was boss horse Ballerina was the one who gave the orders and The General would stand well back when Ballerina commanded. They were however best of friends other than at meal time when Ballerina would insist on being fed first and look out The General if he came near Ballerina's food. Putting coats on and getting them off morning and evening was pleasant enough as they really didn't like the cold nights and loved to have a good old roll on the grass in the warm sun of the day. We have house sat for The General and Ballerina 3 times now and loved every minute of it. Names changed to protect the innocent Thanks to The General and Ballerina we were asked to horse sit another farm with 4 Clydesdales. Along with this came 80 weaners and 2 cats. Each morning a similar routine where we would mix the feed for the horses remove their rugs. Have a chat to them as we would give them a brush and check their water. Then it would be meet the calves and throw them their hay for the day. Feed the cats and our work was done until the afternoon which left our days free to explore or do whatever we liked. Word soon gets around if you are a good house/horse sitter and as always word of mouth is better than any written reference you can get. We intend next year to travel around Australia sitting as we go. Happy traveling. ”

testimonial by Katie

“ A big thank you to all at Mindahome. This is my first experience with Mindahome and Julie & John from Qld minded my house and 2 loving pets while I was on a 6 week holiday. They were fabulous I can't thank them enough for keeping the house, gardens so clean tidy and safe. My 2 adorable pet dogs (my children) were so content when I got home; a big thing for me to find them so well cared for. I will certainly use Jill and John again and continue to recommend you web site. Well done to all and thank you so very much. Katie.”

testimonial by Mave & Ed D

“ My husband and I recently went for two weeks to a Mindahome job in Mornington Peninsula. It was a lovely spacious home and garden within walking distance of a beach, town, harbour, jetty, cinema, bus station and shopping. Our two animal charges were dogs and both became affectionate and devoted friends, we were quite sorry to have to say goodbye after our daily beach walks with them. We were pleased that our home-owner was able to go away with peace of mind to a much needed holiday.”

testimonial by Anica

“ Dear Mel and Sue, my complements for having had created such a wonderful website - it's by far one of the best on the market. Love the daily updates and how easy it is to navigate through it. I've only joined about three months ago. I live in WA and my initial attempts in finding a suitable 'house sit' position were directed towards NSW and Qld, because eventually I'd like to head over east. However that proved rather difficult in coordinating the dates to make it worthwhile. I then concentrated on WA and ever since doing that I've been very successful in finding beautiful home owners and their pets to 'house/pet sit' for. My services as a 'house sitter' are almost non stop booked until mid Sept. 2015. Am still hopeful to find suitable 'house sits' over east after September. A big 'Thank you' for all the great opportunities your website has presented me with.”

testimonial by Janet

“ I joined up to find a house sitter just 21 hours ago. Your website is amazing and SO user friendly. I am so pleased we have found someone to mind our house and dog. Excellent service! Thanks so much,”

testimonial by Andrew & Karen

“ Hi Mindahome, We have just had the very good fortune to have Sue and David look after our pets and house for the last 10 days. What a wonderful couple, from the first time we meet them we felt like we had known them for ages. They cared for our 3 dogs , 2 cats and one little calf like they where their own. Our house was spotless when we returned and I don't think the pets missed us at all thanks to the spoiling of them from Sue and David. We cannot recommend this couple highly enough, they are fabulous . We would love to have them again for our next holiday and thanks Mindahome for providing such wonderful people and service.
See sitters Sue and Davids profile:

testimonial by Wayne and Bernie R

“ Dear Mel and Sue, my compliments for having had created such a wonderful website - it's by far one of the best on the market. Love the daily updates and how easy it is to navigate through it. We've only joined about fifteen months ago. We live in QLD and our initial attempts in finding a suitable 'house sit' position directed towards NSW and Vic, because eventually we would like to head over west. However that proved rather difficult in coordinating the dates to make it worthwhile. I then concentrated on Qld and ever since doing that I've been very successful in finding beautiful home owners and their pets to 'house/pet sit' for. Our services as a 'house sitter' are almost non stop booked until end of June 2017 . We are still hopeful to find suitable 'house sits' down south after June. A big 'Thank you' for all the great opportunities your website has presented us with”

testimonial by Pam

“ Hi,  Thank you for the most wonderful service!  We have just returned from a 3 week worry free holiday in Vietnam knowing that our home was in the hands of the great Julie and Bill. They were the most perfect house sitters - our dogs didn't miss us at all - they were thoroughly spoilt and pampered.  Our house was clean and sparkly, the lawns mowed and a pile of wood chopped in readiness for our return. Thank you Julie and Bill - and Mindahome - we are thrilled and grateful and would recommend you to anyone without any hesitation.
See Julie and Bills profile:

testimonial by Barry and Christine

“ As you were good enough to give me some pointers I thought you may be interested in our progress with your site. We now are booked for a sit in Hervey Bay. Graham at Pt.Vernon 24 Th. May to24 Th Aug. We went to visit and they said they were so happy to have us. Great couple. Then Stephen at Narrawallee 2nd. Sept to18th. Oct. I have been talking to him and we get on great. He is even organising a group of fishermen and golfers to meet me. We have also said O.K. to a sit over Christmas in Bargara with 5 Cats and 2 dogs. So all going well. I am sure, as I get more on my site and some references from people we sit for we will just go from one to the other as we wish. Happy Mindahome Members ”

testimonial by Sylvia

“ Just wanted to say how much I love Mindahome. You guys do a first class job.  I recommend you to so many people.  I've had the best experience with the most wonderful animals and to me it's all about spreading the love. Just wanted to share that you have made me happy to be with wonderful animals - meet other terrific animal lovers and of course save money too. See.... What a fabulous thing you do. I hope your proud.  Nearly. 10 years I see.”

testimonial by Pam J

“ Hello, I was away last weekend from Friday to Sunday & I had housesitters in to look after my little dog. They were fabulous & I got them off your site their names are John & Judy from Corryong, Victoria. I can fully recommend them as being honest, reliable housesitters. .”

testimonial by Wendy & Tony

“ Good Morning. Just wanted to give you a belated thank you for providing us with house sitters, Christine and Neil.  They house sat for us for over a month at the end of February whilst we were in South Africa . Unfortunately while we were away our precious dog Tickey (age 15) became very ill and in the end the vet could not save him.  We could not have looked after Tickey any better than Christine and Neil did – they went beyond the call of duty in helping him through his last few days with love and compassion.  We know this from the emails and telephone calls that past between us. When we arrived home Christine and Neil met us at the station and had cheese and wine waiting for us when we finally got back to our apartment after nearly 30 hours of travel.  On top of that Christine had a cooked casserole which was waiting for us in the fridge for the following day. We were not lucky, we were blessed, that Christine and Neil came into our lives, and plan to keep in touch with them as friends.
Sitters Christine and Neil's profile: https://mindahome.com.au/house-sitters-available/christine-and-neil-maybury.~6h4

testimonial by Diana L

“ Hi Sue & Mel The second time around I've had a house sitter through your website. Again I've been very happy with the service. Liz looked after my doggies as if they were her own left my home clean and tidy, the two darlings were bathed when I got home and seemed to have had a great time with Liz. Happy customer ”

testimonial by Deb J

“ Our hosts were lovely. Steph was a vet and Tony, retired looked after the property (which was no mean feat!) Tony showed us how to milk his goats, in itself not that spectacular but the Sheriff of Rodents was directly above me keeping a close eye out !”

testimonial by Sonia & Carl

“ Thankyou Mindahome for assisting in finding our wonderful house/pet sitter Julie.  Julie was reliable, capable and caring, our home and elderly cocker spaniel Smudge were both very well cared for and when we returned the house was immaculate and Smudge very happy.  Your site is very user friendly and we had the option of several house sitters taking all the worry away from leaving your home and pets.
Sitter Julies' profile: https://mindahome.com.au/house-sitters-available/just-like-home.~6yg

testimonial by Judy & John

“ Hi, we have just finished a lovely sit for Jill & Geoff. 10 weeks at their property in Toowoomba and had the most lovely poodle " Oscar " he was just gorgeous, settled with us straight away, couple of chooks 2 eggs a day, guinnie fowls, horses, little bit cool, but Geoff left us plenty of wood so we were nice & comfortable, we have a return date in August 2015. ..looking forward to that. Cheers”

testimonial by Niki M

“ Hi there Sue and Mel I have had some great times in my house-sits done over the years - some for friends all over this wonderful country of Oz . . These days I'm getting word-of-mouth jobs, and from people I have house-sat through your web site. I will be in Capel WA from three to six months! my name passed on by a house-sit gained from you in the same town, and just around the corner from them! so it will be good to have some neighbours, but no pets to look after which is what I love the most! I hope to try to walk their dog for them, put up a sign - just gotta walk the dogs!! My sister in Canning Vale, Perth, has boarding kennels for dogs, so I'm a dab hand at lovin' and caring for dogs. Cats are more independent, but love the too. Had birds and fish too. Thanks, I recommend your site to anyone who asks me about how to get house-sitters! ”

testimonial by Helen B

“ Recently I completed my first house sit and can only rave about the experience. The home owner, Leanne in Townsville, was so generous allowing me to use her car and, during the two day overlap before she left on her holiday she introduced me, gave me a familiarisation tour of the city and intros to her family and friends so I had plenty of support if needed ... certainly a comforting feeling. The home and pet were extremely low maintenance too. Thank you, Mindahome, for facilitating such a wonderful experience for me. And special thanks to Leanne.”

Helen B HB

“ Hi to Mindahome, we have just had our first experience with a sitter and have been extremely pleased. It was with some hesitation that we decided to look into this sitting business but after meeting Robyn and seeing her with Oliver we felt more comfortable about everything. On our return the house was clean and tidy and Oliver was not as stressed as he has been when having to stay elsewhere. Many thanks to Mindahome and Robyn for a very positive first time experience. House sitter Robyn's Mindahome profile: https://mindahome.com.au/house-sitters-available/robyn.3896.html

testimonial by Leanne A

“ Thank you Mindahome! Through this website, I was able to go away and leave my home and cat safely and securely in the hands of my wonderful, fantastic housesitter, Helen. I could not have asked for a better, kinder, more reliable housesitter than Helen. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend her for any housesitting jobs she may choose to do in the future. Just as long as she's available for my next trip! Thank you also for the House Sitting Guide. I was able to download this wonderful, comprehensive guide and edit it so that it was appropriate for my particular situation. Again, many thanks. ”

testimonial by Maree and Guy

“ Hi Sue & Mel, absolutely love the website, I joined in December 2013 as a Home Owner looking for someone to look after our house & pets for 63 days while we travelled America. We found a lovely couple Pamela & Chris we had the pleasure of them coming and staying with us a few days before needed so we got to know them and they got to know our pets before we drove away for the next 10 weeks. We keep in constant contact via emails and Facebook while we were away also, so peace of mind knowing that everything back home was ok. I'm in the process of finding someone to look after house/pets for a week this time in August and have already have someone interested. As of tonight we (myself and hubby) have decided that we would like to actually do the house sitting ourselves along with our teenage kids. The main reason is the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter that the kids will be off doing their own thing and we will have more time to get into travelling around our own country, also we want to involve the kids in the house sitter lifestyle so once they become independent living that house sitting can be an option for them. I'm hoping for a very successful house sitting experience with Mind a Home, I have highly recommended your website.”

testimonial by Neal and Helen

“ Neal and I house sit in the Adelaide area each summer and have house sat/pet minded all over the place - suburbs and rural, had 2 horses, huge variety of dogs all shapes and sizes (all of whom we have fallen in love with), cats, chooks, fish and of course gardens.  At one house sit we had 2 Rottweilers, 1 Rotty/ridgeback cross and 1 staffy in a very small house and they all lived inside.  Another time we looked after 2 glorious dogs, who were both on special diets and meds in the Adelaide Hills.  I had to share the bed for 4 weeks with one of the dogs as that was how he normally slept, so our bed we shared.  He was a gentleman, and had a hilarious habit of falling out of bed when rolling over every now and then (he was a Hungarian Vitzler, with very long legs).  Neal had to sleep on our camp bed. We've had the pleasure of looking after such wonderful animals and lovely families and look forward to doing the same this coming summer.”

testimonial by Susan L

“ This is the second year of pet sitting in Australia. I am a volunteer in a Spanish dog rescue. This I have done for 9 years. We have many adoptions to Germany and Holland. Last year I sat for 1 month in Perth over Christmas. This year a 2 week cat sit over Christmas and immediately to the same house as last year for a month. My last sit is next week in Perth for 6 cats. 2 need medicine and this I do at our rescue centre in Spain. I have only to stay 6 nights in a hotel before back to UK/Spain. This makes 2 months in your Summer with animals and no hotel expense. Well recommended.”

testimonial by Lachlan & Victoria

“ We have used this site twice and been very impressed both times at the ease, security advice, choice of house/cat sitter (28 replies with 4 days!) & standard of replies. Fantastic service. We had peace of mind and a sitter met and chosen within a week? Many thanks for such a brilliant service.”

testimonial by Claudia & Fred

“ Dear Mel and Sue, I would just like to say thank-you for such a wonderful job you do assisting people like my husband, Fred, and I find brilliant House Minders. We have been fortunate to have a very able couple mind our house for us while we went overseas for six weeks last year - Joy and Dennis. They had the task of not only taking care of our 4 1/2 acre property at Mount Best in South Gippsland ... but also the responsibility of looking after our ten month old Australian Shepard Puppy - very lively and demanding of attention and our three cats. Well the pusses fell in love with them at first sight and were well pampered with lots of cuddles and our dog had the best of times romping round the garden with their gorgeous Labrador, Lulu. We came home to a spotless house and beautifully cared for furries.  And as they're still staying in Foster until the end of May we continue to see them socially. We couldn't recommend them more highly to others in search of a terrific couple for House Minding. Thanks once again.”

testimonial by Apeetha A

“ You should know that (as no doubt many of us tell you constantly): I truly appreciate Mindahome. It is tremendously important to me to go to India each year even if only for two months and it is invaluable to know that a house-sitter from Mindahome will be here while I am away to take good care of the gorgeous cats who live with me and the plants in the garden. Cats are independent and the garden well nurtured by Melbourne's graceful weather, but comforting to know a house sitter will be here. May all go well with all of you there behind the scenes.”

“ Good morning, we love Mindahome and have been blessed with meeting some wonderful people and looking after so many beautiful animals (pets). The Mindahome website is easy to navigate, and our enquiries are always promptly responded to. Thanks Sue & Mel for such a terrific service.”

testimonial by Ian & Stella M

“ We've been with Mindahome since June 2009 and have found your service to be excellent.  It would be hard to pick a favourite sit.   We have had some wonderful places, ranging from a sheep farm in the foothills of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, to a house in Mosman with panoramic views over the Outer Harbour to the Heads, to a gorgeous house on the banks of the Nerang River overlooking Surfers Paradise, to inner city cottages in Melbourne and Adelaide.  Perhaps what we have enjoyed the most has been meeting so many charming people and looking after so many different pets, with their many different traits and personalities.”

Ian & Stella M - Victoria Millers
testimonial by Brian and Raakel S

“ Hey guys just want to say thanks for a great experience we had recently in Bunbury WA house sitting for a lovely couple and their shy putty cat. We had a tremendous holiday in a beautiful part of Australia.”

testimonial by Maggie R

“ Thank you so much for what you do ! You offer the best service, and we have been very lucky finding suitable people to help mind our pets and home while we holiday, stress free. And in this new era of the sharing economy and sustainability, does it ever make sense to have people make use of an empty house, while taking care of pets. So, thank you!”

testimonial by Denise K

“ Hi, I just wanted to say I love your service and find it very easy to use.   We have had Malcolm and Janet stay twice and have had no issues whatsoever.  Our cat misses them when they go and the place is left spotless!!  Although some people may be a little unsure about having strangers come and stay, we have had no issues whatsoever.  Denise House sitters Malcolm and Janets Mindahome profile: https://mindahome.com.au/house-sitters-available/malcolmDen-janet.5706.html

testimonial by Sandra D

“ We have just returned from Europe after using Mindahome for the first time. I was rather apprehensive but after meeting Liz and Myles, our sitters of choice, we set off quite happily. Our home was clean and welcoming when we got back, our dog was bathed and relaxed and our chickens had started laying eggs! We love this service and have just today confirmed our new sitters for the Christmas holidays. Thank you for such a great resource!!”

testimonial by Judy & Wilf

“ Kelly and Adam house and dog sat for us Feb March 2015. We were delayed a few days and they were happy to extend their sit for us. What a lovey energetic couple they were. Even mowed the lawns. They have headed off to Exmouth and then over the top. I have no hesitation in recommending these guys if they are coming your way. Thanks Mindahome for your great service.”

“ Hi - I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your site. I only found it 2 days ago and placed (with a bit of trepidation having never used strangers to look after my house and dog !) our ad and within 24 hours I had organised everything with a great family who replied to our ad. I have been stressing for a week or 2 about how to find someone so your site has been incredibly useful! We had several inquiries on day one and all sounded great so I can now look forward to going away in the future and not having the worry or extra expense of finding a dog minder or kennel! Great result - thank you ”

Lesley H - Byron Bay NSW
testimonial by Megan, Lawrence & Missy

“ We have recently had our first Mindahome experience of 10days at Howden, Tasmania on an idyllic acreage water view property. Our care included numerous animals (horse, chickens, rabbit - now with a family of little ones!), + 2 dogs, Charlie & Lucy. Owners were agreeable for us to also have our own Missy dog X Shitsu. The dogs quickly 'set their boundaries' with each other & ALL went very smoothly. Thank you to the family for giving us this opportunity. We definitely wish to plan more Mindahome positions.”

testimonial by Kathy

“ Thank you Mindahome for letting us find Erica & David, they were wonderful looking after our garden & home. We got back from our holiday & our home was perfect as we left it, they were so friendly & easy to get to know. David has a great scence of humour I loved it, & Erica was such a caring Lady . We have no trouble giving them an excellent testimonial anyone who has them in their home will not be disappointed. Thank You.”

testimonial by Carol & Chris

“  As house sitters, we are delighted with the service offered by Mindahome compared to other sites we used previously. The number of sits available is great. Since registering in December 2014 we have already had several offers of house sits and look forward to many more!!!  Thank-you. ”

testimonial by Trish and Don

“ Hello Mind A Home. We would like to highly compliment your house and pet sitters Regina and Harvey for their recent care of both our home and our very dear dog, Lolita. It was our first experience with Mind A Home and they guided us through the process, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome for each of us. There is certainly a lot to consider and to document, to ensure a smooth stay and to cover a range of potential situations. Very well worth the effort and to be able to leave our beloved pet in her own environment with extra good care. Regina and Harvey arranged to meet us well before we left for our 4 week holiday, to go through our requirements etc, get to know Lolita, a feel for our house, where everything was kept and how the electrical items worked. They kept in regular contact during our absence and despite the cold and rainy weather, managed to keep Lolita happy with her daily walks. We returned to a smiling animal and a neat and tidy home. Our sincere thanks to you at Mind A Home for introducing us and ensuring an absolutely worry free and most enjoyable holiday. Regina and Harvey are fabulous. Warm wishes. Trish and Don”

testimonial by E.M.W

“ Thanks for your prompt reply. The house sitters whom I sent a recommendation for, Julie and Murray, have just informed me that they've received my recent review. I take this opportunity to also thank Mind-A-Home for the wonderful and invaluable service it is extending to families intending to go on a vacation. Your website has really been a great help - well set up and organised, with a clear and uncluttered format, and a list of well-screened and very professional house - sitters. Well done, and more power to Mind-A-Home! Hubby and I will definitely recommend it to family and friends.”

testimonial by Hamish

“ Hey g'day there Sue & Mel, Thought to send a quick thank you reply to the warm email sent recently. I've only joined MAHome and already on my first 'assignment', as I type away! Just thought to share with you how wonderful this idea is, and just how great the experience is helping not only myself - but the home / dog owners now on holiday. Hope you both have a great holiday / time off for the NYE also.”

Hamish - Melbourne, Vic H
testimonial by Cimone and Merv

“ My husband Merv and I are absolutely thrilled with the inundated offers to pet-sit. We joined at the end of May and have been booked up ever since. It really was the BEST $49 ever spent. The quality of home owners you have attracted have been A-mazing and the adventures we have had has been life-changing.”

testimonial by Des and Carol

“ Just a short note to thank you for sourcing a person to housesit our home. We had engaged someone who was a disaster and eventually left after a couple of weeks. We were interstate at the time and contacted your site to source another. Well we hit the jackpot, our new sitter (male) was just finished in Sydney, and travelled to us in north Queensland to be here to take over, as he was an ex North Queenslander he knew the area. He looked after our house for over 4 months, gave us regular updates, handled all details in a very professional manner, caring for our gardens, hedge trimming, lawns , vegetable garden , fruit trees, ornamentals etc. He organised mail and obtained any necessary requirements on our behalf for weed control, a new hedge trimmer, fuel, garden waste disposal and so on. We have never met the man, but feel like we know him as a friend. He had to reluctantly leave for another job a few days before our return as he wanted to meet us to see if everything was ok. Well to say ok was to totally understate what awaited us, our house yard looked like a 5 star resort, beautifully mowed, edges trimmed, gardens totally weed free and looking great, our fruit trees had grown beautifully. Next was our house, talk about perfection, absolutely nothing was out of place, everything was spotless, fresh mats on the floors, windows all cleaned, kitchen appliances on doilies, fridge and pantry beautifully laid out, flowers strategically located, and to top it off a bottle of scotch to celebrate our homecoming. In the garage all equipment was cleaned and tidily laid out with the applicable accessories beside them, it was like a display in Bunnings. Having a person of this calibre made our trip so much more enjoyable, not having concerns as to what may await us on our return, as we had friends call in and assured us this man was spot on with everything he did and a hell of a nice guy as well. In our wildest dreams we could not envisage such professionalism as Zeb displayed, we hope to catch up with him soon to personally thank him. As he is about 1.5 hours away at present. Thanks again Des and Carol”

testimonial by Sam & Dan

“ Dear Mindahome, I'd like to express our thanks for putting us in touch with a lovely couple by the name of Daniel & Andrea who minded our pets and home on the Sunshine Coast during January of this year. From the first point of contact they were very easy to deal with and friendly, and were also flexible in agreeing to come and housesit a day earlier than planned due to a last minute change in arrangements. With three mischievous goats, a dog, chickens and fish to care for, they certainly had their work cut out for them! When we returned, the house was left in a great condition and all the pets seemed very happy and well cared for. We would be delighted to have them back to mind our home and pets again when we next go away, and have already recommended them, and the Mindahome service to our friends. Thanks again”

Sam & Dan - Diddillibah Qld
testimonial by Yvonne and Michael

“ Hi Guys: We are contacting you to let you know we have bought ourselves a house in Innisfail, Far North Queensland so won't be house sitting for a while. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your company and you have been great in supplying a variety of places for us. They have all been special and we still keep in touch with our house-sit people. We have made may friends and returned to the same places a few times. We have recommended your services to people we have met, both travellers and house owners. We now have our new house and large dog and was asked what we were going to do if we wanted to go away. "Contact Mindahome, of course!" Thank you so much for the wonderful experiences you have made possible. Cheers, Yvonne and Michael”

testimonial by Jim & Marea

“ Good morning, It is with much pleasure to send you this message. As first time users of your site for Sitters. We had the most amazing sitters Brett & Kathryn to mind our Home and our much loved little Furbabies. On our return.. our home was immaculate, as we are very fussy people.. our lawns were kept just as well. There was not a thing to be done on our return. It even too our little dogs awhile to get used to us being back home.. that says a lot also for how well they loved Brett & Kathryn. and show they were well looked after. We would highly recommend Brett & Kathryn for House sitting. We are having them come back in March . Thank you”

testimonial by Sheree

“ We're from the UK and have just returned from spending 2 months in Australia, where we are happy to report we had a very lovely 2.5week housesit secured through Mindahome. We are over the moon to have found Mindahome and have done nothing but rave about the whole experience.  Not only did it enable us to stay in a wonderful property, we made great friends with both the pets and owners.”

Sheree - London, United Kingdom

“ This video was provided by one of our happy home owners from New South Wales. Lilly the dog and cats Toby and William have been well taken care of by Mindahome house sitters.  ”

Claire - NSW
testimonial by Unita

“ Have just finished 3 months away housesitting and have found this an exciting experience also giving me time to visit my family in 2 states. I normally travel between May and July each year for a break from Tasmania and have found this most enjoyable meeting nice people and some beautiful pets. Thanks for your site making it possible.”

Unita - Tasmania

“ I am writing to enquire about deleting my ad as I have found a house sitter! I would like to thank you for a quick and easy posting system it was a joy to use.”

testimonial by Jeanette & Vaughan

“ Thankyou Mindahome for assisting in finding a wonderful sitter Renee. Renee was a reliable,capable & caring for both our home & elderly timid cat Tommy. Both were very well cared for & when we returned the house was immaculate & Tom very happy. Renee over the month we were away often sent photo’s of Tom being very very spoilt. On our return Tom was reluctant to return to his old ways after being so spoilt.”

testimonial by Gail

“ We have just returned from a 10 day getaway during which Bernie and Di took the best care of our home, garden and cat. I cannot recommend this lovely couple highly enough. I am really appreciative of how easily operable Mindahome is! It's a fantastic site and I really like the way you alert people who have indicated our location in their preferences. That makes it so simple. Thank you for a wonderful service.”

“ I have almost completed a house sit of six weeks in Perth for Carey W.  This was my first house sit and it has been excellent.  I have loved taking care of the house and the dogs and the cats....I had three dogs and five cats to look after - and it has been fascinating getting to know and understand them.  My son lives close by so it has been a win win situation!!  Thank you so very much for putting me in contact with my House sit.  I will certainly use your site again in the future.  I leave at the weekend to stay in the city and say goodbye to Perth and my new found friends and my Son of course - sadly - on Tuesday.  What memories I am taking back to England with me??? ”

Vivien P

“ What a wonderful service!  Published an ad on Friday and by Sunday had fixed up a sitter for next year.  Thanks so much (again!) - peace on mind for us when we holiday.  Can't wait for my husband to retire so that we can become sitters and use your wonderful service in reverse!!  Cheers”

Pam - Strathalbyn SA
testimonial by Mary H

“ I placed a wanted advert on your site as my regular sitter let me down at short notice. I was amazed at the responses and could have used a few of the applicants. Yikes! I had to choose! Something I didn't expect to have to do!  I would certainly use your site again and recommend your services in fact I already have told a friend. Thank you so much:)”

Mary H - Mandurah WA
testimonial by Sally

“ Fantastic!! I was left in the lurch with only a few days notice for someone to sit for me from Boxing Day. I wasnt hopeful, but through your site I have met a lovely family of six with four extremely well behaved and polite children, all of who my dog adores. She is going to wish I go away more often.”

Sally - Bassendean WA

“ Hi Mindahome We ran our add for a house sitter only a few days ago and a lovely couple turned up here today being just perfect. They're sitting for us for two months over Christmas so we can have a break. Unbelievable! Thank you guys so much!”

Paul & Mel J - QLD
testimonial by Patricia

“ Thank you for this wonderful site for House-sitters. Although most of my house-sitting over the past 2 years was for family and friends I did have a couple of house-sitting positions through your site during that time. I found the whole process was simple, straightforward and effective. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!”

testimonial by Anthony

“ Hi Mindahome, having just returned from our holiday in Europe, we cannot recommend our "Mindahome found" house and pet sitters Lorraine and Joe highly enough. On our return, we found the house and garden absolutely immaculate, and two very very happy labradors!   Joe had kept the swimming pool in excellent condition even buying an essential spare part for the pool cleaner and repairing it. This was the second time that we found our sitters through Mindahome and, in each instance, the service provided has been excellent. ”

testimonial by Eva & Les

“ Dear Mindahome, We just returned from our holiday after 11 weeks. Our House sitters were wonderful, hard workers and honest. I would like to thank you for a great site, and thank and recommend our house sitters Michael and Paula. They looked after a big property, lots of alpacas and a few guinea fowls. ”

testimonial by Dale & Cathryn R

“   Hello Mel and Sue. We have only been back for 1 week and we have a 13 week house sit on the Gold Coast at Mermaid Beach in a million $ home with a pool and no maintenance. I cannot believe that you still only charge $49.00 per annum. If you put it up to $100.00 per annum, I for one would not complain. Great site. Thanks again. ”

testimonial by Patrick B

“ After 50 years I suddenly was a Widower. After an initial pause I found Mindahome and the opportunities you presented and I am so pleased I took you on. I have found over these past years that I have been able to meet so many people who after repeat visits to their farms and homes, have become friends. I have enjoyed animal company in the past with my own dogs, but here I found a much wider animal community which have given a purpose. I love working farms and domestic sits. Mindahome was the avenue to these places and I have not failed to be welcomed and I treat the property as my own so that is how the mutual respect has grown. Thank you Mindahome I will stay with you as long as I can.”

Patrick B - Mornington Vic.

“ We are the people from Port Douglas, who needed a house sitter. We put in an ad at your website. The next day we were contacted by a couple who seem perfect. Thank you for your excellent service. Kind regards,”

Frieda - QLD

“ Thanks for the reminder. I have now resubscribed to Mindahome for another 12 months. Your system works as we have secured two housesits totalling 15 months from the end of June 2011. Thanks for providing a great service.”

Ric & Maxine T
testimonial by MareeNGreg

“ We just wanted to let you know that since joining membership with mindahome.com.au (only a few months ago) we have had ongoing bookings. Our initial reason for joining was to help others where we could and to also continue living the lifestyle we enjoy while travelling and working within and around Brisbane/Qld. Our businesses are set up that they help others reclaim time and allowing them to outsource their to-do’s including home maintenance and repairs, having them to also enjoy the lifestyle they desire in travelling away from home. It sure is a win-win for everyone! Thank you and congratulations to you on your achievements.”

testimonial by Judy & John

“ Hi Mel & Co. Just a message to wish you all Very Merry Xmas, we are spending our xmas at Dunowran near Hervey Bay, Our home owners have gone on a holiday to New Zealand for 3 Months, We are minding their beautiful Boxer cross rescue dog, she is an absolute delight. These people are friends of people whom we have sat for on 3 previous occasions, and going back to their home June & July, they also have a staffy Sheeba, and she greets us each time very excited to see us, Most of our sits now are word of mouth, so we don't have to do much, thank you for your Mindahome Sits. Judy & John”

“ We have just returned from a wonderful holiday, and can’t thank our house sitters Rob and Cheryl enough!!  They came to our home to meet us a few weeks ago, and we felt they were the right people for the job!  They had a genuine caring attitude towards us and our animals and home.  We have a dozen or so chooks, fish, a cat and a dog that just turned 18months old (so a puppy really!)  We left for our holiday feeling very comfortable that our treasured pets and home were in good hands.  We received regular updates from Rob and Cheryl on how everything was going, which was wonderful!  They walked our dog regularly, which we really appreciated. They had cleaned the leaves out of the pool (a big ongoing job here!) and taken very good care of everything.  They even nursed a couple of the chooks back to good health by applying betadine on sores for us!  We would definitely have them back again, and would highly recommend them to anyone needing a house sitter! ”

testimonial by Ita & Andrew

“ Hi Mel and Sue, Wanted to say Mindahome is the best. Since we joined  last year we have met many lovely people, their beautiful pets and the diverse environments through our house sits.  We always get exited when we get a message for a sitting, looking forward to see more of Australia and meeting new people and their beautiful pets. Kindest regards ”

testimonial by Cathy

“ Hi Sue and Mel, I have a couple of chooks and live on my own. My neighbours are fantastic but I don't like to ask them to do more than they already do, so I found Mindahome and tried it out. My first sitters were a couple from near Geelong. They were amazing - when I got home, the house had been cleaned inside and out (with a pressure cleaner!). The lawn was mown and the vegetable garden was planted. I was so impressed I raved to my friends about this couple - they now house sit for multiple friends of mine, and I can't get them! Since then, I've used Mindahome on a number of occasions, each time with great success. My last sitter was fabulous too, he even cleaned the chook pen which was definitely not part of the job description! Many people ask if I hide the valuables, and don't I worry about having strangers in my home? I talk about being able to check references, and about the success I have had with housesitters. It's peace of mind knowing the house, and most importantly animals, are taken care of. I know I will come back and my only problem will be sorting the mail. I cannot recommend house sitting, and Mindahome, highly enough. ”

Cathy - Warragul, Vic
testimonial by Lyn & Don M.

“ Mindahome has become a regular and welcome email in our morning mailbox. It's amazingly varied in its opportunities, and very careful in its screening. Furthermore the membership fees are reasonable. Basically we've found one or two regular owners that have proved special and we've been landslided with offers that we wish we could fulfil. Lovely people and great venues. Occasionally we see optimistic advertisements (in effect "slaves wanted") but they're an amusement and I'd imagine attract no response. We'll remain with Mindahome because, after trying most if not all of them, it's proved the best by far for our requirements and at a fair cost. Highly recommended. ”

“ We placed an ad for a housitter at Jimboomba Qld today and within hours of the ad appearing we had a positive reply and have now engaged the services of a housesitter. The ladies name is Janice and although we have not met her yet, she seems just the person we are after. Many thanks for a great service and this is the 2nd time we have used Mindahome and we are very happy. Again many thanks.”

Marie & Tom P - Jimboomba Qld
testimonial by Kerrie and Jeff

“ Hello, we have just returned from a two week holiday in Vietnam and had our home and large dog looked after by Your Perfect Carers, Beverley and Greg. They went out of there way to come over from Victoria to Adelaide at short notice. We could not be happier, the house, garden and of dog where well cared for and we would not hesitate to recommend this couple and thank them so much for all their help. Kerrie and Jeff”

“ We have just had Dave and Sue mind our home for a week and we cannot sing their praises highly enough.  They minded our property beautifully, took excellent care of our Staffie, Sophie and even prepared a lovely homecoming meal for us.  They certainly went above and beyond and didn't only maintain our 5 acre property but improved it. We returned to mown lawns, driveways blown, a spotless pool, home and tennis court and a very happy do.  This is the first time we have used Mindahome and we are totally sold!  What a fantastic service.  Many thanks.”

“ Hello to all at Mindahome, Just a note to express how impressed we are by your site. We only joined early this year & have had 5 very enjoyable housesits in Queensland, we have met some lovely people with such nice pets. We plan to continue to tour around this magnificent country minding pets & homes as we go, minding the pets is such a bonus as we love them all!  Cheers, Leonie & Don.”

“ Thank you for your service,we have just completed our first house sit at Howard Springs Nt. A great experience taking care of Lissy and Ruby lovely dogs of the home owners. Leonie and Mark were great allowing us to have visitors over. We were so grateful to them for allowing us the first time experience of house sitting with their lovely four legged family and four chooks. Thanks to you all.  Lissy and Ruby are missed already as I don't need to be walked to day girls! Thank you all . Anne and Glenn House sitters Mindahome profile: https://mindahome.com.au/house-sitters-available/glennanne.5190.html

testimonial by Aqua & Adam

“ Hi Sue and Mel! My hubby and I needed housesitters for the month of November to take care of our four legged children.  We had so many replies to our ad (must have been the photo I added of our puppy!), and ended up hitting it off big time with Kaylene and Alf  - they were the first couple we interviewed and just clicked - they had a wonderful time staying in our area (East St Kilda), and an awesome time with our little 'Buddie'.  They texted me every few days to let me know how he was and when we got back, the house was as clean as we had left it and Buddie was sorry to see them go (but very happy we were home).  I can't recommend them more to your clients - what genuinely lovely people!  We have continued to remain friends after the fact which is just fantastic - I will definitely be calling on them again in the future.  Thanks again - the peace of mind made our trip even better! ”

“ Hi Mindahome, I have just renewed our subscription and wanted to take the opportunity to say how pleased we are with the service! I am always raving about Mindahome to others. Our experiences so far have been overwhelmingly positive -lovely people and pets in a variety of places.  We have only done 3 stints so far over about 3 years but this is what suits us.  We have had to knock back a surprising number of offers - if only we had more time......  our only bad experience was having our car broken into in Perth in the drive way of the house, and that could be put down to the naivety of country people not putting the car in the yard!! Thanks again ”

Dorothy V - Victoria Empty Nesters
testimonial by Leann

“ Just wanted to provide some feedback in relation to your service. I am a first time user and have found it very easy to use and really appreciated the house sitting guide, very valuable tool. I look forward to the experience, Thanks  ”

Leann - Beenleigh, Qld
testimonial by Gordon J

“ Thank you very much for you help . I would like to thank your team for all their help since I joined last year.I have told heaps of people about your services and my finding Lorna on your site . I have given Mindahome my highest recommendation to them.Many thanks”

testimonial by Eric

“ Through you we were LUCKY enough to have Kathy and Patrick apply and then house sit for us from 23rd July to 4th Nov. It is impossible to express our delight with this couple, they exceeded our expectations as well as exceeding our hopes. Being very friendly and pleasant they also had our home in a spotless condition as well as having our garden looking far better than we could originally imagine. Not only this but we were welcomed back with hot scone etc. Then when unpacking into the fridge was a beautifully prepared salad with the seasoned sliced meat already prepared. We hoped for but never expected that we could be lucky enough for a couple like this.”

testimonial by Garry & Deborah R

“ We would like to congratulate Mindahome on the process that is in place.  We have been members only for about three months.  Since joining, we now have five property sits (acreage specialists) with two here in Tasmania and three consecutive sits over five months in Victoria from 24th may.  It has been necessary to decline a further seven applications during this time from property owners as their dates clash with our sitting commitments - most have asked can they contact us for later bookings.  We are very pleased to have selected Mindahome as our sitting provider.”

testimonial by Morag & Geoffrey

“ Would very much like to thank you for helping us on a new adventure.  House/pet sitting.  What an experience, from the very first email, to the numerous phone calls we were overwhelmed.  The first clients made us feel like home, the dogs we just fell in love with them.  The venue fantastic, need I say anymore.  Now to our next sit, we have already met the clients, most welcoming and the gorgeous dog.  Looking forward to that and of course many more.  Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts.”

“ Thank you for an amazing site. We have just returned home after almost a month away. Our house/pet sitter who we found on your site, did a wonderful job & is a delightful lady we would recommend highly.  ”

Trish & Rol - Royal Park, SA

“ Just letting you know that I have renewed my subscription for another 12 months. Your system has worked well for us. We have had enough sits to keep us happy and have had to say no to more than we expected!”

Margaret T
testimonial by Erwin & Veronika

“ Having just returned from our long holiday (4 months) overseas, we wish to thank Mindahome and especially Raelene and Brad with their lovely boys who looked after our home, large garden and friendly German Shepherd dog. They did a fantastic job, taking care of everything. We highly recommend the family without any reservation. We also wish to congratulate Mindahome for their great concept, making it all possible. Erwin & Veronika”

testimonial by Alison

“ I had never heard of this site when a friend recommended it after I’d had a nasty experience with a private sitter, and like most people I was apprehensive about having a stranger in my home. My experience on two occasions now with two different Mindahome sitters has been so easy and stress free that the hardest part has been disappointing so many applicants. (My first sitter has a regular booking in July next year which shows she’s loyal as well as having a good reputation. My next sitter? Well, my cats came out to meet her – that’s endorsement enough!). ”

Alison - Erindale Adelaide
testimonial by Linda & Allan S

“ Hello to all, We have just had the most marvellous experience with our house sitters, Paul and Jacky, and their lovely daughter Joanna, who came to mind our home and dogs all the way from Hobart. We were able to go on holiday overseas, knowing that the dogs (and the house) were very happy. Paul and Jacky even cleaned my (embarrassingly excessively dirty) car. It was such a privilege having such wonderful people living in our home. Thank you to Paul, Jacky and Joanna, and to Mindahome. ”

Linda & Allan S - Alligator Creek Townsville Qld Lake Eildon, Victoria
testimonial by Michael

“   I'm pleased to have been a house-and-pet-sitter with Mindahome for almost one year. As I write these lines I am in my 5th house-sit, caring for 5 adorable cats, 5 chickens and 2 geese over the next 6 weeks! Joining Mindahome last year fulfilled a dream I had some years earlier. I have always loved cats and dogs, providing them the quality time and attention which they enjoy and appreciate. During the past year I have had some memorable experiences, mostly in Tasmania with two in New South Wales and one in Melbourne. I look forward to continuing my association with this highly reputable home-owner and house-sitter network! Much more information about Michael at this blog post: https://mindahome.com.au/blog/house-sitting-is-a-dream-come-true-for-michael/

testimonial by Regards Sue O'D

“ Hello Mindahome, I had a very successful house minding experience in a lovely house in Hawthorne Brisbane for 5 weeks. The owner very kindly lent me a car and I was able to visit my grand children nearly every day.  ”

Regards Sue O'D - Queensland

“ I just wanted you to know that this evening we spoke with the owner of the property at Woorooloo and are hopefully meeting with them in the next few days. They sound fabulous and are English the same as ourselves. Even if it doesn't work out in the end, I just wanted to thank you so very much for giving us such a helpful and positive experience. We've only been members for a few weeks!”

Vanessa A
testimonial by Ivana K

“ It was a pleasure to have Christine and Warren as house sitters. They are very kind, friendly, responsible and clean. And our Bernie cat found his new friends, I believe. I actually asked them for a help with Bernie twice as it was such a good experience the first time. After coming back home I really felt home the moment I stepped in :)”

testimonial by Marlene and Col

“ Thank you Mind a home for your wonderful website. We have just returned from a three week holiday and was fortunate to find the perfect house and cat sitter. Terry (Kiwi Angler) using your website. At our request Terry arrived a little earlier to check out our 2 cats, Coco and Sunny (indoor ragdolls). We were amazed how both the cats went straight up to Terry as we have only had these rescue cats for 6 months and they are both shy animals. We were very happy to receive updates and photos of the cats regularly and because of this we knew the animals were in very capable hands. Because of a delay on our return Terry agreed to stay an extra day and when we arrived home all was in order just as we had left everything. We would have no hesitation in recommending Terry as a competent and caring house sitter and we would love to welcome him back into our house when we travel again. Many thanks again for your wonderful service. Marlene and Col, Coco and Sunny.”

testimonial by Isa

“ Hi Sue & Mel,  I just want to say thank you to all the lovely people who responded to my request for a house & cat  sitter in Lilli Pilli. Never having done this before, I was unsure of how it would work, but had a recommendation from a friend who uses your site as a sitter. The responses were amazingly quick and effortless. Any of the people who responded, I'm sure, would have been perfect for the position. Thanks for a wonderful service.”

testimonial by Kate S

“ We would like to thank Mindahome for such an excellent website where we found our house-sitters Richard and Jo. They are such a lovely couple and cared for our pets and our house as if they were their own. Our house was spotless on our return and our 2 dogs and cat were obviously 'in love' with their new friends! We cannot speak highly enough of Richard and Jo and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Thanks again.”

testimonial by Ted

“ Thank you Mindahome. Last Saturday 11/01/2014 at about 6.45am I placed an ad with you. I got a reply at 9.05am had the interview over coffee at the shopping centre and as a result I had house sitter by 11am. Once again thank you. ”

Ted - Gordenvale Queensland
testimonial by Joanna S

“ Dear Admin Staff I just want to let you know that I will no longer be needing to house sit. Many thanks for your service.  It has been a good experience. I think your agency is one of the best in Australia. I very much appreciated the daily update on email of the new listings. Also your site was really easy to use. Kind regards and all the best in 2014 ”

Joanna S

“ Dear Mel & Sue, Thank you for your Mindahome site and the professional way you present and maintain it. This is the third time we have used your site and our pet/house sitters have been great - lovely people who it is a pleasure to meet. We have highly recommended your site to our friends as a result. Congratulations to both of you on a job well done. Kind Regards Ross & Denise”

testimonial by Christoph

“ I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Eileen and her daughter for house sitting appointments. After our first contact via email and phone, I invited both over to introduce them to the house and dogs. Eileen and her daughter are very friendly and accommodating and it was easy to develop trust that they would look caringly after everything in our absence. Once we had left, Eileen kept me informed about our 2 puppies via text messages. They were well looked after, with two walks per day, and even driven to our local park for a swim and a run - and settling them down for the night with their carrot (our dogs seem to be reincarnated rabbits)! It was truly relaxing to be on holiday, knowing that my house and my pets were being looked after. I know who I’ll call before our next trip!”

testimonial by Millie

“ Hello Sue and Mel. We have just returned from overseas and our housesitter (found via Mindahome website) was brilliant. She was professional, careful and caring of our pets, and the house and garden are in better condition than when we left it. We have 3 large fish tanks to be taken care of and all was perfect on our return.”

Millie - Wodonga, Vic
testimonial by Suzanne

“ Have had an ad for some few months and find this site to be GREAT! I did have a booking for some housesitters, but just this morning they had to cancell as their house in Tasmania has been vandelised and they need to return, BUT lo and behold last night I had an email from Brendan M., so hopped onto the computer and the phone (can't leave this to chance)...................made contact and now we have a house sitter without stopping to draw breath. This service is marvelous. Thank you so much.”

Suzanne - Clayton Bay SA
testimonial by Carol

“ When my daughter phoned me (here in the UK) just after midnight to tell me that the house sitters had informed her they needed to leave instantly my husband and I thought our holiday would be terminated ASAP. Thanks to your help in sending Grahame we were given breathing space to find a suitable substitute to take us to the end of the trip. So please accept my sincere gratitude for your quick action, and for sending such a kind and well-respected house sitter. I suspect our dogs will not want him to go...my daughter tells me they are taken to the beach - their favourite outing. With my very warm wishes to you and your staff at Mindahome ”

Carol - Murwillumbah NSW

“ Hello there. Thanks to Mindahome, we are now booked up until end of May. Thanks for this opportunity. We are getting a lot of direct emails asking us to sit and at least one has suggested we change our availability details to save them contacting us, so I did.”

Judith and Ken C