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House Sitting in Victoria is a Sure Win

Victoria is often referred to as Australia's Sporting Capital because of the many sports events held in the state. It's also a great state in which to find good house sitting assignments that can be both profitable and entertaining.

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Almost 6 million people live in Victoria which is highly urbanized, with almost 90% of the population living in cities and towns. There are more than 2 million homes in Victoria, most of them in the state capital Melbourne, and the major cities of Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton, Mildura, Warrnambool, and Wodonga.

Melbourne, Australia's second most populous city, is the financial capital of the Asia-Pacific region. It has been ranked among the most liveable cities in the world and is renowned for entertainment, tourism and sports, among other things. With more than 5 million inhabitants, Melbourne has the fastest-growing population in Australia.

If you want a bird's-eye view of Melbourne, go to the Eureka Tower in Southbank, the tallest of the six tallest buildings of Australia, all found in Melbourne. The city is sometimes called Australia's Garden City, in a state once known as the country's Garden State. There are parks and gardens galore in Melbourne, with tree-lined avenues and landscaped pedestrian pathways.

Australian film and television, dance (think Melbourne Shuffle!), Australian football rules, and the country's oldest public art museum, the National Gallery of Victoria, all call Melbourne home. There are many fun-filled festivals in Melbourne throughout the year, like the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Moomba, the Melbourne Fringe Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

But it's sports that makes Melbourne stand out in the minds of most people. The city is host to the Australian Open, the Australian Grand Prix and the Melbourne Cup. It was twice named the “World's Ultimate Sports City” and is home to the National Sports Museum. Melbourne is considering bidding for the 2024 or 2028 Summer Olympics.

Found on the south coast of Victoria, Geelong is the state's second-largest city. With almost 200,000 people in almost 70,000 homes, it is the largest city in Australia that is not a state capital. Geelong has given birth to many famous bands and musicians, and hosts several festivals like the Royal Geelong Show.

Ballarat is Victoria's largest inland city. Located in the lower plains of the Great Dividing Range, it has almost 95,000 people and is noted for its history, culture and the Victorian era heritage it has carefully preserved.
Whether you're looking for a sophisticated urban setting or a quiet, historic location, Victoria is the state to go to for a rewarding house sitting assignment.