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House Sitter FAQ's

1. How does your service work?

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2. What duties are expected of the house sitter?

3. Am I sure of getting a House sitting job?

4. Do we get paid for House sitting?

5. Does the House sitter pay rent to the Home Owner?

6. Do I need Insurance?

7. Who pays for the utility costs (electricity, gas, etc)?

We have found that in most cases, for assignments lasting from a few days to over a month, the home owner usually  doesn't expect payment for use of utilities. However some home owners may require that a small payment be made for this purpose especially if it's a long term assignment. These things are negotiable between both parties.

8. Do you get long term House Sitting positions?

9. Can I mind a home with my pet?

10. Can I mind a home with my family?

11. How long does it take before a House Sitter can contact Home Owners?

12. I live outside Australia can I still join as a House Sitter?

13. What payment options do I have?

14. How do House Sitters contact Home Owners?

15. Do you send out renewal reminders?

16. Is there a disadvantage to being a first time House Sitter?

17. What is a Police Check and where can I get one?

18. Before I join can you contact a homeowner to see if their position is still available?

19. I'm young (19), will I get a sitting position?

20. Is the house-sitter allowed to take a break or holiday (even for the weekend)?

21. Will I need references?

22. I'm a sitter. How do I put an owner ad on?