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House Sitter FAQ's

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1. How does your service work?

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2. What duties are expected of the house sitter?

3. Am I sure of getting a House sitting assignment?

4. Do we get paid for House sitting?

5. Does the House sitter pay rent to the Home Owner?

6. Who pays for the utility costs (electricity, gas, etc)?

We have found that in most cases, for assignments lasting from a few days to over a month, the home owner usually  doesn't expect payment for use of utilities. However some home owners may require that a small payment be made for this purpose especially if it's a long term assignment. These things are negotiable between both parties.

7. Do you get long term House Sitting positions?

8. Can I mind a home with my pet?

9. Can I mind a home with my family?

10. How long does it take before a House Sitter can contact Home Owners?

11. I live outside Australia can I still join as a House Sitter?

12. What payment options do I have?

13. How do House Sitters contact Home Owners?

14. Do you send out renewal reminders?

15. Is there a disadvantage to being a first time House Sitter?

16. What is a Police Check and where can I get one?

17. Before I join can you contact a homeowner to see if their position is still available?

18. I'm young (19), will I get a sitting position?

19. Is the house-sitter allowed to take a break or holiday (even for the weekend)?

20. Will I need references?