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Nomadic & Responsible Animal Lovers

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Layla and Grant

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Age group:

36 to 45


Freelance Travel Writer & Gardener

Preferred locations:

NSW Sydney North, Sydney South, Sydney East, Sydney West and Blue Mountains
QLD Gold Coast

Current bookings:

11 Aug 18 Aug

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5 out of 5

More information about this house sitter

We are Layla & Grant.
We're experienced House-Sitters and Pet-Sitters. (We are in Sydney but moving to Gold Coast in next few days).

We are both 37, we work from home and are now house sitting in the Gold Coast. Before this we had been house sitting in Sydney for the last year & half (never lived in any Syd hot-spots).
We moved to Australia last year, from New Zealand, after house sitting there for 2 years.

(Note- We are not tourists/travellers, we have travelled in the past, but we live here now permanently (Grant is half Kiwi and I'm on a partner visa.
So you can rest assured, we take all our house sitting assignments seriously and commit to them. We lead a pretty quiet lifestyle, we work from home and are very conscientious).

***We were recently featured in the Sydney Daily Telegraph in a feature story about our international House Sitter life***.

Can't link to it here, so just google this phrase: layla and grant house sitters
to read the article. Or just message us and we'll send you the link :)

***We're full-time house sitters. We do a lot of repeat house sits and most from another house sitting website called Aussie House Sitters.
If you're unsure of our availability, just ask us, as there are two of us, we can quite often do overlaps or house sit separately. ***

We are both huge animal lovers and we both work from home, so your pets will never feel lonely or neglected whilst you are away, because we will always give them heaps of attention!

We lead a pretty quiet lifestyle, mostly we explore the local areas and hang out with the pets we look after.
We always include the pets in our daily activities as much as we can, so they don't feel too lonely whilst you're away.

We have owned and cared for Dogs & Cats, Kittens & Puppies, Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Exotic Turtles, Tropical Fish, Stick Leaf Insects, Chickens, Hedgehogs and Goats too.

We have lots of experience with taking care of many pets, mostly dogs & cats in particular.
Including puppies, dogs with anxiety &, dogs with bad recall, rescue dogs, rescue or "wild" cats, kittens, young very active dogs, elderly dogs with arthritis or severe illness and also pedigree cats and dogs.

We can also administer basic medications, such as tablets, ear or eye drops, administering allergy creams/pills and have cared for dogs who are terminally ill and who have had surgery.
We have successfully handled medical situations involving a dogs' claw splitting (requiring removal) and also a situation in which another dog had seizures.
We handled all these situations calmly and with experience and all pets were just fine.

Currently I work from home as an online freelance Travel Writer and I run a blog website.
Grant assists me with website work, plus he is also a Gardener and sometimes picks up part time gardening work. Which means he's great with garden and plant care.

And we're both experienced with swimming pool care & maintenance.
We're also both experienced taking care of lifestyle blocks including; caring for Chooks & Ducks, egg collecting, veggie composting, worm farm care, garden care, herb garden care and minor pest & weed control.

When we're not working, we both like; travel, culture, beaches, hiking, dog walking, movies and exploring local areas.


House-sitting assignments are a brilliant way for us to see the regions and local areas of a country.

I (Layla) am a freelance Travel Writer and run a travel blog, and Grant used to teach Outdoor Pursuits so travelling is our passion.
It's also a chance for us to immerse ourselves in the city/area so we can see the country/city as a local resident does - not just as a tourist does.

Grant is half Kiwi, and we are planning to live here permanently in Australia. So by house-sitting we get to explore the country and where in it, we might like to live.

And it's the perfect opportunity for us to save money, so we can use it to set ourselves up here in Australia.

Plus we can have that "pet fix" we love, we can't have our own pets until we settle somewhere, so it suits our current lifestyle.


We are very responsible, clean and respectful of people's belongings, their living space and privacy.
We understand this is your house you're trusting us with and we treat it as we'd want our property treated.

We're both very flexible and resourceful individuals, so we always endeavour to resolve any house maintenance problems whilst you're away and have it clean, tidy how you left it and happy pets, for you when you return home.

We are both non-smokers. We have both house-shared in various countries, both lived in a help exchange environment and we also have 5 years house-sitting/pet-sitting experience around the world.

We are also on Aussie House Sitters, Kiwi House Sitters and the global site Trusted House Sitters. Just search for our names if you'd like to see more references.


***Robina, Gold Coast, QLD - Garden & Pool Care - House - 3 weeks.***

***Dee Why, Northern Beaches, NSW - 1 x BullDog Cross Dog - 2 x Cats (1 x Ragdoll, 1 x DSH), 6 x Chooks - House & Lifestyle block with Pool - 2 weeks.***

***Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW - 1 x Catahoula/StagHound Cross Dog - House - 2 weeks.***

***Edgecliff, Sydney NSW - 1 x Corgi/Kelpie Cross Dog - House - 2 weeks.***

***Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW - 2 x Terrier Cross Dogs & 1 x Cat - Apartment - 2 weeks.***

***Randwick, Sydney NSW - 2 x Schnauzers (1 x elderly) - Apartment - 1 month.***

***Mosman, Sydney NSW - 3 x Cats (Siamese ) - House - 1 month.***

***Balmain, Sydney NSW - 1 x Dog (Siberian Husky ) - House - 1 month.***

***Greenwich, Sydney NSW - 1 x Dog (Italian Lagotta - 9 month old Puppy ), 1 x Cat - (Burmese), 6 x Chickens, 2 x Ducks, 1 x Beehive - House with lifestyle block - 1 week.***

***Lane Cove, Sydney NSW - 1 x Dog (Collie cross ) - House - 1 month.***

***Kensington, Sydney NSW - 2 x Dogs (King Charles Cavalier/Kelpie cross ) - Villa/Gated Property large House - 2 months.***

***Manly, Sydney NSW - 1 x Cat (Pedigree Cornish Rex ) - Apartment - 1 week.***

***Leichhardt, Sydney NSW - 1 x Dog (Rescue Dog - Staff Bull Terrier X) Puppy age - Cottage - 3 weeks.***

***Newtown, Sydney NSW - 1 x Dog (Rescue Dog - Kelpie/Coolie X - (10 month Puppy) - House - 1 month.***

***Drummoyne, Sydney NSW - 1 x Dog (Whippet mix) Elderly with cancer - Apartment - 1 week.***

***Parramatta, NSW, Australia - 2 x Dogs (Both Terrier mixes) and 1 x Cat - Townhouse - 7 weeks.***

***Mount Maunganui, New Zealand - 1 x Dog, (English Bull Terrier/Greyhound X) - 4 months ***

***Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 1 x Cat - 1 week***

***Koh Lanta, Thailand - 1 x Dog (Labrador) - 1 month***

***Bangkok, Thailand - 2 x Dogs (Fox Terriers) - 1 month***

***Mount Maunganui, New Zealand - 1 x Dog, (English Bull Terrier/Greyhound X) - 2 weeks ***

***Omanu Beach, New Zealand - 1 x Dog, (Kelpie X) - 1 week***

***Papamoa, Tauranga, NZ - 2 x Cats - Town house - 1 month***

***Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, NZ - 1 x Dog (Shar-Pei - Town House (brand new build) - 1 month***

***Mount Maunganui, New Zealand - 1 x Dog, (English Bull Terrier/Greyhound X) - 1 month - (Reference/endorsement available to view on profile)..***

***Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand - 1 x Dog, (Terrier/Westie X), 1 x Cat - House - 1 month - (Reference/endorsement available to view on profile)..***

***Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand - 2 x Cats - House - 3 days - (Reference/endorsement available to view on profile).***
***Perth, Western Australia - 1 x Dog (Japanese Spitz) - House - 3 weeks.***

***Beachhaven, Auckland, New Zealand - 2 x Dogs (Fox Terrier & Jack Russell) 1 x Kitten & 1 x Cat, 5 x Chickens - House - multiple duration's.(Reference/Endorsement available to view on profile).***

***Glendowie, Auckland, New Zealand - 1 x Dog (Labrador) & 1 x Cat - House - multiple duration's. (Reference/Endorsement available to view on profile).***
*** Perth, Western Australia - 1 x Dog (Labradoodle) in a Townhouse - 8 weeks duration plus other multiple sits. (Reference available to view on profile).***

***Perth, Western Australia - 3 x Cats (Domestic Rescue cats -Apartment - multiple sits. (Reference available to view on profile).


We maintain communication with the owners whilst they're away - including daily or weekly check-ins by phone, text or email as well as when any issues/queries may arise.

We ask for your local vets details so we can always contact them quickly in the unlikely event that we'd need to.
I also have a close friend who is a vet, who will always help us out if we need it.

We have created a House Sitting checklist that we give to Homeowners, so they can fill it in, to leave us a few instructions on their pets and their property 'specifics'.

Things on the checklist:
* Where you or your dog like going for walks
*Directions to nearby parks, beaches etc.
*Pets favourite toys
*Special diet, treats or foods allowed/not allowed
*Where your pet sleeps
*Home appliance specifics
*Rubbish & recycling day
*Mail collection and who to contact if mail 'looks important' or needs signature
*Any family members or friends that live nearby that could help out in an emergency

Having this information to hand, ensures your pets have minimal disruption to their normal lives, whilst you're away.
It also ensures your property is tended to, clean and as you left it, when you arrive home.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further details, photos or more references.

Hope to speak with you soon :)

Layla & Grant

(Although we've been house sitting on other websites for over 5 years now, most of our 5 star reviews and references you'll find on our attachments/media library).
(Including the feature story Daily Telegraphy wrote on us).

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further details, photos or more references.

Hope to speak with you soon :)

Layla & Grant

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