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For Home Owners

  • Access capable, trustworthy house sitters

    House sitters are carefully screened and appointed by you and for many this is a regular activity, so they're motivated to do the best they can with an eye to future house sitting assignments, either for you or someone you recommend them to. This means you can count on a pool of motivated house sitters who are trustworthy and reliable.

  • Your pets stay comfortable in their own home

    Your pets will be happier and much more comfortable in their own home instead of a strange kennel. They can sleep and play in accustomed places with their own toys and familiar sights and smells. House sitters provide companionship and exercise by playing with them and walking them while you are away.

  • You can relax knowing all is well at home

    You have peace of mind and can relax and enjoy your holiday comfortable in the knowledge your pets are being well cared for and have regular close human contact. Your house sitter can water your plants, bring in the mail, keep the garden tidy and give your home a lived in look, providing security for your property and possessions by just being there.

  • You will save on pet boarding costs

    The expense of boarding out your pets when you are away can be prohibitive. With a house sitter your pets stay in the comfort of their own home at no cost to you.

For House Sitters

  • Enjoy inexpensive travel accommodation

    House sitting is a great way to visit and explore new cities or places in Australia without the cost of hotel or motel accommodation. It's a unique way to travel and live for free in comfortable, spacious homes in places all over Australia you've always wanted to visit.

  • You can live in the community like a local

    By house sitting, you can use the travel funds you save to extend your holiday and to explore the area, participate in local activities and experience life the way the locals live it. By living in a home, your time is your own and the schedule is yours to set. You'll be living like a local and getting involved in what the average tourist rarely gets to experience.

  • An opportunity to indulge your love of pets

    A house sitter who loves pets can indulge their love for animals while away from home by choosing positions that include pet sitting. This also gives you the added advantage of a broader choice of homes to sit.

  • Save money for just about anything

    House sitters often choose the lifestyle as a smart way to save money. Many do it to save the money they would normally spend on rental accommodation for a deposit on their own home and for others it might be a car or an extended overseas trip. For whatever the reason, house sitting is a great way to have extra cash.

Latest House Sitters

House Sitter:  Rebecca E

Rebecca E

We are a homeschooling family based in Noosa Qld...we have 4 children (one has grown up and flown the coop) who love...

House Sitter:  Reliable Non Smoking Mature Couple

Reliable Non Smoking Mature Couple

We are a sensible 68 and 82 year old married couple of 42 years who love animals and will tend to the garden. We are...

House Sitter:   Mark....Fit and Handy!

Mark....Fit and Handy!

Non smoker, know how to keep things neat and tidy and respect other people's property. A long term pet owner aware...

House Sitter:  Tess and Kieran

Tess and Kieran

Hello! We are Kieran and Tess, an Aussie and a Dutchie who met almost 7 years ago in Thailand. Kieran (1994)...

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Latest Homes

House Sitting position in Brazier, Western Australia

Brazier, Western Australia

Do you have your own self contained accommodation and are willing to look after a few...

Starts: 18 Aug 2022Days: 13
House Sitting position in Werribee, Victoria

Werribee, Victoria

I have a bunny (Luna) and a cat (Lloydie) Three bedroom new house with a lovely yard. We...

Starts: 26 Dec 2022Days: 6
House Sitting position in Collinsvale, Tasmania

Collinsvale, Tasmania

Looking for someone who can look after my 2 dogs and 3 cats on a number of occasions: the...

Starts: 14 Oct 2022Days: 2
House Sitting position in St Kilda, Victoria

St Kilda, Victoria

Have a 2 bedroom flat - with aircon and gas cooking / hot water. 5 min walk to Ackland st...

Starts: 19 Aug 2022Days: 2
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testimonial by Jim and Helen

“ We’ve been using Mindahome since 2012. When we go away, we prefer to have someone in our home to feed our cat, water the garden, bring in the mail, and just make the house look lived in. Looking at our history I see that we have found 20 house sitters in just over 5 years. Of course, we like...” Read more

By our House Sitters

testimonial by Trish and Ron

“ Thank you for being part of some delightful holidays away in other people's homes, caring for pets etc. We had some extraordinary experiences. Unfortunately we can't renew our membership, mainly due to age and health issues...” Read more

Trish and Ron

A Pet and Home Owners Guide to House Sitting

A Pet and Home Owners Guide to House Sitting

FREE to all full members, this extensive How-To guide is an invaluable tool for both Home Owners and House Sitters.

It covers:

  • Expectations of both the home owner and house sitter
  • Home insurance and bonds
  • Sample contract or house sitting agreement

…and much more

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