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I love Chihuahuas & rainbows

ID: goz



Is / are:


Age group:

36 to 45



Years active:

5 years

Preferred locations:

NSW Sydney North, Sydney East
QLD Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Gold Coast, Ipswich and west Moreton, Logan and Redlands, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast

Current bookings:

8 Dec 23 Dec 24 Dec 28 Dec 29 Dec 10 Jan '22 11 Apr '22 17 Apr '22

Reply rating:

5 out of 5

More information about this house sitter

Hi 😊 I’m adored by pets because I love animals! A trusted sitter since 2016, 60+ sits in Brissie, SunCoast & Sydney, with & without pets, for 1 night (or less) & up to several months. A highlight of being a trusted sitter is being warmly invited back by favourite owners. If our dates don’t align, I’d still love to hear from you, so we know each other before your next trip.

My past sits include: without pets, independent (!snobby!) cats, sweet friendly cats, rescue dogs, young puppies, senior cats & dogs on daily arthritis/other medication, single fish and marine tanks, parrots, chookies, and...alpacas! Oh & an uninvited snake!

Happy to meet you and do a trial at your place to establish our routine & preferences so we're all safe & enjoy the sit with mutual respect. Being a local, I can visit you again prior to the sit, so we're all comfortable.

Please check out my lovely photo gallery and reviews to get to know me better. I no longer have my own pets, so having your dear pet in my life makes my heart sing!

Here’s a quick summary about me:

*Happy to do sits with or without pets.
*Pet love and care.
*Care of marine tanks.
*Luxury resort style contemporary homes and apartments.
*Modest homes too.
*Beaches, cities, suburban & semi-rural areas (including acreage).
*Care of pools and spas.
*Care of new and existing lawns and gardens.
*Experience with using different appliances and security systems.
*Adaptable, resourceful and able to troubleshoot.
*Able to understand instructions, plus search online for how to manuals and videos.

Here’s a list of my sits to date:

*a 10 year old cat and an immaculate lawn for 5 weeks.
*a beachfront resort tri-level condo with a rooftop spa, without pets, for 5 weeks.
*a 20 year old Persian.
*a 16 year old Persian cat & pool (4 times).
*2 Persian cats.
*2 cats, parrots, chookies & a fighter fish.
*a Chihuahua, a Cavalier, 2 cats & a pool (about 5 times).
*a Border Collie, a Scottish Fold cat & a pool (3 times) - a resort type home.
*2 Border Collies.
*a Border Collie, a Sharpei, chookies & alpacas on an acreage property with an immaculate & beautifully renovated home, with a pool, tropical & native gardens, lawns & a bore system.
*a Chihuahua, 2 cats & a pool (4 times).
*a Maltese (3 times).
*a Cavalier & 2 cats.
*a Chihuahua, a Foxie & a cat.
*a miniature Poodle with a pool.
*a Daschund & a Springer Spaniel.
*2 cats & a fighting fish.
*a Lhsa Apso X Shitsu & pond fish with a pool.
*a 21 year old Persian & an amazing marine tank aquarium (4 times) - a resort type waterfront home.
*an immaculate & beautifully renovated beachside home with a pool, tropical & native gardens (without pets).
*a Labrador, chookies, aquarium, bonsai & a pool - a resort type home.
*a gregarious & adoring cat.
*2 sweet playful Ragdoll cats.
*2 black cats with a pool.
*2 French Bulldogs.
*a Spoodle, 2 Ragdoll cats & a pool - a resort type home.
*1 sweet playful Cat.
*1 Tonkinese cat.
*1 adoring fluffy Chihuahua, & budgies.
*1 adoring old & gentle cream Groodle with a pool (4 times).
*2 sweet miniature Poodles with a pool (2 times).
*1 adoring senior Cavalier, 1 loving young Tonkinese & 1 Cockatiel.
*a beautiful home on acreage with a new deck, tropical & native gardens & lawns (without pets).
*an immaculate & beautifully renovated home with tropical & native gardens, lawns & fruit trees (without pets).
*1 tiny Chihuahua (several times).
*1 old & gentle black Groodle.
*1 baby Chihuahua puppy, 1 puggle & 1 smoochy yet aloof Ragdoll X cat.
*1 Samoyed X GR & 1 mini Poodle with an immaculate pool, orchids & lawn (2 times).

I look forward to talking with you, enjoy your day :) Kind regards, Shelly.

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