Pet-Friendly Resolutions for the New Year

Pet New Year

The New Year is a time when we tend to make promises to ourselves and others about making the most of every day. This year, add a pet’s perspective to your New Year’s resolutions for a fur-friendly 2023.

Here are just some of the resolutions you might like to consider for this year, but the options are endless and can be designed specifically to suit you, your fur kids and your lifestyle.

Boost your pet’s nutrition and diet

A healthy diet is the best way to ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients they need to remain healthy, happy and energetic. Review the food labels on your pet’s food regularly and speak with your vet about the best food options for your pet’s breed, age and size. In Australia, 41% of dogs and 32% of cats are either overweight or obese according to 2022 statistics. Measuring your pet’s food can help avoid overfeeding your pet and be mindful when feeding pets leftovers too.

Get motivated for more exercise

Our pets are great exercise motivators! Daily walks with our pets not only benefit their physical and mental health, it also supports our wellbeing. According to Animal Medicines Australian Pets in Australia research, 85% of pet owners say their pets have positively impacted their lives, with many citing relaxation, mental health and their pets being motivators to exercise as the reasons why they chose to become pet parents.

Spend more quality time together

Our pets deliver unconditional love to their pet parents each and every day. Return the love by spending quality time together. Visit a dog park, pet-friendly café or just enjoy pats in the backyard. Make your pet feel loved by dedicating time to developing your bond.

Brush up on your pet care skills

Many of us have grown up with pets and animals but brushing up on how best to care for our four-legged friends is always an advantage – particularly if you have older, more frail pet pals. Check out our blog about ways to update your animal care skills or seek advice from your vet.

Make something for your pet

We often buy our pets treats and toys for their birthday, Christmas… or just because we want to, but have you ever considered making something yourself? There are easy DIY pet toys and treats that are sure to bring a smile to your pet’s day and will also save you money along the way.

Teach new tricks

It’s never too late to teach your pet pal new tricks! Sign up for a reputable dog training course or get back to basics with tricks like rolling over, shaking hands and dancing easy ones to master at home.

Visit the vet

Keep up with regular vet checks throughout the year to review your pet’s weight, flexibility and other key health checks. Your vet will be able to advise of treatments and vaccinations for your pet as well. Along with vet checks, make grooming and oral health check-ups a regular part of your pet’s routine. Daily brushing can help remove debris and matting from your pet’s fur and brushing their teeth daily will reduce the chances of gum disease or more serious health conditions. If you have concerns about your pet’s health, visit your vet for immediate advice.

Help your pet bond with new people

Now that Australians are back on the road, on the sea and in the air for their holidays, make social time for your pet with other animals as well as other people. When pet parents have to travel, pet sitters can step into their shoes to provide the love and attention pets are used to, to ensure they continue to feel safe and secure.

If you’re looking for other ideas for fur-kid fun, you might like to read our blog article on the Top 10 things to do with your pet pal this year.