Perth’s dog friendly parks

Dedicated dog parks offer safe and stimulating environments for our pets to develop social skills, enjoy physical exercise and spend time with their much-loved human. Many parks across Perth include equipment and spaces that suit dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Here is a list of just some of the enclosed dog parks that you can visit to entertain both human and canine members of the family.

Annie’s Landing Enclosed Dog Park, Ellenbrook Continue reading “Perth’s dog friendly parks”

Adelaide Dog Parks


Dog Parks

Renowned as the ‘City of Churches’, Adelaide also boasts some amazing dog parks that will keep every pooch and their people happy all day long. Here are just some of the dog-friendly parks we’ve found across town that offer open spaces, as well as options for play and exercise.

North Adelaide Dog Park

Open all year round North Adelaide dog park is fenced and offers an abundance of space for your dog to stretch their legs and more. Ideal for small and large dogs, this park has tunnels for pups to run through, and for those that love to play throw and retrieve games, this park offers open areas to run, jump and chase. Continue reading “Adelaide Dog Parks”

Melbourne dog parks for a fun day out

Dog with ball

It’s not uncommon to visit a park in Melbourne and see a doting dog-parent playing with their pooch. Melbourne dog parents certainly are spoilt for choice with the number of dog-friendly parks available. We have listed just some of the parks in Melbourne that you and your dog can visit to run, stretch, search and play for a fun day out.

Brooklyn Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Want a safe place for your furry friend to run around and get some agility training in as well? Well, this park is the one for you. Weave poles, hurdles and logs are ideal for keeping your pooch active and stimulated. Continue reading “Melbourne dog parks for a fun day out”

Love your dog this Valentine’s Day

Dogs Valentines dayThere’s a reason why the saying ‘puppy dog eyes’ brings up feelings of love and adoration. It’s because when we welcome a dog into our family, we can be assured of unconditional, unwavering love and affection every day of the year.

Research has shown that our moods, health and social lives improve when we have a dog by our side. It’s time to give back and show our pets how much they mean to us with some Valentine’s Day inspired treats and surprises Continue reading “Love your dog this Valentine’s Day”

Top Tips: Washing Your Dog

How to wash a dog

Generally speaking, dogs only need to be bathed when necessary. If they have accumulated dirt on their coat or they have an unpleasant odour that won’t go away, then it might be time for a good scrub and clean.

Bathing helps to remove excess hair, scale and debris and improve the shine to your dog’s coat.

RSPCA Pet Insurance has put together a comprehensive Ultimate Guide to Grooming and Bathing Your Dog for a step by step guide and below are few tips to help you get started. Continue reading “Top Tips: Washing Your Dog”

Canine Flu and Your Pet

Canine FluWe’ve turned to Pet Problems Solved to seek advice on how to deal with canine flu. The canine flu is caused by two different viruses that can only be transferred between dogs. Unfortunately, much like the flu that many humans have experienced this winter, our dogs simply need to suffer through the symptoms as well.

The symptoms of the canine flu range from nothing at all, or could be in the form of a cough, fever, lethargy, or refusing food. Once you’ve identified that your canine friend has the flu, you can really only go about managing their symptoms. Continue reading “Canine Flu and Your Pet”