Write a pet sitter profile that gets noticed

First impressions are instant and lasting. Whether it’s during a job interview, first date, or a pet sitting profile, the way you communicate who you are and what you can do could decide how far you get.

For over two years Kai has successfully secured regular pet sits via the Mindahome website. Kai attributes much of their success to crafting a profile that puts the needs of the pet and homeowner front and centre.  Continue reading “Write a pet sitter profile that gets noticed”

How to make your profile stand out

Create great profileYour online pet sitting profile is your chance to make an impression. The information you include on your profile could be what decides whether you land your ideal pet sit – or not.

Mindahome co-founder, Sue Coombs, says that pet sitters who write their online profile as if it were a resume have a higher chance of success. Continue reading “How to make your profile stand out”

Pet Sitter Profile: The Pet Bestie + House Whisperer

Pet Sitter Profile

Pet Sitter Profile: The Pet Bestie + House Whisperer

Seasoned house and pet sitter, Rebecca, has bucket loads of positivity and her experience in pet sitting will set your mind at ease knowing that your fur-kids are in good hands. Confident in caring for cats, dogs and farm animals, Rebecca will make the ideal fill-in pet-parent the next time you have to travel.  

  1. What has been your favourite pet sitting experience and why?

This is one is EASY! That would have to be when I sat for a quirky doggy called Oscar (An Elderly English Cocker Spaniel) in the burbs of Brisbane. Not only do I consider his owners friends of mine but Oscar had a “Zoolander” (Hilarious movie starring Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson) quirk where he would only turn left. So to go right, he had to go left first. He was a sociable doggy and could play ball for dayssssss. Oscar’s home and neighbours made my stay very comfortable as well with many comforts.

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Pet Sitter Profile: Sonja and Albert

Pet Sitter Profile

With over two years of house and pet sitting experience and backgrounds in cleaning and property maintenance, Sonja and Albert are ready and willing to take on your pet and home care needs. Read more about their favourite pet sits and tips for home and pet owners.

  1. What is your favourite pet to have cared for?

We don’t have any favourite pets. We love each one of them whilst we are on our sits. To us they are all special in different ways.

  1. What is the first question you ask home/pet owners before taking on a pet sit?

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