Getting the most out of pet sitting for the year ahead

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House and pet sitting can be a great way to travel, live close to work, explore new suburbs before settling down, and much, much more. Here are ways to make the most of a house and pet sitting lifestyle to achieve your goals in life.


Carpe Diem – seize the day! We’ve heard it before, but this year could be your year to take action to live life and enjoy every moment. Travel can broaden your life experience, expand social networks, and simply allow you to enjoy new experiences.

Of course, travel can be costly, so house and pet sitting presents a unique opportunity to not only save money on accommodation, but also embrace a different type of holiday. Staying for free at homes across the country as a pet sitter lets you save money, which can then be put towards attractions or experiences you’ve longed to enjoy.

There’s also the benefit of having all the conveniences of home on a house sit, such as a full kitchen, living spaces and, in some cases, the use of a car and utilities. With careful planning, house and pet sitting can save thousands of dollars on accommodation, food and transport.

Living close to school or work or remote

Cutting down transport time between home and work or school offers significant lifestyle benefits. If you’re spending less time commuting, you can reallocate your time to spending quality moments with friends and family.

As workplaces navigate ways to reimagine the way people work and a report revealing most managers believe that workers can be equally productive at home or in the office, house and pet sitting can offer the flexibility to support any work style.

Whether it’s in the suburbs, city or the remote countryside, there are house and pet sitting positions dotted across Australia that often include the use of internet to make working from home fuss free, or a short commute possible.

Increase your savings

Avoiding the seemingly endless rent pit, many Aussies are turning to house and pet sitting to save money. Mindahome house and pet sitters are using the money they save on rent to build up a deposit to buy a home or for other little luxuries.

Mindahome house and pet sitters have reported saving upwards of $10,000 per year by avoiding paying rent. It’s a significant saving to help build a nest egg, while enjoying unique living experiences.

Enjoying the companionship of pets

On the Mindahome house and pet sitting platform, 98% of positions involve the care of a pet. As an animal loving community, there’s no doubt that the unconditional love of a fur-friend is second to none.

Unfortunately, some rental agreements don’t allow pets, leaving a big paw shaped hole in the hearts of many fur-pal devotees. That’s where house and pet sitting can come into play to provide a dose of four-legged friendliness, even for a short time, to get back the pawsome spring in your step.

Live like a local

With Australians facing significant competition in the property purchase and rental markets, making an informed decision about the place you’re considering settling down could save you years of regret down the track.

House and pet sit in suburbs you might like to rent or buy in to experience closeness to shops, cafes, restaurants, recreational facilities and more. By living like a local, you’ll discover how the suburb or city suits the way you live, and you can make an informed decision about whether it could suit a long term stay for you.

Enjoying ‘me time’

With data revealing that young people are staying at home with their parents for longer, house and pet sitting could be the short term, rent free break you need to have some time for yourself when the, at times, chaos of parents of siblings under the one roof gets too much. Use house and pet sitting for short term or longer breaks for time to study or space to stretch out when the family home feels crowded.

House and pet sitting can be a way to travel, save money, or time for self-care. Sign up as a house and pet sitter and make the most of the lifestyle and new experiences.

Free Things To Do Around Australia

Travel and House Sit

There are loads of things to do in Australia’s major cities and they don’t have to cost you a fortune. So pack up your things and head out to your favourite place to experience more of what our beautiful country has to offer. To make your holiday budget go even further, register as a pet sitter and stay in homes across Australia for free!

Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne draws you in with its amazing sense of culture and lively eclectic atmosphere. If you’re looking to get a sense of Melbourne’s heart, head to Federation Square and sit and take in the people and the buildings, and even watch the big screens for some down-time. Flinders Street Station is nearby, so be sure to stop by, especially when the sun is setting to watch how the light dances across this iconic Melbourne structure. If you’re into art, head to the National Gallery of Victoria and ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image) for some awesome exhibits. Or if wildlife is more your interest, the St Kilda penguins are a must see and they return to their burrows along the St Kilda break wall every evening of the year just after sunset. Visit Melbourne’s array of markets and take advantage of the free tram zone around the city. Be sure to check out the many pet sitting positions available around Victoria, so you can stay for free and get to live like a local.

Hobart, TAS

Walk through Salamanca Markets, visit the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery or head up to the top of Mt Wellington to get a bird’s eye view of Hobart. A house and pet sit in Tasmania will help you appreciate the natural beauties of the state. Continue reading “Free Things To Do Around Australia”

Pet Sitting To Purchase

Buying a home for the first time in Australia’s major metropolitan cities continues to be top of the  wish list for many young Aussies. For some, saving that first deposit is the biggest hurdle. But with upwards of $10,000 of savings per year up for grabs as a house and pet sitter, you’d be crazy not to give it a try.

So if you’re planning to plunge into a mortgage for your dream home, you’d better make sure it’s the right one for you. That’s where pet sitting comes in. Continue reading “Pet Sitting To Purchase”

Travel Solo as a Sitter

Solo Traveller, pet sittingIf you thrive on following the road less travelled and you enjoy making new friends, then house and pet sitting could be your calling.

For many who choose to travel on their own, pet sitting is a great way to save money and to try life in someone else’s shoes for a while.

In Australia, house and pet sitting is more attractive than ever, with close to 40% of sitters choosing to explore the country while staying free in other people’s homes and caring for pets. Continue reading “Travel Solo as a Sitter”

Enjoy Your Independence as a House and Pet Sitter

Housing affordability in Australia continues to be a hot topic, especially for young Aussies looking to live independently of family.

Moving out of home is a rite of passage for every young person. There comes a time when you want to make your own choices, live life the way you want and, most importantly, have your own space.

But what if you wanted to live in or close to the bustling, cosmopolitan centres of one of Australia’s metropolitan cites? What if the savings you built up from part-time work doesn’t quite set you up to dive into the world of home ownership? What if you don’t want to settle down in a place until you’re sure that it’s right for you? Continue reading “Enjoy Your Independence as a House and Pet Sitter”

A New Lease on Life: You’ll Love Our Rising Rent Quick Fix

piggybank2Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more expensive, your rent goes up … again!

While Sydney and Melbourne are generally at the top of the leader board, demand for rental properties has pushed prices up right around Australia.

Now commanding a weekly rental starting at around $400 (that’s $20,800 for 12 months) in less popular areas, to over $1,000 (we won’t frighten you with the math) in on-trend suburbs, the days of the readily affordable two bedroom unit in Sydney are long gone.

Add your annual utilities bill  – gas, electricity and sometimes water – to those super-sized rent payments, and the chances of saving your hard earned dollars for any big ticket items, let alone a deposit on that dream home of your own, quickly shrink from slim to very, very skinny.

So, why not hop off the rental roundabout and join the growing ranks of house and pet sitters who are loving their rent-free life?

You’re thinking that there must be a catch, right? Understandable – but no, absolutely no catch! Continue reading “A New Lease on Life: You’ll Love Our Rising Rent Quick Fix”

Making Cents of Your Savings: 5 Surprisingly Easy Steps to a Wealthier You

cat1aDoes it feel like your hard earned dollars are disappearing into a bottomless black hole? Well, now is an excellent time to fight your way out of the money mire by creating a personalised savings plan that includes some exciting goals. And surprisingly, that’s not as hard as you might think.

Planning ahead by following these five suggestions, could make all the difference to your financial future:

  1. Write it Down: Written goals are clear, measurable and motivational – and statistically, that makes you far more likely to succeed. So, take pen to paper and list your financial goals. Do you want to clear your credit card debt? Save for a house deposit? Buy a new car? Travel around the world? Enjoy the process of listing your goals, because setting this plan is the start of creating a great new life for yourself. When you’re done, calculate the amount required to achieve each goal … and yes, write it down.

Continue reading “Making Cents of Your Savings: 5 Surprisingly Easy Steps to a Wealthier You”

House and pet sitting to save

blog2With most Australians bracing for tax increases, tightening of the household budget is sure to follow. So for those of you who don’t want to give up your little luxuries, it could be time to revisit, or start, house and pet sitting to save up.

There are some significant financial benefits to being a house and pet sitter which can save you money in travel, rent and pet care.

  • Travel: You can save on accommodation costs by looking for house and pet sitting positions in or close to your holiday destination. You can stay rent free in an established home which you can use as a base to explore the rest of the region. Staying in a ‘home’ rather than a hotel room means that you also have the convenience of a kitchen where you can comfortably make meals rather than spending money and time eating out. Continue reading “House and pet sitting to save”

Saving on pet care

blog1Just like the human members of the family, our pets require attention and health checkups and sometimes this can lead to spending on veterinary visit, medicines and care.

Here are some tips to save on caring for your pet.

  1. Coupons and Discounts: Some online retailers offer discounts on pet supplies and food, so it could be worth doing your research online to see which company offers the best deal.
  2. Pet Insurance: Do your research. There are a variety of pet insurance companies that offer different plans. It is best to research online and then speak to someone to determine which plan best suits you and your pet. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what is included or excluded in a plan to make sure your pet is covered now and into the future. Continue reading “Saving on pet care”

The cost benefits of choosing a house and pet sitter

Save money mortgage pet sittingKnowing the options available to you for pet care and minding is the key to saving money.

Whether you have to travel unexpectedly or if you choose to holiday without your pet, engaging a house and pet sitter while you’re away presents a whole host of benefits for, not only your pet, but your wallet.

According to the Australian Companion Animal Council, Australians spend more than $374 million on boarding and minding for their dogs and around $98 million for their cats each year.

With the average minimum cost for boarding kennels being around $30 per pet, per night and this cost increasing to $80 or more for luxury standard, the bills quickly start to stack up.

For young families, who typically have more than one pet, pet care costs can accumulate to around $100 a day. Continue reading “The cost benefits of choosing a house and pet sitter”