Travel Solo as a Sitter

Solo Traveller, pet sittingIf you thrive on following the road less travelled and you enjoy making new friends, then house and pet sitting could be your calling.

For many who choose to travel on their own, pet sitting is a great way to save money and to try life in someone else’s shoes for a while.

In Australia, house and pet sitting is more attractive than ever, with close to 40% of sitters choosing to explore the country while staying free in other people’s homes and caring for pets.

As a sitter, you get to stay for free in comfortable homes across Australia with all the mod-cons and conveniences you could want. Added to that is the chance to meet new people and furry pals, which could turn into lifelong friends.

Solo travellers in particular are seeking out experiences that allow them to immerse in the destinations and cultures they visit. They are willing to step outside of the box, and try alternatives to the traditional hotel or motel getaway.

Rather than being confined to the four walls of a hotel or motel room, house and pet sits are about bespoke experiences. Try the lifestyle of people living in a country cottage, a city apartment, a bungalow along the beachside, or on the water’s edge in a harbour-side mansion. There’s always an opportunity to house and pet sit in a way that stretches your perspective on life. The best part? Your stay is free!