House and Pet Sitting: A Simple Definition

Knowing what house and pet sitting involves is the key to being successful at it.

As a general definition, house and pet sitting is…

…caring for the home, property and pets or animals of others in a respectful manner that is considerate of the values and lifestyle of the owner, while benefiting from free accommodation and flexible living arrangements.

To be a house and pet sitter, you have to have a love of animals. Pet owners entrust their treasured pets to you while they are away and expect that you will give them one-on-one attention and care, especially if they require medication or special treatment.

It is also up to the house and pet sitter to treat the owner’s property with respect. It’s about treating the home as if it were your own and tending to gardens and house cleaning for general upkeep.

House and pet sitting is also about making relationships. Many house and pet sitters are called on again by home owners that they have previously house and pet sat for because they made a good impression.

House and pet sitting is also about saving. Without the worry of having to pay for rent or on a place to stay for a holiday, you can have more money in your pocket to see and do more during your house and pet sit stay. It’s a great lifestyle choice to start saving to reach your life goals sooner.

House and pet sitting is NOT about being unorganised and unreliable. Home and pet owners are counting on you to book their position and follow through by completing all that is required of the position.

House and pet sitting is about trust from both sides and can offer a very rewarding experience for both home and pet owner and sitter.

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