Hobby farm house sitting – what you need to know

Fresh, crisp morning air, peace and quiet and only the sounds of nature to wake you from your sleep – sure, there are certainly many drawcards to choosing a farm or rural house sit. But knowing the routines of farm life and animal care, are just some of the things that you should brush up on before you step off the beaten track.

Responsibilities and expectations – House and pet sitters that are seasoned in the way of farm life may already have this covered, but if you’re new to the lifestyle, then understanding your responsibilities on the farm and the daily expectations of the running of the farm is critical. Before the owner leaves for their holiday, discuss all aspects of the farm – the different types of animals, care requirements including grooming, feeding, cleaning and any medical needs. Ideally, you will have this conversation before you step foot on the farm to ensure that you’re up for the challenge.

Get to know the animals – While you’re not expected to be Dr Dolittle, having confidence in dealing with a variety of animals is a good skill to have on a farm. Make sure you understand the feeding routines, how many times a day animal care needs to be maintained, the likes and dislikes of animals and how to identify if something is unusual or irregular with the animals in your care. Also ask questions about pests or predators that could pose a threat to animals.

Know who to contact in an emergency – Hobby farms and larger farms are sometimes located in rural or remote areas. Discuss emergency contacts with homeowners before they leave including driving distances from neighbours, vets, and local authorities. Familiarise yourself with first aid and emergency routines for yourself as well as for the animals.

Keep up the communication – Keep in regular contact with the homeowner. Provide regular updates about how the farm sit is progressing and any things that may have arisen after they’ve left. Ensuring that there is a steady line of communication and updates will build your confidence as you tick off significant tasks and animal care, and give the farm owner peace of mind that everything is under control.

Take some time for yourself – The best part of a farm sit is the unique holiday experience. When all tasks are complete, remember to take some time for yourself to soak in the environment daily achievements.

A house and pet sit on a farm can be a very rewarding experience for families, couples and people travelling on their own. It provides a unique juxtaposition of the hustle and bustle of city life compared to farm life – both uniquely interesting in their own way.

By having a clear understanding of the chores, animal care, and daily routines on the farm, a house and pet sitting stay can bring great satisfaction. Find out about available house and pet sitting adventures in farm and rural settings on Mindahome.com.au.



Mastering the Art of House Sitting: Your Guide to Securing the Perfect Assignments

In today’s fast-paced world, house sitting has become an increasingly popular way to travel affordably and experience new destinations. With the advent of technology, the house-sitting landscape has evolved, making it easier than ever for both homeowners and sitters to connect. In this updated guide, we’ll explore the key factors and strategies that will help you win that coveted house-sitting position.

  1. Build a Solid Profile: To stand out in the competitive house-sitting market, it’s crucial to create a comprehensive and compelling profile. Start by highlighting your relevant experience, including any past house-sitting gigs or pet care responsibilities. Emphasise your reliability, trustworthiness, and love for animals or plants. Be sure to include a friendly photo of yourself to establish a personal connection.
  2. Leverage the Review System: Reviews play a vital role in building trust between homeowners and sitters. If you have previous house-sitting experience, encourage homeowners to leave reviews on your profile. These reviews will serve as a testament to your reliability and the quality of your services. Make it a priority to provide exceptional care during your assignments to maximise the chances of receiving positive feedback.
  3. Utilise the House-Sitting App: Take advantage of the house-sitting app available to you. These apps provide instant notifications about new house-sitting opportunities, ensuring that you’re among the first to apply. Set up customised alerts to receive notifications for your preferred locations, dates, and pet types. Being prompt in your responses can significantly increase your chances of securing a house-sitting position. follow the link to download your App. Apple   Android
  4. Craft a Personalised Application: When applying for a house-sitting position, avoid using generic templates. Instead, take the time to personalise each application. Tailor your message to address the homeowner’s specific needs and concerns. Highlight relevant experience, mention any special skills, and express genuine interest in their home and pets. This personal touch demonstrates your dedication and attention to detail.
  5. Communicate Responsibly: Clear and effective communication is key to winning a house-sitting position. Respond promptly to homeowner inquiries and be proactive in providing updates throughout the selection process. Demonstrate your willingness to accommodate the homeowner’s preferences, such as scheduling a virtual interview if you cannot attend in person or providing additional references. Your professionalism and responsiveness will help instill confidence in homeowners.
  6. Go the Extra Mile: Send plenty of updates of the pets’ activities and progress, also include photos of the pets looking happy and content. Keep the house clean and perhaps leave some flowers, a small gift or just a note saying how much you have enjoyed looking after their home and pets.

With the increasing popularity of house sitting, securing the perfect position requires an organised approach. By building a strong profile, utilising the review system, leveraging our house-sitting app, crafting personalised applications, communicating responsibly, and going the extra mile, you’ll enhance your chances of winning the house-sitting opportunities you desire. Remember, standing out from the crowd with your exceptional skills, reliability, and passion for the task at hand will set you on the path to becoming a sought-after house sitter in today’s competitive market.

Avoid decoration disasters this Christmas

Pet Christmas

‘Tis the season for bright lights, colourful tinsel, glittery baubles and trinkets. While festive decorations set the scene for merry celebrations, here are some pet safety tips to ensure all members of the family have a good time.

  • Manage power cords – The number one tip for a pet-safe Christmas is to always keep power cords and power packs tidy and out of sight of your pet-pal. Lights will gain your pet’s attention and curiosity. Young pups and kittens may like to chew cords, so it’s best to take steps to hide cords, or eliminate the temptation all together.
  • Secure your Christmas tree – For cats who adore climbing, a Christmas tree will seem a mighty challenge! Make sure your tree is secured at the base, and regularly collect fallen tree needles to ensure your pet doesn’t get them stuck in their paw or think they’re a tasty treat!
  • Decoration choice – Baubles, tinsel and other decorations can have sharp edges, hooks and bits that easily fall off. Consider plastic ornaments to reduce the risk of breakages. Like a ball of string, your cat will love the long tinsel hanging loosely from your tree. But tinsel can be hazardous if ingested. If you suspect your pet has swallowed a decoration, seek advice from your vet immediately.

As we gear up for the festive season, remember some of the foods that are toxic for our pet pals and read our blog article about feeding leftovers to our pets.


Pantry politeness

It’s a common question among our house and pet sitting community – what are the rules for pantry politeness? While there aren’t any hard and fast rules, per se, there is a sort of unwritten code that home and pet owners, along with pet sitters agree to that delivers a mutual understanding and respect for each other.

While it will differ for each home and pet sitting arrangement, here are a few things to consider to help determine whether you’re abiding by polite pantry procedure. Continue reading “Pantry politeness”

A considered list can be a valuable tool

housesitter list

Ask any pet sitter about their best asset going into a home and pet sit, and they will likely state ‘a list’. While ‘a list’ sounds like a run-of-the-mill requirement for a new pet sit, a good list is what will ensure both sitter and homeowner are prepared for any eventuality.

Mindahome member Kai takes a proactive approach to list-making and develops a list of questions for the homeowner to respond to before even stepping across the threshold. Continue reading “A considered list can be a valuable tool”

Pet Sitter Profile: Sonja and Albert

Pet Sitter Profile

With over two years of house and pet sitting experience and backgrounds in cleaning and property maintenance, Sonja and Albert are ready and willing to take on your pet and home care needs. Read more about their favourite pet sits and tips for home and pet owners.

  1. What is your favourite pet to have cared for?

We don’t have any favourite pets. We love each one of them whilst we are on our sits. To us they are all special in different ways.

  1. What is the first question you ask home/pet owners before taking on a pet sit?

Continue reading “Pet Sitter Profile: Sonja and Albert”

Farm Animal Care

Farm Animal Care

You might be thinking about heading out to regional Australia later this year, particularly with the Australian Government considering giving young Aussie job seekers incentives to work on farms.

If farm life piques your interest and your scoping out the latest house and pet sits in rural parts of the country, brush up on your farm animal care to make sure you’re ready for every challenge.

Food, water, exercise and shelter for protection are the essentials for farm animal care. Unwrapped has included tips on their website about how to care for farm animals. Continue reading “Farm Animal Care”

Free Things To Do Around Australia

Travel and House Sit

There are loads of things to do in Australia’s major cities and they don’t have to cost you a fortune. So pack up your things and head out to your favourite place to experience more of what our beautiful country has to offer. To make your holiday budget go even further, register as a pet sitter and stay in homes across Australia for free!

Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne draws you in with its amazing sense of culture and lively eclectic atmosphere. If you’re looking to get a sense of Melbourne’s heart, head to Federation Square and sit and take in the people and the buildings, and even watch the big screens for some down-time. Flinders Street Station is nearby, so be sure to stop by, especially when the sun is setting to watch how the light dances across this iconic Melbourne structure. If you’re into art, head to the National Gallery of Victoria and ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image) for some awesome exhibits. Or if wildlife is more your interest, the St Kilda penguins are a must see and they return to their burrows along the St Kilda break wall every evening of the year just after sunset. Visit Melbourne’s array of markets and take advantage of the free tram zone around the city. Be sure to check out the many pet sitting positions available around Victoria, so you can stay for free and get to live like a local.

Hobart, TAS

Walk through Salamanca Markets, visit the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery or head up to the top of Mt Wellington to get a bird’s eye view of Hobart. A house and pet sit in Tasmania will help you appreciate the natural beauties of the state. Continue reading “Free Things To Do Around Australia”

Pet Sitting To Purchase

Buying a home for the first time in Australia’s major metropolitan cities continues to be top of the  wish list for many young Aussies. For some, saving that first deposit is the biggest hurdle. But with upwards of $10,000 of savings per year up for grabs as a house and pet sitter, you’d be crazy not to give it a try.

So if you’re planning to plunge into a mortgage for your dream home, you’d better make sure it’s the right one for you. That’s where pet sitting comes in. Continue reading “Pet Sitting To Purchase”