4 Tips to Guarantee A House and Pet Sitting Call Back

Many of the home owners that we speak with comment about how impressed they are with the house and pet sitters who come to stay in their homes. The personalised care for their pets, the upkeep of their homes and the little touches they find when they return, all leave lasting memories of the house and pet sitter and are the difference between a one-time sit and the start of a long-term friendship.

Here are some of the ways that house and pet sitters are making their mark to secure call backs and word-of-mouth referrals. Continue reading “4 Tips to Guarantee A House and Pet Sitting Call Back”

Wintering in warmer locations

Mindahome house sitters David and Glenys of Albury have been members since early 2013. They explain how they escape the winter months.

Our names are Glenys and David. We reside in Albury NSW. For the last five years since our retirement we have been house sitting in Queensland to get away from our cold Southern winter in June, July and August. We have made many life long friends along with their pets and also gained some excellent references.

This year our house sitting commenced in May at Nindeeree on the Sunshine Coast between Yandina and Eumundi. This was a lovely home in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. The home was on two acres and had three lovely Border Collies we looked after for seven weeks. We also had our daily chores of looking after the house, garden and pool.

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Rural house sitting

We received an email from long time Mindahome house sitters Rick and Tara (members since 2014), describing their experiences house sitting in rural Tasmania back in 2015.

Screen Shot 05-24-17 at 03.43 PM 001Hi Mindahome, your article on rural house sitting was good and from our perspective on our 11th housesit in less than a year we are living rural, almost remote Tasmania.  We have a long housesit here now and love the peace and quiet.

The other advantages we didn’t expect where the friendly communities in the country.  The generosity and even work experience we are gaining.  Hubby has been helping fence paddocks and we moved cattle during one farmers short break.  So not just our homeowner benefits, but we are an extra pair of hands where needed. Learning all the time. Continue reading “Rural house sitting”

The experiential benefits of house sitting in rural and regional Australia

A sittersRunning a farm or rural property isn’t for the faint hearted. Around 50% Australian farmers are self employed owner managers and are likely to work more than 49 hours a week managing the demands of a rural property, which leaves little opportunity to take time off for a holiday.

But home owners in regional Australia are increasingly turning to house and pet sitters to look after their properties while they take some well earned time away.

With experience and practical know-how, house sitters like Satya and Ishtar, can offer rural home owners peace of mind when they choose to travel. Continue reading “The experiential benefits of house sitting in rural and regional Australia”

How a mother and daughter duo saw Australia as house and pet sitters

adrienne_poppyKiwi born Adrienne and her daughter, Poppy, wanted to see Australia and have many adventures along the way. So they sold their house, car and all their possessions and began house and pet sitting their way around the country.

Here are some of their stories…

I came across Mindahome.com.au on one of my searches for different ways to travel around Australia and thought that house and pet sitting would be perfect for us.

We both love pets, but Poppy definitely has a way with all animals. Nothing beats the love and attention of a gentle child companion with all the time in the world to play. The pets that we’ve cared for are relaxed and in their own environment so it makes it easier for them to trust us and let us into their world. Continue reading “How a mother and daughter duo saw Australia as house and pet sitters”

MY JOURNAL by Geordie

A diary kept by Geordie the Schnauzer of Brunswick Victoria while his owners were away.  Jane is his Pet/House Sitter

March 2013


I spent the first night on your bed & Jane couldn’t find me when I left the fan in the lounge ! She came in with a torch in the middle of the night!! I brought an old bone in to the mat & lots of ants followed !!

Some big rain drops in the heat so Jane took me out into it for a refreshing walk. Jane moved the fan in our bedroom & I like to lie under the bed on the wooden floor 🙂

I dug up an old dirt filled pig’s ear & brought it in to share!! I had fun with the broom Jane used!! We had such fun this morning, & Jane seemed upset she couldn’t find the pig’s ear where I’d hidden it, that after our walk & dinner, I presented it to her on the lounge rug !!!!  I just could not stop my tail from wagging but Jane picked the ear up & put it up high !!! & then she glared at me till I lay under her legs with the fan.

By the way it got to 37 degrees today so we didn’t go out till after 6. Jane’s a spoil sport as she didn’t use that broom this time but a boring brush & dustpan. Just chilling on Jane’s bed on 34 degree day – in front of fan – & I rolled over to do a big stretch & I fell off !!!! 🙂 I don’t get it …. I have to SIT before food but when I sat this morning I didn’t get any of Jane’s goodies. ( pills !!! ) Continue reading “MY JOURNAL by Geordie”

House Sitting in Melbourne’s Beachside

House SittingMy name is Jo and although I am no longer a house sitter I thought I’d write and share my house sitting experiences with you. My partner and I first learned about house sitting from family and friends and I thought it sounded like an ideal way to save money on accommodation so we decided to give it a go.

We both work full time so are restricted to the southern suburbs of Melbourne within reasonably commuting distance of our jobs. I suppose we house sat and were members of Mindahome for about six months and during that time took on around six positions from Brighton to Edithvale. All jobs included pets, some of whom were hard work while others were great fun. Continue reading “House Sitting in Melbourne’s Beachside”

Kirstie’s on a mission

10 September 2013
I house and pet sit with my pet, for pets

My dog Flee. She’s travelled the country with me and made some great friends on these house and pet sitting adventures.

Flee, running out the gate at sunset in Southern Barossa, SA

I can’t imagine how I could travel Australia to raise money and awareness for Oscar’s Law without her. She is my inspiration.

The thing that I like most about choosing to house and pet sit is that Flee has a ‘home’ to stay at when I’m out. It’s impractical to have her at a photo shoot so it gives me peace of mind that lovely home owners are willing to share their properties with Flee and I to call home for at least a little while.

This pic is of Flee running out the gate at sunset of our ‘home’ where we’re house and pet sitting in Southern Barossa. Continue reading “Kirstie’s on a mission”

House Sitting Is A Dream Come True For Michael

Mike & Jackson MM2Becoming a Mindahome house-sitter last year fulfilled a dream I had some years earlier. I have always loved cats and dogs, providing them the quality time and attention which they enjoy and appreciate – strokes, massages, comforting words and favourite dishes. When friends have noticed my affection towards their pets, they have suggested house-sitting and caring for others’ animals. The loyalty these pets give in return cannot be underestimated!

Since joining Mindahome in 2012, I have relished memorable house-sits in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.These are my highlights:

• ragdoll cat (Jackson) with special needs in Melbourne during May 2013. Needing a house-sitter urgently to administer Jackson’s medication and food through a tube, his owners flew me to Melbourne, giving them peace of mind while visiting their family in Mildura. Although Jackson missed his ‘mother’, he gradually accepted me as a carer and ate small yet more frequent portions of cooked fish. He liked my frequent caressing by night and day. This resulted in improvements to his health – appetite, appearance and communication (meows and purring). This was a short but delightful time ending on a happy note for us all! Continue reading “House Sitting Is A Dream Come True For Michael”

My House Sitting experiences

I have to say that I am an avid fan of House Sitting!!  I hadn’t even heard of House Sitting until 2 years ago when a friend asked me if I would live in their home while they were away in the U.K. for 3 months.  They had a cat and a parrot (they love each other) and didn’t want to put the cat into a ‘cattery’ because she was quite old.  The Parrot needed someone who understood its special needs, and I fitted the bill..

I have my own 2 bedroom unit and I must say the prospect of a 3 bedroom home with lots of room and a garden appealed to me.

After 3 months my friends returned home, were absolutely delighted with all I had done, gave me a beautiful gift and I returned to my flat. Continue reading “My House Sitting experiences”