Pair pet exercise routines for cooler conditions

pet health

Heading into the cooler months makes most of us feel like slowing down – and it’s the same for our pets. Here are some tips to help adjust your pet’s exercise routine to suit the weather, terrain and your pet’s individual needs.

Pick your timing: Early morning exercise during cooler months can mean walks before the sun rises in some parts of Australia. This can lead to pet pals stepping on hidden or unseen sticks, rocks or other objects that may harm their precious paws. Where possible, consider changing pet walks to be during daylight hours in cooler months. It will ensure both you and your fur friend can be more aware of your surroundings.

Rug up: When humans are cold, we add an extra layer of clothing for warmth and that can also be the case for our pets, especially breeds with short hair. If conditions are brisk outside, rug up your pet with an appropriately sized jacket or hoodie. There are also paw protectors that can help keep out cold and hazardous objects.

Explore other ways to exercise: There are always alternatives to exercising outside. Enjoy a game of tug-of-war with canine friends to keep them stimulated and focused while indoors. Engage your feline friend’s natural instincts of hunting, and pouncing with interactive toys. You can enjoy fun time together indoors with laser pointer games, feather wands, and of course, cats love scratching and climbing towers.

Monitor diets: Speak with your vet about the most appropriate diet for your pet during cooler months. Consider providing warmer foods for your pet over chilled foods. Adding extra carbohydrates to your dog’s mealtimes such as rice or pasta could be a good option during colder weather, but always check with a vet before making changes to your fur kid’s diet.

Stay connected: A UK study found that around 40% of dog owners saw a considerable downturn in their pet’s mood during winter. Remember to set aside time to play each day with your pet pal to give both parent and pet a positive mood boost for wellbeing.

Lean on a pet sitter: Many like to escape to warmer weather during Australia’s cooler months. If you’re heading away, choose a live-in pet sitter to keep up your pet’s usual exercise routine and to keep them stimulated on cold days. Pet sitters offer personalised attention and care for pet pals so that their pet parents can enjoy a stress-free holiday during any time of year.