Out and about with your pet

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Three in five households enjoy the companionship and love of a pet-pal, making Australia one of the top animal-loving nations in the world.

With so much pet love going around, it is unsurprising that pets and their people are eager to get out and about and back to ‘normality’.

Picnics at the park, get-togethers and travel, are set to make a comeback as Australia sprints to meet its vaccination targets for a safe reopening, and there’s plenty to do with your fur-friend. Continue reading “Out and about with your pet”

Indoor play with pets

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Stuck indoors? There is no better time to focus your attention on your pet-pal to enjoy some quality time together. While you may not have an abundance of space to run and play, sometimes it can be items that you have around the house that can provide hours of fun and entertainment for both you and your pet.

Hide-and-Seek: We all love a game of hide-and-seek, and our fur-friends are no different. Hide their favourite treats around the house and encourage them to sniff them out. Snuffle mats are perfect for indoor hide and seek. The mats are mentally stimulating and encourage your dog to use its sense of smell. Snuffle mats are easy to make at home too. Dogs’ Refuge Home has outlined just how simple it can be to make a snuffle mat at home – and your dog will love it!

Toys for stimulation: You can purchase pet toys that keep your fur pal  entertained. Australian Dog Lover has listed some of their favourite boredom busters, including automatic ball launchers, chews and more. Australian Cat Lover also lists some super simple ways to enrich your feline friend’s environment with suitable cat toys.

Tug-of-war: For pets that have excess energy to release, a game of tug-of-war is another option. Your pet-pal needs to engage their whole body to play this game, and the game can improve their dental health.

Training time: If you’re stuck indoors, use the time to incorporate behaviour training into pooch play. Encourage good behaviours such as putting toys away, with treats as rewards. Always make the experience a positive one and enjoy some quality time with your pet.

Get crafty: Don’t forget, sometimes it is just having you around that brings the most joy to your pet. But, if you are willing to get crafty, then channel your creativity to turn everyday household items, such as the humble paper toilet roll, into an activity that delivers bundles of fun. Check out some of the homemade toys suggested by RSPCA SA for inspiration.

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