Setting and keeping New Year resolutions

setting goals

As we waved goodbye to 2023, many of us had already set goals to achieve and dreams to live for in 2024. Making new year resolutions are easy. Here are some tips to help you keep them.

Set realistic goals

One of the most common pitfalls in making a new year’s resolution is setting unrealistic goals. An easy way to ensure you achieve your goals this year is breaking down bigger aspirations into smaller goals – it will prove more rewarding and help keep you on track to ‘reel in the bigger fish’.

Create a plan

Achieving your goals requires planning. Consider the steps needed to achieve your goal and set out a roadmap that includes a timeline. For example, if a goal is to secure more house and pet sits this year, break this down into smaller goals such as updating your online profile, securing a home owner testimonial after each position, reach out to one previous home owner to build trust and new opportunities. If your goal is to save $5,000 in one year, break this down further to plan how this can be achieved. For instance, choosing a house and pet sitter’s lifestyle rather than renting could be one way to build up savings.

Set reminders

If reminders help you stay on top of things, set up calendar reminders on your phone, computer, in a printed calendar or notebook. Reminders will help keep you on track and accountable.

Track your progress

Based on your timeline to achieve smaller goals, regularly review and reevaluate your goals to track your progress. You may be well ahead of your initial timeline, and at times, you might need to readjust the timeframe or goal.

Be kind to yourself

There are times when we may not achieve all that we had hoped in the timeframe we had allocated – and that’s ok. Stay true to your initial goal and rework, readjust, reevaluate and reframe your aspirations to remain positive rather than being hard on yourself. There are different ways to approach different challenges, and you are the best person to identify the best path to finish your journey.

Whatever your goals and whatever your journey, setting goals are the first step towards achieving the things in life that make you happy. Setting clear and realistic goals, planning and cutting yourself a break now and then will set you on the right path for this year and into the future.

Intrepid Pet Sitters

2 Pet Sitters

Best friends Inés and Ale are animal lovers through and through. After being housemates for several years in Melbourne, the friends decided to explore more of Australia and joined Mindahome in 2021 to begin their travels.

Heading to the sunny shores of Queensland, Inés and Ale house and pet sat around the sunshine state’s tropical Daintree region. Working from home allowed them to explore many natural wonders of the area, while also being around to give the pets they cared for copious amounts of love and affection.

After growing up with animal companions, Inés and Ale are always ready to step up as fill-in pet parents for the pet pals they meet – and end up adoring! – during their pet sits.

“Pet sitting has allowed us to explore many different places. But while staying for free is a great bonus to the pet sitting lifestyle, for us, it’s more about our love of animals. We both grew up around nature and surrounded by animals, so pet sitting gives us a chance to get the best of both worlds and meet new pets and people,” Inés said.

“Sometimes we get on so well with the pets that we care for that we checkPet Sitter with dog in with owners even after the sit to see how their dog or cat is going,” Ale added.

As pet sitters, the two friends have explored many places around Queensland, including Cairns suburbs of Trinity beach, Smithfield, Edmonton, and Mount Sheridan. They’re open to all house and pet sits, with caring for dogs and cats their speciality. They also find they connect best with pets over longer (multiple weeks) pet sits.

“On one pet sit, the pet parents asked that we take their dog to a different beach every day. Of course, we were very happy to oblige because it meant we could also discover new places while we ran around with our adorable doggie friend,” said Ale.

“We’ve cared for a dog that loved to play tennis, elderly pets, fish and of course, we’ve enjoyed lots of cuddles and playtime with the dogs and cats we mind,” said Ine.

“There’s never a dull moment – which we love! We feel really lucky that wecan meet all these different animals, get to know them and their family and give them the love and attention they need, especially when they might feel a bit uneasy because their owner is away,” Inés added.

Inés and Ale’s tips for anyone looking to start house and pet sitting?

  1. Make the care of the pets and the home a number one priority.

“It’s a big decision to leave your pets and your home in the hands of someone else, so we take this responsibility very seriously. We ask pet owners about their pet’s routines and stick to them. We also make sure that the house is clean and tidy when the owners return so they can just relax and unwind when they get back.”

  1. House and pet sit because you love animals.

“Most places we’ve stayed have involved caring for a pet, so you have to be a pet lover. It’s also best to be upfront about the animals that you’re comfortable caring for and your experience with different animals.

  1. Make house and pet sitting work for you.

“Pet sitting can be a win/win situation for everyone. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to different places and saved so much money because we’ve chosen to house and pet sit. If you have the flexibility of working from home to care for animals and are on a budget, house and pet sitting can be a great way to help out pet owners as well as achieve some of your own personal goals as well.”

Get in touch with Inés and Ale via the Mindahome website.


Setting the sleeping scene

pets sleeping

Do you like to snuggle up with a furry friend in bed or prefer a paw-free night’s sleep? The experts say that there are significant mental health and well-being benefits to cuddling up with a furry friend each night.

Of course, this sleeping arrangement doesn’t suit everyone and while a cuddly companion does bring comfort and reduce stress, they have also been found to disrupt our sleep.

In a survey of Mindahome pet sitters, 22% say that the pets they cared for wanted to sleep alongside them.

It’s understandable that pet parents and their fur kids get into certain habits, however, sleeping arrangements should always be discussed with a pet sitter before taking on the position.

Here are some of the questions pet sitters and owners should cover before a sit to ensure a stress-free experience – for pet sitter and pet!

  • Where does the pet sleep during the day and at night?
  • Do they like their own bedding or are they free to sleep on the couch, rugs and bed?
  • At night do they sleep in the bed or on the floor?
  • If they like to sleep in the bed, do they cuddle up close or prefer to have some space?
  • Are they toilet trained, or do they need to be let out at night?
  • Is the pet up to date with the flea and tick treatments?
  • How often should I change the pet/human bedding?

For pet sitters who prefer their own space at night, it’s best to include this preference as part of your profile. Alternatively, make it a point for discussion during initial conversations with pet owners.

For pet owners looking for their ideal pet sitter to keep their fur-kids company while they’re away, browse sitter profiles online. Pet sitters can also browse pet sitting positions online to find a furry friend to cuddle.

Timing house and pet sits

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that preparation and adaptability are key. Home and pet owners can be looking to engage a pet sitter for a few days, several weeks, a couple of months and even more.

While the consensus among house sitters may be for homeowners to give at least one month’s notice for an upcoming sit, last-minute sits can be fruitful for both house sitters and homeowners.

Let’s unpack the various circumstances to see how best these can work for our animal-loving community. Continue reading “Timing house and pet sits”

Pet Sitter Profile: Chloe and Wayne

Chloe and Wayne are pet lovers through and through. They have cared for many different pets in the two years that they have chosen the pet sitting lifestyle and their escapades with furry friends have helped them save for a wedding and many other life goals. Read about their pet sitting experiences and tips for securing repeat pet sits.

Pet Sitter Profile

What is your favourite pet sitting experience?

There’s so much to love about the people and pets that we have met it’s hard to pick a standout winner. But our two favourite sits couldn’t be more different, one home set among the eucalyptus trees and walking tracks of Warranwood, it was a real place of peace and solitude for us. Their 8 month old Rottweiler is also one of our favourite pets to sit for. Continue reading “Pet Sitter Profile: Chloe and Wayne”

Pet Sitting Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Pet Sitting Guinea Pigs

Dogs, cat, horses, sheep; sometimes it seems that the larger the pet, the more attention they get. For smaller, four-legged, furry friends, a considerate care routine is just as important and will ensure the happiness and health of some of the world’s smallest companion animals.

Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly, inquisitive, intelligent, social, and friendly. They are known to live up to ten years and are ideal pets for families.

When taking on the responsibility of pet-parent to a guinea pig, consider this pocket pet’s personality for a healthy, happy life. Continue reading “Pet Sitting Guinea Pigs”

Pet Sits Post COVID-19

Woman cuddling dog

State borders are re-opening (for some) and day by day our once pipe dreams of travelling around our beautiful country, are now edging closer to reality.

Another reality of our ‘new normal’ is the fact that Coronavirus lingers in parts of the country. This means we need to adapt our traditional pet sitter/pet parent protocol to ensure everyone’s safety – including our pets.

At Mindahome, we’re regularly reviewing the latest COVID-19 developments set out by the Australian Government to keep our community abreast of guidelines for health and safety. Continue reading “Pet Sits Post COVID-19”

Safety Checklist for Pet Sits During COVID-19

covid19 pet care

Pets are good for our health and well-being. They are known stress relievers and have an extraordinary power that makes us feel an overall sense of happiness. As we all face a ‘new normal’ for everyday life, we could all use a touch of fur-friend happiness.

House and pet sits are making a comeback, with COVID-19 restrictions in Australia easing in some areas. But preparation and vigilance will be key in ensuring the safety of pet owners, pet sitters and our cuddly fur-friends.

The CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Infections) offers tips and hints for staying safe at home. Below we’ve outlined some of the simple steps you can take to stay safe and healthy. Continue reading “Safety Checklist for Pet Sits During COVID-19”

3 Reasons Your Pet Needs to Stay at Home

At home with a pet

Our pets are our companions, our confidants, our best friends. We want to spend every moment enjoying their unconditional love and affection. It’s natural to want to have them by your side always. But for the times when we have to be away from home for an extended period, maybe leaving them at home is the best option for their safety and overall mental health and well-being.

A survey of Mindahome pet parents revealed that 96% said they chose a live-in pet sitter so their pet could stay in their own home environment. 66% felt that engaging a pet sitter would reduce their pet’s anxiety. 86% valued having a pet sitter for their pets to keep to their usual routine.

So no matter how much you love your pet, here’s some of the reasons why your pet may be better off staying at home. Continue reading “3 Reasons Your Pet Needs to Stay at Home”

Free Things To Do Around Australia

Travel and House Sit

There are loads of things to do in Australia’s major cities and they don’t have to cost you a fortune. So pack up your things and head out to your favourite place to experience more of what our beautiful country has to offer. To make your holiday budget go even further, register as a pet sitter and stay in homes across Australia for free!

Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne draws you in with its amazing sense of culture and lively eclectic atmosphere. If you’re looking to get a sense of Melbourne’s heart, head to Federation Square and sit and take in the people and the buildings, and even watch the big screens for some down-time. Flinders Street Station is nearby, so be sure to stop by, especially when the sun is setting to watch how the light dances across this iconic Melbourne structure. If you’re into art, head to the National Gallery of Victoria and ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image) for some awesome exhibits. Or if wildlife is more your interest, the St Kilda penguins are a must see and they return to their burrows along the St Kilda break wall every evening of the year just after sunset. Visit Melbourne’s array of markets and take advantage of the free tram zone around the city. Be sure to check out the many pet sitting positions available around Victoria, so you can stay for free and get to live like a local.

Hobart, TAS

Walk through Salamanca Markets, visit the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery or head up to the top of Mt Wellington to get a bird’s eye view of Hobart. A house and pet sit in Tasmania will help you appreciate the natural beauties of the state. Continue reading “Free Things To Do Around Australia”