3 Reasons Your Pet Needs to Stay at Home

At home with a pet

Our pets are our companions, our confidants, our best friends. We want to spend every moment enjoying their unconditional love and affection. It’s natural to want to have them by your side always. But for the times when we have to be away from home for an extended period, maybe leaving them at home is the best option for their safety and overall mental health and well-being.

A survey of Mindahome pet parents revealed that 96% said they chose a live-in pet sitter so their pet could stay in their own home environment. 66% felt that engaging a pet sitter would reduce their pet’s anxiety. 86% valued having a pet sitter for their pets to keep to their usual routine.

So no matter how much you love your pet, here’s some of the reasons why your pet may be better off staying at home.

Ease Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in pets in real. Your pet sees you every day before and after work, on weekends and enjoys quality time with you at the park and on other fun outings. You’re their trusted human. So, when you have to be away from them, understandably they get a little nervous. According to Dr Jo Righetti’s article on separation anxiety, engaging a live-in pet sitter can be a way to alleviate separation anxiety in pets. Having a blanket or item of clothing that smells like you can also help your pet during this time apart. But keeping to their regular routine and staying in their home with their own smells, sounds and toys will be a big comfort for your pet-pal when next you have to travel.

Flying Can Be Stressful

Preparing your pet – and yourself – to travel on a plane can be a stressful experience. Your pet needs to be checked by a vet, you need to familiarise them with the container they will be travelling in for weeks before the flight, it is recommended that they don’t eat six hours before and you can’t check on your pet during the flight. With so many changes to their usual routine, it seems obvious that stress levels are bound to rise. By leaving your pets at home, your plane travel will be less stressful, and your pet won’t have to deal with the loud noise, handling and different faces during the loading and unloading process.

Personalised Care

Sometimes, we just have to travel without our pets. But it doesn’t mean that your pets need to be without your animal loving nature. Engage a live-in pet sitter for personalised pet care. They can be your fill-in pet-parent that essentially steps into your shoes while you’re away. Daily walks will stay the same. As will sleep times, feeding times and play times. Life can’t get any better!

Engage an animal loving Mindahome house and pet sitter for the next time you have to travel without your fur-kid and rest assured your pet will receive the love and attention they deserve.