Live a More Comfortable Life as a Pet Sitter

Pet sitter with dog

When you become a pet sitter you unlock some of the secrets to leading a happy and stress-free life. Don’t believe us? We surveyed our members to find out a few of the reasons they choose to pet sit.

Some of the results may surprise you, some may not. But it’s the little everyday benefits of the pet sitting lifestyle that prove there is much to be gained by choosing a life that focusses on caring for other people’s pets.

Save for a Home Faster

A survey of our members found that 27% said that they chose the lifestyle to save on rent and almost 30% said that house and pet sitting helped them save for their own home. Housing prices in Australia’s capital cities remain at an all-time high and out of reach for many young Aussies. Of the members surveyed, 64% said that they saved up to $5,000 by pet sitting. That’s a hefty sum that you can put towards a home of your own. Continue reading “Live a More Comfortable Life as a Pet Sitter”