Pet Sitting Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Pet Sitting Guinea Pigs

Dogs, cat, horses, sheep; sometimes it seems that the larger the pet, the more attention they get. For smaller, four-legged, furry friends, a considerate care routine is just as important and will ensure the happiness and health of some of the world’s smallest companion animals.

Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly, inquisitive, intelligent, social, and friendly. They are known to live up to ten years and are ideal pets for families.

When taking on the responsibility of pet-parent to a guinea pig, consider this pocket pet’s personality for a healthy, happy life.

Guinea Pigs are Social Creatures

When you welcome one guinea pig into your family, you’ll more than likely have to up that number to two because guinea pigs enjoy being with other guinea pigs! If you have a group of these small pets, choose single-sex or de-sexed animals to help reduce aggression.

Housing Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs can be prone to foot injuries, so ensure they have a soft ground cover in their enclosure to support good foot health. RSPCA recommends using newspaper or soft grass hay to line their hutch and a good cleaning regime to prevent foot problems. Their enclosure should be out of direct sunlight as guinea pigs are susceptible to heat. In terms of the size of the hutch, that will depend on the number of guinea pigs you have. The more guinea pigs, the bigger the hutch. The enclosure should be fly-proof and have separate sleeping areas.

Fave Foods for Guinea Pigs

Hay serves as bedding as well as a regular food source for your guinea pig. Pet Barn suggests that crunchy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and celery, as well as guinea pig pellets, are suitable foods. Their website also lists foods NOT to give your pet-pal, including rhubarb leaves, lawn clipping, cereals, nuts, and grains.

Health Check

If bald patches start to appear on his coat, contact your vet immediately. This could be a sign of ringworm. Just like other pets, keep up with regular flea and mite treatments.

Grooming Guinea Pigs

Like some larger pets, guinea pigs require regular daily grooming. Long-haired guinea pigs will require more brushing. Handling your pet will also make them more familiar with you and more sociable. Check toenails and teeth and seek advice from your vet if you feel they need trimming.

Personalised Care

Live-in pet sitters are the ideal care option for guinea pigs when their parent must travel. They thrive on attention and staying in their familiar surroundings will help them relax, even when their pet mum or dad is not around.

Pet sitting or being a pet-parent to guinea pigs can be so rewarding. Love, attention, and friendship will ensure they live long and happy lives.

Need a pet sitter for your Guinea Pig?

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