Choice words

Choice Words

We’re often approached by our homeowner members for advice on what to include in house and pet sitting listings. Generally speaking, house and pet sitters would prefer more detail rather than less and careful phrasing is also appreciated.

Include photos: House sitters appreciate reviewing positions that include a variety of photos. A picture of the bedroom where the sitter may be staying, the living and dining areas and of course the pet/s to be cared for, all provide potential sitters with a snapshot of where they will be staying. Photos of outdoor areas can also help provide insight into some of the home care that may be required or lifestyle benefits of the position, such as the opportunity to enjoy a swim in the pool.

Care requirements: This is where more detail is the best approach. House sitters need to know about pet care requirements, especially if there is medical or behaviour management for a pet. If sitters are required to handle specialised equipment or keep to more intricate feeding routines or schedules for pets, it is always advisable to outline this in the listing.

Phrasing: House and pet sitting is a mutually beneficial arrangement where sitters provide homeowners with personalised pet and home care to stay without charge. The position outline can reflect an owner’s understanding and appreciation of this unique arrangement by phrasing pet and home care more like respectful requests rather than demands.

When homeowners view their position listing through the eyes of a pet sitter, they are more likely to include the information and images that will attract the best sitter for their position.

Ultimately, the contents of a position listing help pet sitters decide whether the opportunity is right for them and whether they are the right sitter for you.