The power of a review

Review 5 Stars

Taking the time to share a review not only provides insight into the personality of the sitter or home and pet owner but also benefits the wider pet sitting community. A review can recognise effort, provide constructive feedback, or help others understand the expectations and responsibilities involved in a house and pet sitting assignment.

Here are just a few reasons why leaving a review benefits more than just those being reviewed.

Connection: Reviews help create connections between prospective home and pet owners and house and pet sitters. Testimonials, references and reviews on a pet sitter’s online profile provide a wealth of insight into how they approach an assignment. Pet owners can quickly identify some of the traits that may attract the sitter to their pet and the experience of the sitter.

Feedback: Providing constructive feedback for a pet sitting assignment goes both ways. House and pet sitters along with home and pet owners can provide information about good practices, organisation skills, and feedback for improvement. The important thing to remember about providing feedback is to be constructive so those being reviewed as well as the broader community of pet parents and sitters can learn from the experience of others.

Striving for exceptional pet care: Pet care is integral to the house and pet sitting agreement. In fact, around 90% of Mindahome house and pet sitting positions involve the care of a pet pal. For this reason, reviews are essential in ensuring our beloved animal companions are connected with the ideal sitter to suit their needs. Reviews enable pet owners and sitters alike, to determine the best outcomes for fur friends.

Recognising effort: Giving a positive shout out to those who go above and beyond to create a positive house and pet sitting experience for both parties is a must. Encouragement is key in helping more people understand the nuances of the pet sitting lifestyle and elevating service for all.

Transparency: Just as you would do your research before you purchase a car, home or other items that are on your wish list, reviews are sources of information for others. Reviews form the basis of research into a specific location, pet breed, home type or living style. Similarly, home and pet owners can use reviews to research the suitability of sitters for their home and pet.

Leaving a review can lay the foundations for growth, improvement and further encouragement. Most importantly, in a community of animal loving Australians, reviews should be used for constructive feedback, sharing pet positivity and useful strategies to help better the experience for everyone.