Perth’s dog friendly parks

Dedicated dog parks offer safe and stimulating environments for our pets to develop social skills, enjoy physical exercise and spend time with their much-loved human. Many parks across Perth include equipment and spaces that suit dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Here is a list of just some of the enclosed dog parks that you can visit to entertain both human and canine members of the family.

Annie’s Landing Enclosed Dog Park, EllenbrookThis dog park in Ellenbrook is getting rave reviews from locals with an abundance of activities for your pooch to expend some energy. There’s an agility course with loads of obstacles for your doggo to run, jump, weave, and climb.

Aveley Dog Park, Aveley

Part of Aveley Central Lakes, this fenced dog park is a great option for the human and fur members of the family. The dog park has sections for small and large dogs. There are obstacles to climb and jump through. Plus, the skate park nearby, play equipment and water play area will ensure the whole family has a great day out.

Edgar Griffiths Dog Park, Wanneroo

If your fur-friend loves to dig, take a trip to Edgar Griffiths Dog Park, where there’s a digging pit with sand to keep them entertained for hours. There are shelters and seats, and the enclosed areas are created for small and ‘all dog’ exercise. The park also includes agility equipment, as well as seating so that both you and your fur-kid can enjoy a peaceful day outdoors.

Greenslope Dog Park, Bushmead

This park has tunnels, as well as equipment to climb and jump. There is also plenty of shade and water fountains for the warmer months. This fenced dog park offers dog lovers a great place to let their dog enjoy some time in the outdoors with loads of activities to encourage exercise, strength training and fun.

Harmony Field Reserve, Maddington

Home to small and large off-leash enclosures, this is a great park to support your dog’s social skills. The park features agility equipment to physically and mentally stimulate your pet. It also has dog-friendly water fountains for them to cool down after a big day of exercise.

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