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Our House Sitters list for all Australia is below. To view a list of house sitters willing to house sit in your area please use the drop down menu.

When filtering by State, you may see sitters from other states listed as well. That’s because those sitters have nominated they are willing to house sit in more than one state (some have chosen all Australia). They are all candidates for positions in the selected state.

We save you time. Replies from house sitters you contact can sometimes take a while and when they reply you may find your location and timing doesn’t suit their schedule. This means contacting house sitters one at a time can be a drawn out process. When you choose to contact a house sitter with us you will be asked to list your needs and when you do, available house sitters for your location and dates will be contacting you within hours.

House Sitter - Sienna
Reply rating: 4 out of 5


HI there !! My name is Sienna, I’m 24 I’m a lover of the beach, camping, traveling and of course pets! I’ve grown up in the surf-coast Victoria! I love to explore my own surroundings through the eyes of different towns ❤️ I have always been a neat and tidy person and a lover of an organised space. I work as an kindergarten assistant! I have worked with kids for years now!... Read more
Preferred locations: VIC
House Sitter - Kim adventurer
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
Hi there I'm a 67 year young active retiring September 24 widower starting an adventure around our beautiful country. Proud home owner , non smoker. Very keen gardener. Will treat your home and animals with respect and love. Farm animal experienced. chickens, sheep, horses, cows, goats. Location November2024 Victoria. December2024 January February 2025 Tasmania Live in Falcon... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except ACT, WA
Current bookings: 4 Oct 28 Oct
House Sitter - Professional, work-from-home couple!
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
Hello! We are a friendly, caring and professional couple (40s) who both work from home, so we will be able to give your pets plenty of love and attention and will also have time to maintain your home and garden. Having lived in some very small apartments over the years we both enjoy keeping a very clean and tidy space! 🙂 We will treat your home like it's our own. We have been... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except NT, TAS, WA
Current bookings: 21 Apr 30 May 3 Jun 20 Jul 24 Jul 27 Jul 29 Jul 31 Aug 7 Sep 24 Sep 5 Oct 9 Oct 21 Oct 9 Dec 11 Dec 3 Jan'25
House Sitter - lamar responsible caring couple
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
We are a young retired couple aged 60+ very clean habits,non smokers and have been house and pet sitting for a 12 years, with all of the home owners more than happy with our service on their return, therefore we are able to supply numerous excellent references. As we have lived on a remote property of 40acres we are capable of any minor repairs and maintenance required while caring for your... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia
Current bookings: 13 Mar 31 May 1 Jun 30 Sep
House Sitter - Bianca
Reply rating: 4.3 out of 5


1Year Solo
My name is Bianca and I’ve been housesitting for my family and friends for a few years now. The homeowners and their pets love having me around. I enjoy photography and outdoors. The garden is my happy place to potter around and flowers often end up in a vase inside the home. Pets usually like to chill out on the couch with me and like being close around me. My little friends love the... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia
Current bookings: 29 May 24 Jun 29 Jun 13 Jul 21 Aug 6 Sep 8 Sep 14 Sep
House Sitter - Teacher and Planner Available to Sit
Reply rating: 4.8 out of 5
We are a young and hardworking couple who have taken a year out to visit Australia and travel further and beyond. I (Josh) am a Primary School teacher taking a short career break and Pippa is on a sabbatical from her role as a planning enforcement officer for a council in England. We are 33 and 26 respectively. We love sport and being outdoors and whilst we are in Australia we are hoping to... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia
Current bookings: 20 May 4 Jun 13 Jun 20 Jun 18 Jun 8 Aug
House Sitter - Ian and Jeanette
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
We are a retired married couple and we have our own caravan and are very self sufficient. We love finding new places to visit and house minding is a great way to do that. We travelled around Australia for four years and there are still a lot more places to find. We have a little puppy Shadow who travels with us. Read more
Preferred locations: NSW QLD
House Sitter - Rita B
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
You’ll know I’ve been there because the house will be clean and organised and your pets will be happy and healthy. I have been a cleaner and organiser (still do occasionally) and like nothing better than a good spruce. I love animals - I have a cat. I don’t need much and am pretty self sufficient. I’ve got plenty of people who can vouch for me. ☺️ Read more
Preferred locations: NSW
House Sitter - Christophe the chef
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
Cool, calm and collected under pressure. I have had many different pets over the years so I’m not afraid of a walk or two a day. A bit OCD when it comes to kitchen cleanliness so I may clean your fridge and oven as a bonus service. Love gardening as well except bogainvillea. I am travelling with my caravan but can store if you don’t have room for it. Read more
Preferred locations: WA
Current bookings: 17 May 25 May
House Sitter - Care and capable
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
I enjoy nurturing both humans and animals. I am trustworthy, honest, and respectful of others. My daughter is 21 now so I am free to move around and love to escape from Sydney. Animals love me and I am very comfortable with them. I have owned cats, dogs, fish, and birds and would have loved to have owned a horse as well. I enjoy walking dogs or any animal for that matter. Read more
Preferred locations: NSW
Current bookings: 18 Jul 21 Jul 25 Aug 11 Oct
House Sitter - House/ pet sit, exchange arrangements
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
After some time out, I am currently looking for house/pet sits in Cairns from April 15, 2023. I am a mature female professional coach doing consultations internationally via skype/ phone from any location (hence I require internet connection). I enjoy the company of cats, dogs and birds as well as pleasant living environments and am used to maintaining them. Access to public transport is... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD
House Sitter - Tina & Steve
Reply rating: 5 out of 5

Stephen - Tina & Steve

3Years Couple
Active semi retired 60 year old couple who enjoy travelling as much as we can. We have used Mindahome house sitters previously in our own home whilst we have been on the road in our van. We are pet lovers with lots of experience with active working dog breeds and enjoy garden and property maintenance, and outdoor activities including kayaking and bushwalking. Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia
Current bookings: 28 May 31 May 9 Jun 23 Jun 7 Jul 14 Jul 25 Jul 29 Jul 30 Jul 3 Aug 18 Aug 31 Oct
House Sitter - Clean, reliable, responsible woman
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
Clean, reliable and responsible, I have been a home owner for many years. Now it’s time to see a bit of Australia and the world on a working holiday. I will look after your home, pets and garden like they were my own. I have been a landlord and appreciate what it’s like to have tenants and understand that you want your home respected and cared for properly. I am a school teacher and have... Read more
Preferred locations: TAS
Current bookings: 8 Aug 12 Sep
House Sitter - Caring, capable animal lover and garden
Reply rating: 4 out of 5
I live on the northern beaches of Sydney with my little mini daschound, Kylo - I have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, I love to travel and spend time with all my family members. I am a keen pet lover, gardener and retired hotelier/strata manager. Im very capable and respectful of others property - I would love to look after small or older dogs, but unable to walk a very large dog, can care... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except ACT, TAS, VIC, WA
House Sitter - WFH Professional Couple
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
Hello! We are a couple who are each turning 50 years young this year, and would love the opportunity to spend time looking after your pets (if you have any) and home while you are away. It has brought us great joy that our work has enabled families travel with a peace of mind. As we work from home, we can stay at your place all the time with the occasional trips to visit the gym and yoga... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except NT, SA, WA
Current bookings: 13 May 23 May 23 May 30 May 30 May 3 Jun 3 Jun 4 Jul 4 Jul 23 Jul 23 Jul 31 Jul 1 Aug 19 Aug 22 Aug 26 Aug 6 Sep 13 Oct 14 Oct 1 Nov 1 Nov 12 Nov 16 Nov 1 Dec 5 Dec 26 Dec
House Sitter - Kiwiroo Care
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
We were dairy farmers (sharemilking) in NZ for 25 years having moved to several farms taking care of all stock and the home provided for us. Ross is now Irrigation Technician for dairy company Fonterra. I secured a full time live in Motel Managers position in Whakatane for 7 years and now I do Motel Minding for 3 motels in the area. Read more
Preferred locations: WA
House Sitter - Best Care 67
Reply rating: 4.75 out of 5
Hi, I'm Kali a mature, reliable woman with 10 years pet sitting experience. Love spending time with your cats and dogs, I really enjoy their company. I also take pride in caring for your home and garden and leaving it as clean as I found it. Being retired, I enjoy peace and quiet, walks, reading, doing an occassional artwork and swimming. My preference is for rural towns or small... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD
Current bookings: 13 Mar 25 Jul
House Sitter - Ulla and Michael
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
My husband and I are retired and are traveling with our Motor home around in our cold winter in Tassie around Australia. We love animals, the great outdoors, country life and seeing different regions. We are both non-smokers and have already house sitting experience. I grow up on a little farm with animals and later on we had in my own family animals like horses, goats, sheep's and chucks... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW QLD
House Sitter - Experienced Responsible Housesitter
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
I'm an experienced and responsible house/pet sit/carer within the inner southern suburbs/hills of Adelaide. I've lived and worked within the inner southern suburbs/hills of Adelaide for many years and I still do some administration and care work in the area. I've been a very proud home owner. Glowing references. Read more
Preferred locations: SA
Current bookings: 8 Apr 30 May 31 May 2 Jun 12 Jul 26 Jul 21 Sep 6 Nov 10 Dec 4 Jan'25
House Sitter - Rebecca - house sitter available
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
I am currently wanting to house sit as I am finishing a Masters degree and love the quietness that house sitting offers. I take pride in any property I look after. I enjoy my own space and live a quiet life. I value and appreciate the opportunity of somewhere to stay and show my gratitude. I grew up on a farm, so there are not many animals I have not cared for and I seem to have a special... Read more
Preferred locations: VIC WA
Current bookings: 18 May 13 Jun 26 Jun 16 Jul 31 Aug 31 Dec
House Sitter - Ms
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
An active, curious 70 year old looking to experience life beyond the four walls of home. I'm done with travelling - house /pet sitting seems like a good alternative to having new and different adventures . Walking a dog is the best way to get to know a place and it’s people ! A dog owner for many years I now provide a dog sitting service to friends and family - Polly the Cocker Spaniel... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except ACT, NT, QLD, WA
House Sitter - Adam’s family
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
We are a family of 3 + dog We love surfing, cooking from scratch , gardening, we love animals , We are moving to the area from Crescent Head, recently got a job as a teacher and my husband in a few weeks will start to work at Gold Coast with the movie industry . My daughter ,is on top 10 surfers Under/14 girls in Australia. Our dog, Cloudy is a 3 year old female bluey , she is timid... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW
House Sitter - Saveria - Doctor from Malta!
Reply rating: 5 out of 5
Hi there! I'm 27 years old, I've been in Australia for a year, travelling solo. Originally from Malta where I went to medical school. I worked in the UK until early 2023 then I came here and I've recently decided to stay! I just got a job at the Royal Perth Hospital, so I was looking for a longer term house sit around Perth. I'd like somewhere stable and to save on rent till I get... Read more
Preferred locations: WA
Current bookings: 27 Jun 18 Aug
House Sitter - Robert and Lorraine
Reply rating: 5 out of 5

Robert and Lorraine

1Year Couple
Senior couple who love both cats and dogs . Our own pets have both recently passed and now is the time to further explore our wonderful country by taking care of other peoples pets. We have in recent times completed 8 house and pet sits. Other interests are reading and lawn bowls. Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except ACT, NT, SA, TAS, WA
Current bookings: 15 May 14 Jul 19 Jul 10 Aug 13 Aug 3 Sep 1 Oct 4 Nov 23 Dec 30 Dec 2 Jan'25 21 Jan'25 1 May'25 1 Jul'25
House Sitter - Horsewoman/ dog training / pet sitting
Reply rating: 4.8 out of 5
Property/Farm/House/Pets Hello I'm experienced with both domestic pets and livestock. Taking a special interest in animal behaviour I'm also willing to assist with some horse or dog training if required. I can also offer house cleaning or extra chores for additional costs. Best way to message me is through my FB page simple search for: Property Caretaker and Pet Sitting Read more
Preferred locations: NSW
Current bookings: 17 May 27 May