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House Sitters available (Queensland)

Our House Sitters list for all Australia is below. To view a list of house sitters willing to house sit in your area please use the drop down menu.

When filtering by State, you may see sitters from other states listed as well. That’s because those sitters have nominated they are willing to house sit in more than one state (some have chosen all Australia). They are all candidates for positions in the selected state.

We save you time. Replies from house sitters you contact can sometimes take a while and when they reply you may find your location and timing doesn’t suit their schedule. This means contacting house sitters one at a time can be a drawn out process. When you choose to contact a house sitter with us you will be asked to list your needs and when you do, available house sitters for your location and dates will be contacting you within hours.

House Sitter - We would love to care for your home
Reply rating: 1.3 stars
My family and I would love the opportunity to take care of your home, pets and plants while your away! Our family of two has seen a recent addition with the birth of our beautiful daughter hazel. Michael and I are both taking this year at home to enjoy this special time with her and would like to travel and experience different parts of Australia with her through house sitting. We have both... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
House Sitter - Happy pets and home owners.
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hello Pet-owners, I'm a responsible experienced housesitter originally from Sydney. I'm a non-smoker who has been with Mindahome since 2012. I've taken care of pets in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory & Western Australia. I love looking after dogs, horses, cattle, rabbits, birds, cats, reptiles & fish. I enjoy walking dogs & giving them plenty of attention and excercise. ... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday, Sunshine Coast
Current bookings: 10 Feb 14 Mar 16 Mar 16 Apr 18 Apr 7 May
House Sitter - Love pets❤Experienced.Responsible.Tidy
Reply rating: 4.65 stars
An experienced house sitter. ❤🐶😸🐦🐠🌷🌴🏡 FREE of charge care for your pets, home & garden. I take delight in making sure your return home is easy & happy. 🌞🌈🏡 *** An easy-going cheerful lady in my early 40's *** Vet knowledge *** Pet Photographer (amateur) 📸 *** Avid gardener🌺🌵 *** Very tidy💧 *** Responsible. Energetic.... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
Current bookings: 27 Mar 16 Apr 3 Apr 6 Apr 17 Jul 31 Jul
House Sitter -  Northern Beach Pittwater Peninsula
Reply rating: 5 stars
7 Years Experienced House Pet Sitter. Veterinary Sc + Diploma in Holistic Pet Nutrition offering **Short term & Long term Pref** Other places of interest: Ettalong, Berrmagui South & Emundi Hinterlands with incentive to relocate to the Sunshine Coast this year! For peace of mind I work from home building an online pet business. Growing up with animals I've always had a deep connection... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions except Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Gold Coast, Townsville and North West
House Sitter - 110% committed to your animals & home :)
Reply rating: 4.65 stars
Mature (54), responsible single lady with extensive experience and excellent references. Lover of all creatures great and small :) Positive, with a 'can do' attitude and a natural affinity with animals. Quiet-living and respectful of the homes of others. Firstly, I have to apologise in advance for the length of my profile, but I can't imagine that there is such a thing as 'too much'... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
Current bookings: 13 Feb 28 Feb 1 Mar'21 1 May'21
House Sitter - Kate Taverner
Reply rating: 5 stars
I am an outgoing, friendly person. I am employed as a disability support worker in Gaythorne. I love all animals but my favourite are dogs as I grew up with them by my side. I currently have 2 beautiful dogs, 1 boxer and an american/English bulldog (they will not be housesitting with me.) I will treat your pets as they are my own. If you would like a reference please let me know :) Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
House Sitter - Myriam
Reply rating: 4.8 stars

Myriam - Myriam

4Years Single
Single mature French lady available for short and long terms sittings. Love cats. Safe and experienced house and pets sitter and a keen gardener. Worked with BCC, Brisbane (12 years) looking after Parks Gardens et Forests, and with CVA (Conservation Volunteers Australia) for 10 years. More... I love animals in particular cats and enjoy taking dogs for walks. As hobbies, I practice... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
House Sitter -  Sunshine Coast Housesitter 4551
Reply rating: 5 stars
Sunshine Coast Housesitter. Takings bookings from late March - early April and 18 Aug - mid October 2020 and end of November onwards. Located on the Sunshine Coast house-sitting. Very quiet, clean, tidy, mature, experienced, security minded house sitter. Non-smoker & Non-drinker. I enjoy walking dogs and looking after all types of cats. Current Sunshine Coast house/petsitting... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Sunshine Coast
Current bookings: 3 Feb 1 Mar 1 Mar 20 Mar 21 Mar 31 Mar 10 Apr 4 May 4 May 24 May 24 May 18 Aug
House Sitter - Stewart
Reply rating: 5 stars
My name is Stewart. A very responsible, neat & clean 58 year old single male. I am still a little bit new to this, but do have a couple of house sits under my belt and can supply a reference or two if required. I am also good with most animals, especially all types of dogs having owned a few over the years (sometimes I think they are better than humans). I am average with birds,... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
House Sitter - I love Chihuahuas & rainbows
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hi :) I love animals, forever in my life & part of the family. 20+ genuine reviews (3 websites). 28 repeat sits for 7 favourite owners, 2-5 sits each. Over 45 sits in total with 40+ dogs & cats (plus other pets) at large luxury resort style contemporary houses & apartments, modest houses & apartments, at waterfront beaches & canals, suburban & semi-rural areas - with pools, spas, lawn & garden... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions except Fitzroy and Central West, Townsville and North West, Wide Bay Burnett
Current bookings: 20 Dec'19 25 Feb 26 Feb 2 Mar 9 Mar 4 Apr 12 Apr 18 Apr 21 Apr 26 Apr 29 Apr 22 May
House Sitter - Mrs Jennie Pita
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hi I'm fit and active, and like to keep busy I love gardening, animals, birds and nature. I like doing exercise and go walking everyday. I have a horticultural qualifications and I'm a volunteer tour guide at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens and love it. More than happy to look after your animals and gardens We had a lovely dog as family pet for many years I have owned ... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
Current bookings: 30 May 12 Jul
House Sitter - Happy Traveller
Reply rating: 5 stars
We are a mature house sitting couple very active, honest and trustworthy who enjoys the company of all animals Cat's, /Dog's, /Bird's, /Chooks / Etc I have a back ground in hospitality, so very professional & clean in all aspects of Resort's Management Skills. I'm a non smoker and have 2 POLICE REPORT'S 1 for HOUSE SITTING &1 for Uber driving. I have operated with a partner a Floral... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Darling Downs and South West, Gold Coast, Logan and Redlands, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay Burnett
Current bookings: 17 Feb 29 Mar 30 Mar 26 Apr 1 May 5 May 10 May 29 May 1 Jun 15 Jun 16 Jun 10 Aug 10 Aug 25 Sep 20 Sep 4 Oct 5 Oct 21 Oct 16 Nov 7 Dec 11 Dec 19 Dec
House Sitter - Loving Couple Loving Your Precious Pets
Reply rating: 5 stars
We are a kind, respectful, non-smoking happy couple of 47 and 54 years that have been together for over 16 years. It is a very strong partnership, able to share the pet-sitting routine with ease. As there are two of us, we may sometimes be able to accept bookings that overlap by a few days to create a win-win for everyone. Merv and I have put everything into a storage unit in the northern... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Far North Queensland and Torres Strait, Gold Coast, Logan and Redlands, Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast
Current bookings: 18 Feb 21 Feb 27 Feb 2 Mar 26 Mar 22 Apr 7 May 18 May 3 Jun 16 Jun 7 Aug 17 Aug 10 Dec 5 Jan'21
House Sitter - Greg
Reply rating: 2 stars

Greg - Greg

We are both a travel and pet loving couple. We don't mind long term, especially November to March. We have had dogs (Pomeranians and Chow Chows) and cats (tabbies and Persians) all our lives and living in Katoomba are surrounded by the lovely wild parrots of all sorts that we love and feed. Unfortunately, our 2 loved Chows, our last two dogs, died last year due to age and we miss them... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
House Sitter - Holly
Reply rating: 5 stars

Holly - Holly

I am a caring respectful person, I love animals but do not have my own. I find house sitting a way to experience different parts of the coast and find hidden gems. I enjoy long walks along the beach and in rainforests. I hope I can be helpful to you, your home and fur babies. Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Sunshine Coast
House Sitter - Retired Couple
Reply rating: 5 stars
Residents of Gold Coast since 1971. Love to travel, family in Toronto that we visit annually. We have sold our too large family home, (big pool, so experienced with maintenance) waiting for the market to stabilise before buying, like to explore different areas before making a final decision. Prefer A/C, at least in a bedroom, especially if Queensland in summer. Pets are not a problem, we do... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Darling Downs and South West, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay Burnett
Current bookings: 21 Feb 5 Mar 1 Apr 9 Jul
House Sitter - Dave n Kathy
Reply rating: 5 stars
We have been Fulltime travellers since September 2015. We have a self contained caravan and a 12 yr old desexed cavoodle that is very animal friendly. It has been our pleasure to give homeowners an opportunity to have that well deserved holiday with the peace of mind that their home/garden and pets are in good hands. We are also happy to meet and greet prior to the sit whenever the... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
Current bookings: 8 Feb 2 Mar 6 Mar 22 Mar
House Sitter - Responsible and reliable
Reply rating: 5 stars
I am an artist and arts worker, back in Australia for a few months between jobs in Papua New Guinea. I am studying, focused, responsible and reliable. I love animals, and will take care of your home as if it was my own. Adelaide based but prepared to travel anywhere Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
House Sitter - Very experienced, excellent references
Reply rating: 5 stars
Available on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane all year (long-term sits preferred) Available in other locations for up to 3 weeks length. Very experienced female house sitter / pet sitter, excellent references. I am a house⁄pet sitter with over 10 years of house ⁄ pet sitting experience - will provide excellent references from previous house sits, plus police check.... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
Current bookings: 19 Feb 1 Mar 27 Mar 11 Apr 17 Apr 20 Apr 23 Apr 28 Apr 28 Apr 16 Jun 5 Jul 12 Jul 23 Jul 7 Aug 7 Aug 16 Aug 28 Aug 30 Aug 6 Nov 23 Nov 22 Dec 6 Jan'21
House Sitter - DENISE
Reply rating: 5 stars


3Years Single
I am a mature aged, retired single lady, non- smoker, non-drinker, enjoying a healthy lifestyle and being interested in natural therapies and preventative medicine. An animal lover, having worked voluntarily with The NSW Animal Welfare League, caring for and re-homing dogs which I found very rewarding. I have been house sitting for 14 yrs now. Having been a home owner including... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay Burnett
Current bookings: 17 Feb 7 Mar 17 Feb 7 Mar 27 Mar 29 Mar 22 Apr 4 May
House Sitter - Happy Holly
Reply rating: 5 stars

Holly - Happy Holly

2Years Single
Hi there, my name is Holly. I’m a peaceful and reliable 25 year old, originally from the Mornington peninsula in Victoria. I like animals and traveling to new places, so this seemed like a great option for me when taking time to study and work on art. I am exceptionally clean and respectful, don’t smoke or drink, and can provide references from the beautiful people I’ve met through this... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
House Sitter - irishlass
Reply rating: 5 stars

Tina - irishlass

4Years Couple
We are a fun loving couple😂....Been on the road nearly 9 years loving every day meeting new friends, and helping lots of people with house/farm sitting ..and caretaker jobs.🐕🐑🐐🐄🦜 We did have a pool business on the Sunshine Coast so if u have pool/spa it will be look after, as will your animals🐶 and property. We are both fit and enjoy minding homes / and... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Brisbane North, Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and North West, Wide Bay Burnett
Current bookings: 23 Feb 1 Mar 25 Feb 1 Mar 20 Mar 29 Mar 12 Apr 17 Jul 1 Oct 13 Dec
House Sitter - Creative Couple - 15 years experience
Reply rating: 5 stars
Lenore and Paul "The best Housesitters in the world"- property owner's comment. We care for your property while you are on holidays, overseas, working away, have your property on the market. We have a wide range of experience in house-sitting and caretaking. We have impressive references and police clearances. We are honest, reliable, versatile and resourceful. "Our home always feels... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
Current bookings: 12 Mar 22 Apr
House Sitter - Healthy fit woman ready to house sit
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hello, Maggie here, I am a NON smoker, new to this site July '19, BUT NOT new to house sitting pets of all kinds and caring for gardens and general house maintenance. I have a family home which is at Hallett Cove and I go there in between House sits.. The experience has been amazing, a frisky young Border Collie, old Scottish Terrier requiring daily treatment to eyes and tablets twice... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD All regions
Current bookings: 26 Feb 2 Mar 5 Mar 19 Mar 23 Mar 5 Apr 5 Apr 20 Apr 6 May 16 Jun 16 Jun 21 Jul 13 Aug 5 Sep 11 Sep 26 Sep
House Sitter - Mature, Reliable Single
Reply rating: 5 stars
Quiet - I prefer reading to socialising. I’m courteous, respectful, and like to keep things neat and well-ordered. I’ve had a number of pets over the years, and can supply references for pets that I have regularly cared for. Having retired due to injury, I’m unable to do any heavy gardening, such as mowing, but am able, and happy to manage lighter duties. I am moving to... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD Fitzroy and Central West