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Trustworthy & Reliable Welsh Couple

ID: tzc



Is / are:


Age group:

26 to 35


Plumber & Freelance Writer

Years active:

1 year

Preferred locations:

QLD (full regions list)

Reply rating:

3.3 out of 5

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More information about this house sitter

We are a non-smoking and happy Welsh couple who have been together for 10 years and enjoy sharing the simple things in life; one of which is our love for animals. Our other loves include music, family, travel & nature.

Best way to find out more about us is to view our blog https://rhodandtasha.home.blog.

In January 2018 we set off on a travel adventure together, the first 5 weeks of which were spent volunteering at a Chiang Mai dog shelter. In June we arrived in Australia and have completed several housesits back to back.

We found out about housesitting from another travelling couple and it sounded perfect to us for a number of reasons (listed below, not in any particular order).

Routine - we're not exactly the strict militant types but as we'd like to sustain both long-term and slow travel, it'd be really nice to have the space and time to establish a routine for a while when we reach a place.

Privacy & space - our privacy is important to us and so we want to avoid staying in hostels / hotels where possible on our travels. More recently and if we're staying in a place for a longer time, we've started to book an entire place through Airbnb.

Love for animals - we have a deep love for animals - particularly dogs - and have experience caring for them in a variety of set ups. Because we're travelling, naturally we cannot have our own pet yet - but we are always delighted to have the opportunity to loan someone else's for a while.

Variety of locations - even though we love to see popular landmarks, we also treasure the time where we can stay in less popular locations to gather a true feel for a place.

Cooking - after eating out on most nights on our travels, we dream of having a well equipped kitchen to cook our food (ironic as this is something we both used to complain about in our day to day lives before we set off travelling!)

Suitability - as much as housesitting is suitable for us, we are also well suited for it. We're responsible adults who've lived together, in our own space, for a long time so we understand and appreciate the work and effort it takes to keep a house. We're respectful of other peoples homes and would apply the same high standards to another persons property as we would to our own. We also know our own limitations, so we will not apply for anything we feel may be out of our ability to manage (e.g. you'll not get an application from us if you have 25 chickens, 7 koalas & a couple of Kangaroos that need looking after).

Cost effective - though saving money isn't the main reason we've been drawn to the idea of house-sitting, it is certainly a helpful way for us to save on expenses.

We have had much exposure to animals and have done several pet sitting stints previously.

As mentioned, our blog is where we share our stories with home/pet owners: