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Our House Sitters list for all Australia is below. To view a list of house sitters willing to house sit in your area please use the drop down menu.

When filtering by State, you may see sitters from other states listed as well. That’s because those sitters have nominated they are willing to house sit in more than one state (some have chosen all Australia). They are all candidates for positions in the selected state.

We save you time. Replies from house sitters you contact can sometimes take a while and when they reply you may find your location and timing doesn’t suit their schedule. This means contacting house sitters one at a time can be a drawn out process. When you choose to contact a house sitter with us you will be asked to list your needs and when you do, available house sitters for your location and dates will be contacting you within hours.

House Sitter - Mature capable female
Reply rating: 5 stars
Mature practical female, Was self employed farm and tourism operator in Central Australia for 22 years. Sold up August 2018 and been house sitting since then with my old dog. I have lots of caring for animal experience both big and small. I'm a none smoker, clean, tidy, reliable and trustworthy and capable of many tasks including using power... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except NT, QLD, TAS, WA
Current bookings: 30 Sep 15 Nov 16 Nov 2 Dec 17 Jan'20 14 Feb'20
House Sitter - Happy pets and home owners.
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hello Pet-owners, I'm a responsible experienced housesitter originally from Sydney. I'm a non-smoker who has been with Mindahome since 2012. I've taken care of pets in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory & Western Australia. I love looking after dogs, horses, cattle, rabbits, birds, cats, reptiles & fish. I enjoy walking dogs... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD
Current bookings: 2 Sep 5 Nov 8 Nov 13 Nov 15 Nov 17 Dec 17 Dec 10 Jan'20
House Sitter - Reliable, Honest, Kind, Love animals
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hello, We are genuine people, recently retired and at the age of 60 are very happy to be fit, healthy and active. In 2015 we subscribed to “mind-a-home” in search for house sitters to look after our much loved elderly dog and our home. This is the reason we have decided to become house sitters. We love animals and understand the anxieties... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW QLD
Current bookings: 16 Oct 22 Oct 23 Oct 29 Oct 1 Nov 30 Nov
House Sitter - Taking Care of Your Home & Pets
Reply rating: 5 stars
We are looking for a housesit in Melbourne from 3rd November 2019 onwards. We are an honest, reliable and trustworthy retired active couple in our 50’s. We are non-smokers and are home owners ourselves, and have had a dog and various cats as part of our family over the years. We will respect your home and you will find all in order on... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD VIC
House Sitter - Trustworthy Couple: Home & Animal Loving
Reply rating: 5 stars
We are a semi-retiring professional couple who love to travel & experience the richness of different spaces and places. We have lovingly cared for homes /animals/ gardens and properties in NSW, Victoria & the Northern Territory over the past 12 years. We are passionate about our own home: as is our son, who is caring for our chooks, fish,... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW
Current bookings: 15 Oct 11 Nov 12 Nov 29 Nov 30 Nov 14 Jan'20 3 Apr'20 6 Apr'20 18 Apr'20 25 Apr'20
House Sitter - marden
Reply rating: 4.65 stars
Hi from Marg & Dennis.We are both fit and healthy savvy,non smoking "" Seeniors"".We own our own home here on beautiful Phillip Island,and when we are ever actually at home we enjoy surfing,beach walks,social tennis,reading and acting as a taxi for our two sports mad grandsons.As longtime Mindahome members,we have built a network... Read more
Preferred locations: QLD VIC
House Sitter - Animal lovers travelling Australia
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hi! We are currently travelling Australia and plan to be on the road indefinitely. If you would like to have your pets looked after by us we can guarantee they will be absolutely spoilt with affection. Katie (29) and Michael (35) have both grown up with dogs, cats, chooks, goats, horses, fish and many other animals. If someone doesn't... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia
House Sitter - Brulyn
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hi we are a young at heart dependable, reliable, honest couple that are non smokers, love animals, open spaces, gardens. We live permanently in our 7m Motorhome with our little dog Molly who also loves all animals and humans. We travel and work (Best way to see our beautiful country). We will look after your home and best friends like their our... Read more
Preferred locations: VIC WA
Current bookings: 9 Sep 29 Nov
House Sitter - Happy Jan
Reply rating: 5 stars
AVAILABLE mid January - March 2020 Hi I'm an outgoing person, and live and travel in my motorhome with Pete , my gentle miniature Poodle. I'm a recently retired Remote Area Nurse ex RFDS - with heaps of versatility and confidence. I have spent years as a wildlife carer and have some vet nurse experience. I have had many successful... Read more
Preferred locations: WA
Current bookings: 10 Oct 27 Oct 8 Nov 22 Nov 22 Dec 15 Jan'20
House Sitter - Clean Reliable Mature Aussie Couple
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hello! We are professional house sitters and have looked after seven homes so far with excellent reviews. Available - Melbourne and suburbs, Knox, country or Mornington Peninsula. Looking for short stays at the moment in early December 2019 and then anytime in 2020. See further below for more information. We are a mature (aged... Read more
Preferred locations: VIC
Current bookings: 22 Oct 28 Oct 13 Nov 23 Nov 27 Dec 4 Jan'20 4 Mar'20 28 Mar'20
House Sitter - Jo and Steve
Reply rating: 5 stars
Recently retired and currently travelling with a caravan. We have children and grandchildren in NSW and Victoria. Jo: Chair of Body Corporate we lived in, ex President of Quilting group. Steve: ex President of State Computing Association and ex Secretary of National Computing. Association. Australian National Medal for service to... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia
House Sitter - Central Coast Sitter
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hi, I have just sold my house in Umina Beach and am moving to New Zealand in 2020. I am more a cat person and also a great gardener and love looking after indoor plants and outdoor gardens. Just looking for house sitting opportunities mainly over December, January and February. I am professional, conscientious and very tidy so your house will... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW
House Sitter - 17 years experience...with integrity
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hi there. I know how precious your home is to you...and my wish is to grace it with integrity. I'm a caring and heartfelt yoga enthusiast and lover of animals, with whom I have a gentle, intuitive connection. I have over 16 years house sitting experience, a current police clearance, and glowing references from previous house sit owners.... Read more
Preferred locations: WA
Current bookings: 1 Jan 7 Dec 8 Dec 14 Dec 15 Dec 18 Dec 19 Dec 28 Dec 29 Dec 14 Jan'20
House Sitter - S&J Sitters
Reply rating: 4.5 stars
We are experienced home sitters and non-smokers. Previous owners of dogs, cats, birds, chooks, goats but no longer have any animals. Being retired we are flexible with dates. We have previously looked after small farms, homes etc. We would be available for stays of 1week or more. References are available. Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except ACT, NT, TAS
House Sitter - "DutchDelight For Your Pets"
Reply rating: 5 stars
Hi and thank you so much for taking a stroll thru my profile. Please before you continue just check my bookings Calendar as I hate to disappoint. So my name is Henk Van Den Bos and I am a professional House Sitter and my service is FREE I do not charge a cent.( Yes that's right not a cent.). I have had the pleasure of looking after so many... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW QLD
Current bookings: 9 Oct 31 Oct 18 Nov 17 Dec 18 Dec 16 Jan'20
House Sitter - Jane
Reply rating: 5 stars
Reliable, fun, mature and sporty person who doesn't want to be bored. Originally from the Netherlands and I love cycling, running/ walking and do outdoor activities. Rain or shine. I am neat and tidy. Would love to take care of your home and pets. Love gardening too by the way.( grew up on a farm) Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia
House Sitter - Sydney Nurse
Reply rating: 2 stars
Hi there Here's a little bit about me. My name is Anne-Marie. I am 51 years of age. Apart from a couple of years living in Japan, I have lived in Sydney all my life. I work 9 hour shifts four days a week as a nurse in a hospital in the eastern suburbs. The other three days I have off. My shifts are usually from 6am to 3.30pm or 12pm to... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW
Current bookings: 25 Oct 1 Nov 22 Dec 28 Dec
House Sitter - Honest, reliable & easy going
Reply rating: 5 stars
I am a non-smoking 65 year old single female. I left WA over four years ago and I’ve been house sitting in Victoria ever since. I love Victoria and I can’t imagine ever going back. I lead a pretty quiet life but I do enjoy long walks and I aim for at least an hour a day. I have looked after dogs, cats, donkeys, chickens, rabbits and... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, WA
Current bookings: 8 Oct 29 Oct 29 Oct 4 Nov 4 Nov 18 Nov 22 Nov 5 Dec 5 Dec 11 Dec 18 Dec 12 Jan'20 5 Feb'20 26 Feb'20 31 Mar'20 15 Apr'20 17 Apr'20 26 Apr'20 23 May'20 14 Jun'20
House Sitter - Very experienced, excellent references
Reply rating: 5 stars
Available on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane all year (long-term sits preferred) Available in other locations for up to 3 weeks length. Very experienced female house sitter / pet sitter, excellent references. I am a house⁄pet sitter (39) with over 10 years of house ⁄ pet sitting experience - will provide excellent... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW QLD
Current bookings: 29 Sep 1 Nov 14 Nov 17 Nov 30 Nov 7 Dec 16 Dec 2 Jan'20 29 Jan'20 12 Feb'20 19 Feb'20 2 Mar'20 27 Mar'20 4 Apr'20 4 Apr'20 12 Apr'20 28 Apr'20 16 Jun'20 27 Jul'20 7 Aug'20
House Sitter - Mature, professional housesitter
Reply rating: 5 stars
I was in the military for over 20 years and am a father to 4 very energetic boys. I am a non-smoker who is reliable, clean, courteous and loves animals. I enjoy being outside and am happy to maintain your garden or plants if required and take your dog/s for long walks. I have the utmost respect for other people's property and will... Read more
Preferred locations: ACT
House Sitter - work at home, love dogs & cats, reliable
Reply rating: 5 stars
I spend most of my time at home writing & will happily care for your home & give lots of love & attention to your animals. I prefer animals loved as part of the family & allowed inside the home (night and day). I love animals (cats & dogs equally) and spend a lot of time ensuring they feel secure and loved from the moment I arrive. I am... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW QLD
Current bookings: 16 Oct 4 Dec
House Sitter - Love animals...
Reply rating: 3.5 stars
Hello everyone I'm George. I am a fun, single professional who loves animals of all kinds. I love to travel and see house sitting as a way to travel in my own city. Physically active and a non-smoker, I will be able to give your pet the time and attention they deserve. Love chilling out at home after a hard day with the company of some... Read more
Preferred locations: VIC
Current bookings: 2 Oct 30 Nov
House Sitter - Responsible Sitters
Reply rating: 5 stars
Recently retired, we live in Hervey Bay Qld. We enjoy traveling to see more of Australia and helping people out with house and farmsitting - the perfect combination we think. We are an honest, responsible, friendly and reliable couple. We will take great care of your home and pets and treat them as our own. We don’t have a caravan and... Read more
Preferred locations: All Australia except ACT, NT, WA
Current bookings: 14 Nov 24 Nov 19 Apr'20 26 Jun'20
House Sitter - 5-star rated housesitter
Reply rating: 5 stars
I'm a senior inspector & mining engineer in the minerals sector with the Vic Govt. I have been in my industry for 30 years & lived most of my career in outback/remote areas of WA & SA. I am a 51yo divorced mother of a 15yo teen girl who lives with her father in Adelaide. I am currently on sabbatical due to a medical event mid last year and I... Read more
Preferred locations: VIC
Current bookings: 12 Oct 28 Oct 28 Nov 5 Dec 8 Dec 11 Jan'20
House Sitter - Steve
Reply rating: 5 stars
Available 30 Nov 2019 to 20 Dec 2019 - NSW Mature (58), fit, tidy, happy to look after pet/s. I am enjoying early self-funded retirement (formerly a Librarian), while house sitting and at the same time seeing different parts of the country. I earn living expenses on the sharemarket and therefore tend to spend a lot of my time about the... Read more
Preferred locations: NSW
Current bookings: 17 Oct 11 Nov 14 Nov 30 Nov 20 Dec 26 Jan'20 27 Jan'20 7 Feb'20 14 Feb'20 26 Feb'20 1 Mar'20 30 Apr'20 1 May'20 20 May'20 21 May'20 23 Jun'20 24 Jun'20 30 Jul'20 4 Aug'20 15 Aug'20