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36 to 45



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WA Perth North, Perth South, Goldfields Esperance

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30 Jun 24 Sep 30 Jun 24 Sep 25 Sep 29 Sep 30 Sep 7 Nov 8 Nov 9 Nov 9 Nov 2 Dec

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5 out of 5

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HAPPY‘s ~ Available dates for 2020:
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and house sit cancellation I have decided to support the efforts of my nursing colleagues in Perth’s community. Therefore I will not be available for new housesit bookings for the remainder of 2020.
I do hope your 2020 will be a time of true reflection of the little things that bring real happiness to your life. 🐶 🐱 ❤️ ☀️🌳

😊 It’s been a real honour to provide 6 homes a very HAPPY New Year 2020 House sitting experience and I look forward to being called by your pet to care for them in their home too.

I’m Daphne, your happy, mature, responsible person who will be your ideal home sitter. I am trustworthy and reliable. And “Yes, I will love your pet(s)”.
Is for your needs to be met, where you can relax and be reassured that your home, it’s contents, plants & pet(s) are safely cared for, loved & respected.

I have lived in Perth for 20 years and currently work as a nurse around all areas of Metro Perth. 25 years of caring for others in my career has helped me to develop the ideal qualities you require from a house sitter that cares for you. I have great customer service skills. I am a patient, clean, organised and solution orientated person.

The very type of person you can trust and rely on to care for your home, garden & precious pet(s). You can be assured any ID checks you require from me are impeccable as reflected in my public resume of work and life experience on LinkedIn profile.

In 2020 I’ll be doing my masters towards a PhD. Hence being in your tranquil & peaceful home, garden & being surrounded by your pets positive energy, will help me to access creativity and the focus I need to write.

Please refer to the Gallery, to see real Airbnb hosts reviews of my stay in their paid accommodation since 2017. And Mindahome clients approved written references. These are honest reviews of how I will keep your home clean and your outdoor and indoor plants alive as per your instructions. In return you will be welcomed home with an individualised little thank you gesture from me.

🐶🐱🐦🐠🐰 PET CARE
Entrusting your precious pet(s) to just anyone must be a very difficult decision to make.

So why me?.... I will be patient & simply love your pet(s).

This year I was blessed for too short a time, to have an unclaimed car park abandoned rabbit “Happy”, who gave me so much joy.

I have opened HAPPY’s album on Facebook for you to see me and HAPPY’s experience with me. With multiple videos and photos that will help make your decision easier to entrust me with your pet.

My rabbit Happy taught me that animals are an extension of the people who care for them. They not only need love and care, but respect of their personal space to choose who they allow in their life. I will be honoured when your pet chooses me to care for them in their home.

My 2019 longest private home sit was for 7 months from May to December 2019.
Which included care of a 4 x 2 home & garden and Lily, an energetic 7 year old Jack Russell. We bonded easily & became best friends. Everyday making sure I was home for her. Apart from the rare gentle boundaries and house rules that had to be lovingly applied to maintain Lily’s dog behaviours as per her family’s instructions.

We enjoyed all the things Lily loved, letting her jump on the bed, cuddles & reading, jumping at meal times, being carried to the letterbox to check out her street and who was on it, sticking her head out on regular car rides, short walks & some safe creative art. Lily and I worked together to create a very large acrylic landscape painting on canvas, that is now mounted in her homes corridor.

At times Lily’s best friend 2 year old Max (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) would come home for play dates and sleep overs when his human mum, went on holidays. This is an example of how important it is for me to maintain your pets routines & their social activities, the same way you would if you were home. My goal is that your pet is happy.

I believe prevention is better than cure, hence connection, observation and listening to your pet(s) is of the greatest importance to me.

Managing Lily’s health and well-being came with ease. Where Lily had no Vet visit over 7 months of caring for her. Lily’s wellness included knowing what to do when she was stressed and missed her family. With the introduction of puppy massage to her daily routine, Lily’s family returned to a very happy, healthy & relaxed puppy 🐶.

It had not even been 1 week without Lily and I missed her dearly.

This experience of house sitting with Lily & her family has made it an easy decision for me to offer you that Personalised HAPPY House Sitting Experience that you require before, during & after you return home.

I am happy to privately message details for you to view my Facebook, LinkedIn & Airbnb profiles to see evidence of photos & videos.

Let’s meet sooner than soon over a cuppa or cool drink to ease your mind, so you can prepare for that well deserved relaxing trip. Be it a few days or like Lily a few months. Be assured you, your home & your amazing pet(s) will all have a great time.

Kindest regards
Daphne 😊
New member to Mindahome Australia 17/12/2019

Profile updated: 27/02/2020

The following are new HAPPY clients through Mindahome Australia.

1. 24/12/19 to 28/12/19 - Bassendean, WA
3x2 home with garden: 1 Amstaff 🐶 & 1 Tabby 🐱

2. 26/12/19 to 18/01/20 - Belmont, WA.
Newly built home 3 x 2 with garden. Plus front house. (2 x Home security & plant care) No pets

3. 17/01/20 to 24/01/20 - Bedford, WA.
3x1 home with garden, pool, pond with many coy fish : 1 Poodle 🐶, 1 Tabby 🐱 & indoor tank with many more fish.

4. 25/01/20 to 28/01/20: North Coogee,WA
4x2 Two storey home with garden: 1 Maltese Shitzu 🐶

5. 28/01/20 to 20/02/20: Langford, WA
3 x 1 home with garden: Bird aviaries, weiro’s, budgies & a love bird 🐦. 1 Scottish Terrier 🐶

6. 🏡 21/02/20 to 10/07/20: Port Kennedy, WA.
4 x 2 Home, cinema, garden & pool. 1 German Shepard 🐶 🦠 Cancelled House Sitting booking. Home Owners returned from their incomplete Australia trip.


As a homeowner it is a daunting task to decide on going into interview after reading so many house sitters profiles. Here are my pre interview answers to some frequently asked questions & some most homeowners know they should ask, but they don’t ask because it’s not socially polite. Let’s put all politeness aside, so you can make an informed choice about who you will be trusting to care for your home & pets.

1. Do I charge house sitting fees? NO.
I much rather you put your money to making sure your pets have food & everything they need, for the whole time you are away. And you have spending money to enjoy your holiday. ✈️

2. Will I pay your rent & utility bills? NO,
House sitting for you is a fair exchange of my unpaid time & effort. Anyone can feed & put water out for your pet(s), I will be their best friend when you are away. An instant connection you will witness when your pet has called me to be your house sitter. Anyone can sit in your home, however I ask for it’s protection & your safety whilst you are away.
I’m a minimalist, therefore I only use what I need. Your home, pool, garden & pets will use more resources than me. You will receive a DAILY RESOURCES & ENERGY USAGE REPORT to view what is being used in your home daily, if you require this. I don’t watch TV, I have my own internet, etc...

3. Will I work? YES
I’m too proud to sit in your home & be paid to house sit for you because it’s not work to me. Therefore when your home & pet(s) are ready to let me go to work outside of home. I will go when I feel like it, in the day time.

4. Will I be home at night time? YES
EVERY NIGHT I can’t wait to be home, especially when I’m caring for your pets. I don’t like them being left on their own ever, but especially at night. The dogs especially are scared of the dark & just want someone to be near. I enjoy being near them.

5. When you are away, will I have visitors to your home? NO
No visitors, No photos, No videos inside or outside your home. (Exception: Most pet owners want videos & photos of their fur, fin & feathered babies. In which all videos & photos belong to you and all are deleted off my device before your house sit is completed.)

6. Non smoker? YES

7. Do you have to have a separate guest room for me to house sit for you? NO
I’m fully mobile, own linen, towels, pillow, toiletry’s, laundry supplies, portable wardrobe, travel steam iron, unlimited internet, & food.
All I require is that you make a little space in the fridge, 1 x washing machine load per week, 2 x 5 minute daily shower, 1 x power socket for recharging my devices, 1 x night light for reading and a place for me to rest.
When I house sit for you, I respect your things. Nothing gets touched or moved unless I need to clean or for the safety of your home’s security or your pets safety.

8. How frequently can we communicate?
As little or as much as you need to be reassured of your home, pets and gardens care. Yes I do Watsapp if you require.

9. Do I mind Camera’s throughout your home? NO
I work under surveillance cameras all the time. It’s been apart of my working life for over 25 years.
On interview I ask all home owners to remove all cameras in the bathroom/toilet I will be using and where I sleep. Cameras in these areas are an invasion of my privacy & it’s creepy.
I reserve the right to terminate such house sitting immediately and contact your 2nd contact to take over if this occurs.

10. Will I steal from you? NO
I’m a minimalist and a giver, not a thief. When I’m in your home. I am grateful you are blessed to have everything in your home, and none of it belongs to me.

11. Will I look through your personal things when you are away? NO
Snooping is not my thing. I have enough personal work to do. The only things I’ll be looking for is your cleaning, gardening & pets equipment.

12. Will I ask you 101 questions about you? NO.
When your home & pets call me to take care of them, I will go into interview for any available dates.
I trust my feet will enter your home, when my body knows it is a safe place for me to enter. When we meet, and all the house sitting details are discussed and it just feels right to house sit for you. That’s all I need to know... Good people attract good people.

13. Can I give you 1 to 20 referees (phone numbers) of my previous house sits? NO
“...HAPPY values your PRIVACY. Perth is a very small place & someone knows someone. Breach of confidentiality is unethical in my practice. I absolutely don’t give out any client details that may identify you, your pets & home...”
However you are welcome to read the honest reviews by Mindahome clients below.

14. If your cruise or holiday is cancelled or I believe it could be, will I retract from your booked house sitting dates? YES

The Covid19 pandemic situation had opened me up for a lot of disappointment where cancellations and withdrawals from a House sitting assignment became a housesitters nightmare. And a travellers living hell.
Therefore let’s keep the communication open, honest and real. And be flexible to potential unexpected change. With reasonable notification and negotiation, my number 1 priority is that your home & pets remain healthy & safe. The end result is that we are all HAPPY. 😊

15. Will I stay in your home, even when offered to after you return home? NO
Your home & pets would have already been prepared for your individualised HAPPY Welcome Home.

16. Am I available for long-term FIFO home & pet sitting? YES
Let’s meet and see if we are a perfect fit, for both our needs.

😊 I’m a down to earth kinda person. Who believes you have every right to ask as many questions as you need, regarding the care of your home & precious pets. So please ask me when we meet. 😊

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